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Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a crisp night in London. A dark-haired man with gray eyes walked up to a brick building. The building had a sign that said "Sunny-Hills Orphanage". On the step in front of the door, the man placed the basket he was carrying.

He lovingly brushed the blankets in the basket aside to reveal a precious baby girl, staring up at him. "I love you with all my heart, my dear. But I have to do something, and by the morning I will probably have joined your mother in the next great adventure. As much as I wish to stay with you, I have to complete a task that will lead to the destruction of the person that killed your mother. I'm not just doing it for vengeance. I'm doing this in the hope that there will be a better world for you to live in."

He kissed her one last time. After casting a Disillusionment Spell on himself, he rang the doorbell and stepped aside. The door opened, and a frowning woman stepped out.

"Hello?" called the woman. She then looked down and noticed the basket and the baby in it. The woman picked it up, looked around again, then walked inside, closing the door behind her.

"Goodbye, my little snake. I love you, and good luck, Alya," the man whispered solemnly before disappearing.

Almost eleven years later, Alison woke up, but she just laid on the hard mattress for a moment. She knew that it was not even light outside yet. However, her internal clock told her that it was 6:30am. After listening for any harmful sounds, she finally opened her eyes.

Her eyes swept the room. She surveyed the other cots in the room for any sign of movement. The cots were lined up from the head of one bed to the foot of the next bed. The head of Alison's bed was pushed against the cold stone wall underneath the only window in the room. I guess that's one plus for being here so long without being adopted, Alison thought. I get the best bed. None of the occupants of the other nineteen beds seemed to be awake.

Alison slipped off her blanket and slid on her only pair of shoes. She crept by the beds and out the door. Alison only stopped to grab a book from the small library in the orphanage before she ran out to the yard behind the building. She climbed up a tree like it was a second nature to her. The tree was in the corner of the yard next to the stone walls that surrounded the yard.

Alison plopped herself down in one of the highest branches and opened up the book. Before beginning to read, she looked at the gray building and sighed. She relaxed against the trunk of the tree.

Alison always got up and out before anyone else woke up, and that was how she liked it. No one could bother her if they were still asleep. Finally, she started to read the book.

Alison loved reading because it took her out of this world and into another. However, she didn't like reading sappy romance novels or anything too fluffy. Likewise, she didn't like reading the happy endings in those books because Alison believed, no she knew, that there was no such thing as a happy ending in real life. Saying that, Alison liked books about pretty much any other topic, from history to adventure to chemistry.

The sun rose high in the sky. It was only when 9 o'clock came around that Alison was interrupted from her reading.

"Hey, freak!" a voice shouted from below her.

Recognizing the unpleasant voice, Alison sighed and looked down. She knew from experience what would happen to her if she ignored him. "What do you want?"

"Nothing that you can get me," the boy who was obviously the leader shouted up nastily. His cronies around him laughed. "Come down here now, or else ..., well you know," the boy said with a nasty smile. Some of his cronies picked up large rocks and held them readily in their large hands.

Weighing her options for a second, Alison sighed and began to slowly climb down the tree. I seem to be sighing a lot lately, she thought to herself as she climbed down the tree.

At the bottom, she stood up straight with her hands on her hips and looked up at the leader expectantly. "Well, Brent...?"

Brent was the oldest at the orphanage and also the person who had lived at Moredoor Orphanage the longest, so he pretty much ran the place. Alison thought he was the biggest bully ever. If anyone opposed him, they would feel his wrath. Not only was Brent tall and muscular, but he also had many other large boys willing to do his bidding. Therefore, most people listened to him.

Alison was the thorn in his side. She often defied him and would not bend totally to his will. Thus, Brent hated her.

"I heard Ms. Waxxwart talking and apparently someone is coming to talk to you. It's not a family because nobody would want you," Brent sneered. "It's probably a juvie person coming to take you to juvie prison."

"If anyone was being taken to juvie, it would be you," Alison replied in the same tone.

"Why you...," Brent snarled, stepping forward threateningly. His cronies did the same and surrounded Alison.

Before he could do anything though, Ms. Waxxwart stepped outside and called, "Alison Smith!" in that horrible, hoarse voice of hers.

Alison used this distraction to slip through the circle of Brent's cronies. "Coming!" Alison yelled as she ran toward the door.

Alison met Ms. Waxxwart just inside the door. Ms. Waxxwart was a gigantic, rough woman. She has a huge wart on her chin. Alison believed that she was like a larger version of Brent except she had the wart, was uglier, and didn't rely on any 'cronies'.

Ms. Waxxwart towered over Alison and scrutinized her. Ms. Waxxwart demanded, "What are you waiting for, girl? Someone is here to see you, so clean yourself up quickly and put on your visiting clothes. GO, GIRL!" Alison jumped at the sudden outburst. "I said quickly, didn't I? So, GO!"

Alison dodged Ms. Waxxwart's large hand and ran to the closet outside of the small bathroom. She quickly grabbed a clean dress that looked about her size and hurried into the bathroom to change.

While changing, Alison was thinking hard who might be her visitor. No one had come to adopt her since she had arrived at Moredoor Orphanage at the age of seven. After all, who wants to adopt a former street kid? At the orphanage before that, Sunny-Hill Orphanage, she was adopted a couple times when she was around a year old, but the families brought her back soon after.

Alison didn't dare hope that the visitor had anything to do with her parents. She had been abandoned at the Sunny-Hill Orphanage when she was less than a year old. She had no identification on her. The worker who found her gave her the name Alison.

Thinking these thoughts, Alison washed her face. She examined herself in the mirror. Alison had dark hair, pale skin, and gray eyes. She was short in stature and skinny. Alison knew that people always underestimated her because of this, but it was then that Alison would show them what she was really capable of.

Quickly, Alison pulled her long black hair into a braid and ran out of the bathroom and all the way to the visitor room. Taking a deep breath, Alison opened the door to the unknown.

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