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The small bamboo stick filled with water before lowering and dumping it's contents out. As the weight lessened, it flew back to it's original position with a soft 'clank' and slowly refilled as the man kneeling nearby by waiting patiently on a particular pair.

Jugo sat, eyes closed, drinking a cup of tea and letting it's contents relax him. The recent Youma attack nipped at the base of his mind, and he willed himself to remain peaceful. The Youma had been taken care of; beaten and destroyed. It was the perpetrator of this event that had begun to bother him. They had done away with the Youma quickly, witness reports had told him so, but the type of magic used was another story.

He opened his eyes as his hotheaded, pink-haired, Enriha-weilding daughter came in, her eyes filled with concern. She quickly took a seat in front of him, and he was stunned at her silence. Her eyes willed him to speak, but he only held her stare until Kazuma came in. The tension in the room became so great that you could almost taste it. Clearly, the pair had argued. Jugo couldn't ignore it, considering that he was attempting to set them up, but the matters at hand were far more pressing.

"Kazuma, Ayano," Jugo closed his eyes once more. "I expect that whatever troubles are between you two, you will put them behind you until you finish this." He felt surprise from both of them, but swept on. "A Youma attacked today in the central park; publicly. It went after people of any age and either gender, so there wasn't a distinct patter-."

"If you're asking us to hunt this thing down and destroy it, I can do that on my own." Ayano interrupted, standing.

"You sure you can handle that, princess?" Kazuma asked mockingly. Hurt flashed in Ayano's eyes before anger replaced it.

"No, that's not what needs to happen." Jugo cut off his daughter's heated response. "I need you to find the person responsible for killing the Youma, it's already dead.


"I'm going to need more than that if I'm going to find such a person." Kazuma stood, too.

"Was it a special kind of Youma? Why are we tracking it's killer down? Surely a dead Youma is a good thing?" Ayano's voice was quiet and had an innocent edge to it; Jugo did not answer immediately.

"Why are you afraid?" Jugo's eyes opened, and he and his daughter stared at Kazuma. "I can sense your fear, old man. Something isn't right, and you're not telling us."

"How could you say that?!" Ayano retorted. "My father isn't afraid of anyone!" she glanced at Jugo for support, but his face was twisted in pain. "Father?"

"I'm sorry but Kazuma is right." he explained. "I fear that whoever killed the Youma is-." Jugo was cut off as the door was thrown open. A man stood there, panting.

"Sir, you were right!" the man exclaimed. "Detective Tachibana just confirmed it herself!" Ayano stiffened at the detective's name whilst Kazuma stepped forward.

"Confirmed what?" he asked, and the man looked over to Jugo, Kazuma and Ayano's gazes following. Jugo nodded.

"Show them." the man bowed deeply before leading Kazuma and Ayano out to a vehicle. Kazuma eyes Ayano warily before stopping.

"Hey, we have to get moving!" Ayano snapped. "Before the trail runs cold."

"Then I'll fly on ahead and start searching." the wind began to circle Kazuma before he floated away and disappeared from sight.

"Ignorant bastard." Ayano muttered. "Let's go!" she shouted to the man, who jumped in fear before starting the car, backing out, and speeding off; the tires screeching.

Ayano arrived on the scene, police tape surrounding the empty park as officers patrolled the inside. She stepped out of the car, irritation speeding her pace as she grabbed the nearest line of tape to duck underneath it.

"Whoa there!" An officer swiftly put himself between Ayano and the line. Already angry, she fumed even more and fixed the man with a fierce stare. He nearly fell to his knees in fear but managed to hold his ground, shivering. "This is a restricted area."

"Listen, I'm the next head of the Kannagi family and I suggest-." Ayano's voice was tight with anger, and she nearly burst into flames as he cut her off.

"Well, now, you listen!" He said. "I don't care what family you're from or what you suggest. This is a restricted area and you need to-."

"It's okay, Marvin," yet another voice interrupted, this time from above. Ayano knew who it was and gritted her teeth as wind swirled around and feet touched the ground behind her. "She's with me."

"Yes, Mr. Yugami." Marvin bowed before backing away.

"Mr. Yugami?" Ayano mocked as Kazuma stood at her side.

"I told him to call me Kazuma." The older male explained with a shrug, lifting the tape. Ayano walked stifle away from the wind magic user and examined the area the battle had taken place. "I don't understand why you're so mad." Kazuma's voice tickled her ear. "All I did was talk to those girls." Ayano remembered back to another battle earlier that day against another Youma. They were making their way home, just before Jugo contacted them, and Kazuma had stopped and let a pair of air headed blondes flirt with him. Just the thought made Ayano engulf herself in flames and Kazuma jumped back.

"It's not about the girls Ayano shouted, trying to convince herself as much as him. Kazuma fell back next to a bush where he sat, laughing.

"Okay, princess." He said, looking at the bush and then her. Then, he did a double tale and looked at the bush again. "Ayano, come look at this." At mention of her name, Ayano's flames died and she came to his side, kneeling. "The brush is damp."

"Wonderful, our first clue! The bush is wet, what a clear indication!" She said sarcastically, standing and throwing her hands in the air dramatically.

"idiot." Kazuma muttered. "Look at the time of day and tell me if there should be dew." Ayano looked up at the sun's position.

"The sun should've evaporated it by now." She murmured.

"Which means there's only one kind of magic this could be." Kazuma said, standing, eyes closed.

"Water?" Jugo repeated after Kazuma gave his report. Ayano leaned against the wall opposite the door, eyes closed and arms folded over her chest. "Its just as I suspected." His eyes fluttered over to his daughter whom hd one eye open and on him. "Ayano, what is the name of the water magic users we were once allied with?"

"Wait, what?" Kazuma asked, stepping forward.

"The Kouu family, dad." Ayano replied, ignoring Kazuma entirely.

"Of course." Jugo nodded, eyes closed as though he were reminiscing better days.

"What broke the alliance?" Kazuma asked.

"Don't you remember?" Ayano snapped. When Kazuma shook his head, she sighed. "The Kouu family worked alongside us, battling Youmas and other enemies. A trio of-," she paused as anger overtook her. "Absolutely stupid boys felt as though the Kouu family were treading on their heels, and set out to prove the Kannagi were better. They ended up kidnapping the Head of the Family's daughter. Of course, they didn't even make it halfway back to the Main House before they were slaughter. Then, they blamed the whole of the Kannagi family, and a terrible war broke out. We finally managed to win them over, and the Kouu family hasn't been seen or heard from since."

"That's where you're wrong." Jugo said, and Ayano's eyes opened in surprise. "The Heads of the Families had nothing to do with the war, it was everyone under them. So, they managed to locate one another and created a peace treaty before ending the war. Well, I couldn't even call it a treaty. They basically came to an understanding, and the battle dissipated. The Kouu called off their alliance, and we let them. They weren't heard from because they moved out of Japan, but if this is a Kouu, we must take her under out wing before she learns of her heritage some other way." Jugo turned to Kazuma. "Can I entrust you with this?" Kazuma nodded, and Ayano mumbled in agreement before questioned as he turned to her. Then, there was a small pause. "Can you work together?"

"Yes." Came the reluctant reply in unison, which earned a glare from Ayano.

"Must all my hard work be torn apart?" Jugo thought hopelessly.

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