Disclaimer: The characters belong to others. Only the story is mine.

Genre: AU, scifi/fantasy

Warnings: yaoi

Unicorn (only until I come up with something better)

by Spencer

Book 1: The Planet Part 1

Sand and silence covered the land for as far as the eye could see or the ear could hear. Stars swung slowly across the darkening sky as the last opaque glow clung to the cloudless western horizon. The faint bands of mauve and gold washed the desert in the barest flush of twilight. No moon broke the blackening dome of space, allowing each star or planet its own rare brilliance.

One pair of eyes, solitary in the wasteland, mapped the glittering darkness with the affection of infinite familiarity. For millions of years the stars had followed their same courses, a few dying away, others kindling for the first time, but always innumerable, shining serenely down, countless companions on this barren rock.

A stiff wind whistled in from the northeast, kicking up rippling curtains of sand. The waves flowed over the dunes, opening around slender ankles to merge again into the traveling stream. Two velvety white ears flicked into the breeze, soft fur picking up the tiniest of currents. If one listened long and hard enough, it could almost sound like whispering, a voice to fill the silence of endless centuries, but this was merely wishful thinking, and wishes were for those with hope.

Serene oceanic eyes turned back to the sky, marking the slight change in position of the few visible planets in relation to the mass movement of stars through their inky background. The sky seemed full of glowing orbs, but out there between the fiery lights, the darkness was just as empty as this desert. Life was now scattered through the universe, carried by solar winds far from this barren little rock. Here life was only a distant memory, a memory which would remain forever captured behind sky-blue eyes.

A quick flash and streak of gold caught those eyes and held their gaze until it disappeared behind the horizon.

'How odd.'

A long moment passed with all attention on the distance. When no echoing light or rumble followed, long dark lashes blinked in surprise.

'Very odd.'

The wind was dry, the sky was clear, and without a second thought the unicorn set out toward the horizon.