The Last of Us: Prologue

The outbreak started 10 years ago. My whole family lived in Michigan, ya know the 'Snow State'. My family and I were confident that the infection wouldn't spread all over the states, but it did. It started in Washington, DC. That's right, the capitol of the U.S. It took about 2 weeks for it to spread across the U.S. and about a month for the infection to spread across the world.

I was only 12 when it hit Michigan, my sister Anna, was only 9. My dad had bricked in the whole house, and locked us all upstairs. We could hear the screams and the gunshots in the streets, but we didn't budge. We were barracked in the house for about a month. Anna and I would solve puzzles or read magazines. Everyone in the house did as much as they could do without making noise.

After the 1st month we ran out of food. Our family set out and scavenged as best as we could, but we only managed to live in the house for a year. We had learned to survive. The streets were full of runners, see back then the infection hadn't been around long enough for clicker or another sort of infected species to occur. So the only infected we had come across were runners, they were easy to take down, but hard to sneak past.

We lasted as a family for about 6 more years. We had made it to Colorado. Anna was now 16 and she was an expert with a bow. She was so graceful with it, unlike how she was with anything else. I was now 19, and a pretty good shot with a rifle, but I honestly preferred my deer skinning knife. It was silent, and stealth was key. We were out scavenging again, it was the first time we had seen or heard a clicker, and for mom and dad it was the last time.

Mom had got bitten by it, dad had managed to knife it in the back of the head before it could get anyone else, but it was too late for mom. We had sat up as a family that night, crying together and holding her. Usually it takes a week before people turn, so we didn't expect anything the next night. How could we? I woke up to dad screaming and the noises of a runner in our room. Mom had turned over night and had ripped dad apart.

I was the one who had to stab her in the head with my knife. It dawned on me that I had not only lost my mother, but my father all in one night. I looked at Anna who was now curled up in a dark corner. That night I had to become the adult. It was me who had to grab the bodies and scoot them in a closet so that Anna didn't have to see. I was so scared, but with Anna shivering in the corner, I knew that I had something worth fighting for, and that I couldn't just give up.

Anna and I had been on our own for about a year when we met Hans. Hans was 18, only a year older than Anna, and 2 younger than I. He was a skilled hunter, and taught Anna how to hunt. Anna had grown very found of Hans, at some point they even became lovers of some sorts. Is it weird that I became jealous? I guess not, I mean it's normal to be jealous of your sister with her boyfriend, right?

Hans had been with us for 6 months before he left in the middle of the night with all of our supplies. I hunted that ass whole down. Anna told me to let it go, but I couldn't. It took us 2 hours to catch up with him. We finally had made it to a spot were a fire was burning. I could see him slouching by the fire. That was the first time I had ever killed a person. I had killed plenty of infected but never had I ever killed a single person. I slit Hans' throat and watched the life leave his eyes. I should have listened to Anna, because that night, that night something changed in me. It was something I could never get back, and even in these past 6 months I still can't figure out what it is that I lost.

A month after I had killed him we got picked up by soldiers. Anna and I were on the verge of starving, I was so weak, but when the man pointed the gun at my sister's head, I snapped. I had bashed his face into the wall. Stabbed another soldier, and made my way to run, and I did run, I ran right into the muzzle of a gun. I'll never forget the day Kai saved us. He was a general; he gave his men orders to leave us be. He took us in, and I became a soldier.

Anna and I have been living in comfort for the past 6 months. My job as a soldier had helped us tremendously. We got enough ration cards to last us 2 years. Anna didn't like the idea of me being a soldier, but I didn't care. It kept us alive, and her safe. That's what I cared about now; she was all I cared about. Anna was 18 now, and my 21st birthday is tomorrow. Living in this world had warped our minds, it had warped everyone's mind.

I looked at Anna laying down beside me, her straw-berry hair sprawled out of its usual two side braids. My own braid was loose right now. Anna looked so peaceful right now, she was worry free, and night time was the only time I got to see her like this. I think I'm starting to fall in love with my own sister, and the thought of that terrifies me immensely. How could someone not love her though? I snuff the candle by my bedside and snuggle closely to Anna. I have early rounds tomorrow and it's time to sleep.