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The Last of Us: Patrol


I woke up to the smell of coffee floating through the loft. I look up and see Anna swaying her hips and whistling as she dipped the coffee pouches into the boiling water. Her hair was standing straight up, down, curled to the side. I swear Anna has the worst bed head in the world! I walked up behind my sister and pecked her on the cheek lightly. I wrapped my arms around her and nestled my face into her neck.

"Morning, Elsa!" She turned around in my arms enveloping me in a tight hug. Anna's hair always smelled so good, like strawberries, which is odd because we barely have shampoo; let alone scented shampoo.

Anna released me and turned around turning the propane oven off. She pulled the slightly rusted pot from its coil and poured the liquid into two old chipped coffee mugs. She stared at me with a wicked grin as she placed a cup in front of me.

"Guess what today is?!" She asked me excitedly, her blue eyes shimmering with delight, she could hardly contain herself as she bounced in place.

"Tuesday." I murmured over my coffee in amusement.

I could see her excitement diminish for a moment at my answer, but in an instant, it was back, and twice as strong. "No silly, it's your birthday! You're 21!" Anna walked to the fridge and pulled out a small cupcake. "Happy birthday!" I looked at the small chocolate delicacy excitedly.

"How'd you get that? God, you must have killed somebody for it!" It was the first time I had been excited in a while. I hadn't eaten chocolate in a good year or two. I love chocolate so much and Anna liked it almost as much as I did. Oh, wait….Anna. I look up at the girl and she's beaming at my smile. My heart began to ache at the sheer love in her eyes. "Anna, thank you" I stood up and interlaced my fingers with the younger girl. Anna smiled and eagerly awaited for my first bite. "But this birthday wouldn't be complete unless you ate it with me." I sent a wink to the younger girl.

Her eyes shot up worriedly, "No, no, no, Elsa!" She shook her head furiously. "I worked so hard this year and saved all my tips to buy that for YOU." She jousted a finger in my chest for emphasis.

"Please, Anna." I took the finger and kissed her knuckle. "Please, for my birthday gift?" Anna blushed a little but just kept smiling. She shook her head lightly as she grabbed a fork. "Fine if you insist." She chuckled. I watched her grab a piece of the chocolate bread with her fork, "Say Ahhh!" She giggled out as I opened my mouth with a loud "Ahhh".

I finished chewing the delicious bread and grinned at her, "I love you." I tensed up a little as the words rolled off my tongue. It's not that we didn't ever say those three words; it's just that- usually those words had a double meaning. They usually meant I was going on a mission to do something dangerous and I might not come back. I finally mustered the courage to look Anna in the eyes and was surprised at how intently she was staring at me.

She looked at me so softly I thought I'd melt right there. "I love you too." Anna moved in closer, almost nervously, she pecked me on the corner of my mouth. I could feel her lips lightly brushing the corner of mine. We kept our eyes locked for a moment, but of course, I had to break the moment. "Try this." I took the fork out of Anna's hand and got a chunk of the cupcake. "Here." I guided it carefully to Anna's lips, God she's so beautiful.

"Mhmm" Anna moaned out surprising us both. I could have sworn that angels never made such delicious sounds. I looked towards the clock and holy shit it's 6:15!

"Anna, I have to go!" I ran up grabbing the riot pieces that went with the rest of my uniform. I pulled my platinum hair into a messy side braid and shoved it in the top part of my riot helmet. I went to brush my teeth and shoved the giant boots onto my feet. "Bye, Anna!" I shouted as I rushed to the door.

"Elsa!" I opened the door slightly and looked up at my sister. She came over and lifted the glass shield up on my helmet. I hate when she does this when she looks at me like this; like she's trying to memorize my face, every little detail as if it's the last time she'll ever see me. It breaks my heart when she does this. "I love you, Elsa." She whispers as she looks at me. She stared into my eyes, her own blue uncertain.

"I love you too, Anna," I whisper back as I move in to hold her close. Twice today we've said it. Twice.

"I wish you wouldn't do this. What the soldiers do- it's not right." She began to cry. "Why can't you do any other job? Please, for me. Elsa, just find a different job." She squeezed me tight and dug her fingers into my shoulder pads.


"Please." She whispers.

"I have to go, Anna. I'll be back early tonight, ok?" She just nods and with a final squeeze, releases me.


"Arendelle! Take Lead and make a full sweep of the building!" We swarmed around one of the abandoned buildings on the east side. Spores had popped up in this location and the military had sent Alpha Team, of course, I was in that fucking group.

"GAS MASKS ON!" Spores came from deceased infected and contained highly contagious strains of the virus. We walked around with our flashlights embedded in our uniforms, guns in hand. The military had let Anna and I keep our weapons from before, a favor from Kai, but the military required me to carry an M-16 and a ballistic knife on my person at all times.

My men and I scouted the upper section of the building, the spores were getting way heavier up here, denser. I opened one of the doors, and that's when I heard it, it was crying. I looked around for the source and walked up on a small child. The kid was clutching the clicker, and crying softly over its body. The child mumbled out small things through her crying. "Mom" and "Sorry" were the only words I could make out.

My heart broke as I remembered a similar situation, I too had to kill my mother. My heart went out for the girl, but I had a job to do. She wasn't wearing a mask, which meant one thing. She was infected, and my job was to kill infected people.

"Boss, we found the source." I could hear one of the nearby soldiers radio in the report.

"Tell Arendelle to take care of it, after that Team Alpha is dismissed back to their homes."

"You heard him, Elsa, get to it." The surrounding soldiers blocked the door, we couldn't have the girl run out. We couldn't have an infected runout. I walked over to the girl and yanked her off the body. Her screams of protest were ringing in my ears, conceal don't feel. I made sure not to look her in the eyes as I put the gun to her head. Conceal don't feel. I mutter my mantra again, and with the pull of a trigger, it was done.

The girl fell right on top of the diseased clicker. "Look around for supplies then burn the building down." There was only one way to get rid of spores completely, and it was to burn everything down, smothering them out, the rest would float in the air, and we'd cut the section off for a while. I was making my way downstairs about to leave when a soldier called me, "Captain, what do you want me to do with this?" The man held up a white, well white-ish, puppy, it looked husky, no it was more like a wolf, maybe a mix of the two. I examined him; he looked healthy. He was maybe 2 months old.

I walked up the stairs and grabbed the feisty puppy out of its arms, "I'll take care of it." He sighed with relief, "Thanks, I don't know if I would have been able to." I guess he thought I was going to kill it, but I have way better plans for this puppy. Animals don't get infected anyways it be stupid to kill this little guy. I guess it looked odd to see a soldier carrying a puppy because I was getting eye-balled the entire walk home. That didn't matter right now, because I know that Anna will be ecstatic when she sees it.

I walked into our little apartment. It was only four which means Anna was still at work at the dinner. It gave me an hour to make the little rascal presentable. His fur was covered in black muck and matted in certain places. I took him to the big tub we had and placed him in it. It would keep him from making a mess while I boiled some water for his bath.

When I came back in he was staring at me. He tilted his head and whined loudly. "Yeah, yeah, I know." I poured the warm water into the bathtub and he protested feverously. He was super goofy. I watched in amusement as he tried to attack the water. "Ok calm down." I couldn't help but giggle, he was making a mess splashing water everywhere, but it was so darn cute.

I lathered him up with some soap and washed his body, "Stop biting me weirdo." He just yelped at me and continued to bite at my hands. Finally he was washed and dried. I laid him on the bed, "Look Anna's gonna be here in 10 minutes, so stay put and don't break anything." I was scolding a dog, that's not crazy, right? People do that don't they? I've never had a dog, so I don't know.

I changed out of my uniform and put my blue plaid shirt on with a pair of white skinny jeans. I latched my knife to my calf and let my hair down. The door slowly started to creep open. The puppy shot up and growled. I looked up in shock. My impression soon diminished as I realized he disobeyed a direct order. "Really!? I told you to stay in bed!" There I go again talking to the damn dog.

I grabbed him up into my arms and walked forward to the bed. I didn't have time to get rid of him before the front door swung open revealing a tired Anna. She looked so cute in her waitress uniform. It had bright purple shirt and a green skirt.

Anna looked up at me and I froze. "OH! MY! GOD!" She squealed out as she jumped towards me snatching the dog out of my hand. She squealed in excitement, "Can we keep it!? Is it a boy or a girl?! What kind of breed is it!? What's its name!? Where'd you get it!?" Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she listed off a barrage of questions.

"I found him at one of our jobs, and I think he's a wolf mix. As for his name, it's all up to you." She squeezed him tighter and looked at me,

"His names Olaf!" She snuggled him tight and grabbed his paws in a mocking manner, "Hi, my name's Olaf and I like warm snuggles!" Olaf was a weird name, but then again who am I to judge what's weird. I looked up at Anna and realized she was staring at me, her eyes held such softness, such love. "It's supposed to be your birthday not mine, but thank you." She leaned up and kissed my cheek. Oh yeah getting Olaf was definitely worth it.

That afternoon was filled with so much joy. We had sat up playing with our new puppy. I can't even count how many times he pounced on Anna, tackling her to the ground and licking her entire face. I realized that I needed this just as much as Anna needed this. Olaf was like our little piece of heaven. He brought joy to both of us, and I can't help but think that he felt the same.

That night was a different story. Shooting the girl plagued my mind. The nightmare was so detailed. I remember waking up screaming, Anna had just snuggled me closer, pulling me into her chest as I sobbed. I remember Olaf being on my right, he just nuzzled my back. Even though I was miserable, I had never felt more at peace.