Disclaimer i do not own Hetalia that is the works of Hidekazu Himaruya, I only own the plot.

'It's so dark'

That was the first thought my semi-conscious mind could come up with. I didn't ask myself what had happened, I already knew that, nor did I ask when that god forsaken pain ended. Nope all I thought was that it was so dark...kinda stupid huh.

I bet you're wondering who the hell i am and why the hell you are reading this, the answer to the latter question you have to figure out on your own as i have no idea you're the one reading this, the answer to the former mind you can be answered easily by going on a trip through my memories

My name is Matthew Williams... probably should have told you that in the introduction but meh you probably didn't need to know...I live in a small town in Canada, well I lived there, not much living going on now.

That's another thing about me, before this accident happened to me I was a nice, normal-ish Canadian-American making a living as a bartender, this town happened to be one of those small towns where everyone knew each other and their grandparents.

It was one of those days when the sun is once again hidden by he clouds and the local townsfolk were walking around with their umbrellas, I was on my way to work when I ran into a young man searching for someone or something, he didn't have an umbrella and coincidentally it had started to rain

I invited him into the pub so he could get out of the rain and so he could ask the locals if they knew where the thing he was looking for was. That single act of kindness might be what landed me in this trouble in the first place.