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"So what are you doing in this part of the world," Matt inquired as he watched Gilbert stuff his face with food.

Gilbert looked up, "Well other than searching for a good place to eat, which by the way really good food for a bar, I'm trying to find my brother and I'd last heard that he was in Canada, not a specific part of Canada but Canada," he explained going back to his meal.

"Oh, what does your brother look like I may be able to tell you whether or not he's been through the town," Matt told him.

"Well, okay he's tall with slicked back blonde hair and-"

"OI Matthew i need your help back here," a heavily Australian accented voice called out interrupting Gilbert.

Matt had two choices, Go to Jett (The owner of the place) and miss hearing and thus helping Gilbert find his brother or ignore Jett and get shit about being infatuated with someone (by both Jett and Elizaveta).

Gilbert seeming to see the little war Matt was having told him "go i'll tell you more when you're back"

"Thank you Gilbert"

"no problem"

Matt walked out the back to the storage area/ Kitchen stock area to find Jett doing some thing stupid.

"Jett," Matt sighed " what are you doing with a baby polar bear"

"well Matt you see-" Jett Started to explan


"What but why not"

"Because you are not to be raising a polar bear"

"C'mon Matt why not"

"because my Dog will not like it and you know how Kumaluma is"

"Fine i'll send it to an anmal shelter"

Good, now i have to go back to serving customers" Matt said s he turned to leave

"More like chat some guy up" Jett muttered slyly, chuckling when he saw Matthew blush.

Matt bushed all the way out to the front counter, where instead of seeing Gilbert and his sliver Awesomeness, there was enough money to cover the meal he had and a little tip. No note, no goodbye just the money and an empty plate.

'Where'd he go'