Spy School

Hi, my name is Annabeth Chase and I'm following my mother's steps and becoming a is the best spy in the agency but she has a rival , both are trying to be the top I'm following in her foot 's first day of the school year.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Once I heard the alarm clock I smacked it off the night stand.I sat on my bed and I was saying to myself "I will make my mom proud. I will make my mom proud. I will make my mom proud." I put on my uniform. It's a black blazer with a white undershirt, a black skirt, and black dress shoes.

I walked up the steps of the school and I went through the door then Bam! I ran into has black spiky hair, heavy mascara, and wearing the same uniform I am said "Sorry about that" "That's all right. I wasn't watching were I was going." Then she said "Hey, I'm Thalia Grace." Then I said "I'm Annabeth Chase" She said "Aren't you Athena Chase's daughter" I was like great She knows who my mom is "Ya, she is" She kind of looked confused. I said "So your dad is the principle." She said "Ya" Then she asked me a question "Do you want to sit with me at lunch?" I said "Sure"

Then she showed me around. Until we started walking up to a hot guy. He has sea green eyes and jet black hair. We were just staring at Thalia cleared her we were both blushing. He introduced himself "Hi, I'm Percy Jackson" I said "Your Poseidon's son" He said "Yes I am" "I'm Annabeth Chase" He said "Your Athena's daughter" I said "Yes I am" Then Thalia interrupted "I see you two will get along just fine"

It turns out Percy and I have all the same has 3 classes with Percy showed me to all my were walking to our first class when a girl with red frizzy hair started yelling at me.

I hope you guys like the story.

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