I'm going to put this story on hold. Because, I don't even know whats going on in it. I add a chapter, then my friend adds a chapter. So until I figure stuff out, and all that jazz. This story is on hold. It was my first fanfic. And I'd say it did pretty good. Until of course my friend had to come in and change the whole plot of the story.

So if you are mad. You can thank Brandon muncy. He fucks everything up. He wanted to write the story about a stripper. So if there are updates for the next couple of months. That's not me. That's Brandon. And please shame him. I try and try and keep changing my password. But some how the butt tard figures it out. And he only mess's with this story. So if you want to read my other stories. Those are all me.

Again. I'm sorry. I really liked this story, And thank you to everyone who supported the 6th grader. At the beginning. And who supported that 6th grader all the way up to her sophomore year. I hope I can figure crap out soon. I might just start a different Yes? or No? Story. That way I can try and write it how I want. But please. Check out my other stories. I've gotten better. lol. Plus we don't have Brandon fucking it up. lol

sorry again,