(The Celestian Alliance were in New York City to find a place to sleep while Jumbaa is cleaning up the ship. They found a large yellow bird getting ready for bed.)

Big Bird: I'm having a slumber party.

Lilo:Can we sleep over for the night please?

Big Bird: Sure, I can make new friends.

Stitch: Okey Takka.

Big Bird: I'm, "Big Bird".

Lilo: I'm, "Lilo" and these are my friends, "Gary", "Kiki", "David", "Betty Ann", "Frank", "Kristen", and "Eric".

(In a trash can, they found a blue experiment snoring.)

Lilo: Experiment 077 a.k.a Zawp, he can snore really loud.

Gary: It reminds us of our dad, huh Tucker.

Tucker: Yeah and Good thing we close our bedroom doors.

(They changed into their pajamas)

(A mother honker came into Big Bird's place telling him that it's pass the baby honker's bedtime and she can't get to sleep. Big bird told her that he knows another sleep tip, counting sheep, but the Baby Honker didn't know how to count yet, David decided to teach the baby honker how to count.)

David: Kindness.

Betty Ann: Let me count with you Big Bird.

Big Bird and Betty Ann: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

(The Baby honker, Big Bird and The Celestian Alliance fell asleep and mother honker thanked him for counting the sheep.)