(Gary went out in his blue flannel pajamas and rabbit slippers Kiki went with him in her orange t shirt, red shorts, and polar bear slippers. Twilight and Applejack saw the two of them walking out.)

(Then Tucker came out with his red flannel pajamas and parrot slippers.)

Gary: Tucker!

Tucker: Hi Gary.

Gary: We need you to sleep Tucker.

Applejack: I reckon a lullaby will help y'all asleep.

Kiki: There's a lullaby Sweetie Belle sang to The Cutie Mark Crusaders before.

Twilight: Yes, what lullaby was that?

Sweetie: I know what you mean.

(Sweetie Belle starts to sing.)

Sweetie Belle: Hush now Quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head, hush now quiet now it's time to go to bed.

Twilight: Sweetie Belle, quiet!

Sweetie Belle: Sorry.

Twilight: That's okay.

(They went back to Big Bird's nest and they fell asleep.)

The end.