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Summary: When Kuroko Tetsumi tries to confess to a random double-browed red head, the generation of miracles of course would make sure to meddle in the unexpected affair.

Setting: Kuroko and the generation of miracles are in third year, middle school

Warning: Female Kuroko and you may find some character to be OOC

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~The Perfect Scenery~

The day is finally retiring. The sun is slowly painting its glorious colors all over the horizon. Small whirls of wind dance along with few pink leaves and some are kissing the timid swaying grass on the ground. The sakura tree stands majestically at the scene, branches undulating as if conducting nature's silent orchestra. Amidst the concerto a nervous girl is standing beside the tree, yet she could not appreciate the perfect scenery in her front.

Her shoulder length, sky blue hair was caught by the playful breeze moving it a little away from her face. Her cheeks are tinted with a slight pink which is very noticeable against her porcelain skin. A tall guy with a red and black hair could be seen in her front. His wrinkled forehead and his arched double brow express confusion. His lips slightly moving and his voice stuck inside his throat indicate his awkwardness to their situation.

"I've been meaning to ask you this" she started to speak. Her bangs still covering her eyes…

STOP! The background music halt making a screeching sound of tape.

"Hey, we're not in a shoujo manga aren't we? You are making this whole thing gay" a tanned blue haired teen said to the yellow head who was describing the scenery in their front. They were hiding from the girl and they could not hear what they are talking about. They were ducking in a bush which barely hides their heads a kilometer away from the tree.

"Yeah and what's up with that stupid orchestra?" said the green head with a broken spectacled and shirt covered in mud. He was standing unlike the yellow, blue and purple head because there is no need to hide when he was like a tree himself.

"Waahh, I'm just describing what I am seeing… Kurokocchi is confessing just like in shoujo manga, you know when there is always a wind and the sakura leaves and then the couple would look at each other and.. " he could no longer continue what he was saying as he is crying. He is biting some of his shirt which is already torn and his hair is messy. No one would believe he is a model with his appearance like that.

"Yeah we could already see that. Still can't believe it though" said the blue haired teen getting angry with the scene in his front. He had flour all over half of his face and some are sticking to his blue hair. "Tetsu…" he whispered. He felt helpless. He could not do anything to stop her from confessing.

Sad background music commenced.

The purple head giant is not holding any food at the moment but he did not notice. He is looking directly at the girl. His expression tells a story that he lost something that he really, really sought. "Kuro-chin" he said while his face is now serious.

The green head did not look away from the girl. For once he wanted to shout and took her away from the guy, even away from all his teammates but he couldn't. He kept his mouth shut. His disability to tell what he really feels is finally taking its toll in his chest. He stand still not minding the dirty shirt and his broken glass after all there is more broken pieces inside of him.

The red head with fiery heterochromatic eyes is also standing. His fist is closed like he wanted to hit someone. Looking at the blushing girl, his eyes and grip started to soften. He directs his gaze on the ground, for the first time he was helpless. "So this is defeat, huh?"

~Love at first sight~

Earlier that day they were happy walking home while eating popsicles. They are in their usual moods. There is the loud Kise who is always trying to annoy them. Eventually, Aomine will hit him making him cry and annoy them more. Midorima will then make a comment about their intelligence level and Murasakibara will add more insult that will make Aomine shout at them. Akashi will reprimand them making them all quiet. And lastly, Tetsumi will make a light conversation to elevate the mood. But this time the last drill did not happen. When they look at the girl they see her far behind them and she is staring at something.

They follow the direction of her sight and saw a red haired guy with a bag full of burgers and holding a drink. Then the wind suddenly blows from him towards Kuroko making her eyes slightly widens.

Why do birds, suddenly appear…every time you are near?

She is frozen from her spot and her gaze is not averting away to her subject. Their eyes met for a second but the guy breaks it off and they are sure he did not see her.

Why do stars fall down from the sky…every time you walk by?

The guy is very tall and he has an athletic built in their observation. He had a red hair with roots that are black so they assume he just colored his hair.

Just like me, they long to be... close to you…

The striking feature of his face is his double brow which Midorima wanted to pluck being an obsessive compulsive that he is.

They felt angry towards the innocent guy. He will regret the day the angels got together and accidentally sprinkled moon dust all over him. Moon dusts which literally smell like gun powder. Oh yes, they will try sprinkling gun powder to him and canon him back to the moon. They wanted to eliminate him as soon as possible. As they are contemplating his death, Kuroko moves closer to him who still did not notice her.

Kuroko stop when she got closer and then she closes her eyes. They realize what she was trying to do. She was trying to smell him. Midorima and Akashi can't believe what they are seeing. Murasakibara crushed the box of popsicles he was holding. Aomine and Kise went full retard. They see a tint of pink from her pale cheeks. Now they are no longer just angry with him, they absolutely despise the guy.

"Ano.." Kuroko tried to talk.

The guy jumped from his spot. "Waah.. A-aaa G-ghooost!" he shouted while pointing to Kuroko. He ran away immediately after composing his feet.

The generation of miracle was happy the guy left but then realized they witnessed the very first heartbreak of their phantom. They went beside her immediately. She just stared at the direction of the running guy with her still deadpan face but her eyes were slightly widened and there was a small tear forming in the corner of her big eyes.

"Kurokocchi..We don't know what to say, but you have to forget all about him" Kise tried to console the teal head girl first.

"I can't" they heard her say much to their surprise.

"Tetsu, what's up with him?" Aomine asked her.

"It's my first…" she said lowly but they all heard her making their chest hurt in every way.

"Kuro-chin should not feel sad. We are all here for you." Murasakibara said to her.

"But I badly wanted ..." she was clearly trying not to cry.

"There's no use in crying to the likes of him, he already ran away. Not that I care but if I did I will chase him and punch his stupid face." Midorima commented.

Kuroko's blue round eyes directed to the owner of those emerald eyes. Midorima tried to look at other things so she would not see the guilt that starting to build in his face. Akashi just observed and tried to contemplate what's going on Kuroko's mind but he could not read her this time.

Kuroko hold Midorima's hands much to shock of the green head and annoyance of others. "You're right, there's no use in crying but I should not give up. I will follow him. Thank you Midorima-kun."

Before they could react, Kuroko already run towards the guy's direction. They looked at Midorima trying to blame him for giving her the idea.

Someone is clearly blinded by her first love. Worriedly, they followed her to make her stop as soon as possible.

~The chase~

They see her running to cross the street, still chasing for the unknown guy. The light turns red when they are at the edge of the street and could not cross for awhile. They tried calling her but to no avail because her mind is focused elsewhere. When the cars blocked their view they could not longer see where she went to.

"Kurokocchi!" shouted Kise. Some fans immediately spot the blonde which is bad news. They immediately run towards him. The blonde which is so focused in looking for Kuroko did not notice that some parts of his shirt were already held by the fans. Only when he heard the ripping sound of a fabric that he became aware of the attacking monsters. The other generation of miracles already left him and scattered so they could look for Kuroko and because they did not want to be bothered by the stupid blonde and his fans.

He ran away from the crowd but some of his clothes are already torn and his hair has become a mess. While running he did not notice a teen walking in his direction holding his newly-repaired guitar.

He ran him over, even stepping on his beloved guitar. The crowd of girls follows as if they did not see him.

"What the? My guitar!" He said while holding his destroyed treasure.

That simple action will cause the blonde his whole highschool a problem, because on that day the black haired teen promised himself that if he will ever see that guy again he will sure to kick his back hard.

~A Make-up Transformation~

Frame 1 (the original face): A tanned teen is running in the sidewalk looking for the teal head.

Frame 2 (the make up): He was so busy looking for the teal head that he did not see a brunette with a mushroom like head who was carrying a large bag of flour.

Frame 3 (the application): Next thing he knew there were white all over the place. He could feel some flavorless powder inside his mouth.

"I'm sorry" the brunette keep mumbling and bowing his head. He looked at Aomine. "pffft. I'm sor…" he was trying not to laugh and apologize at the same time.

Frame 4 (the transformation): In his front, standing a man that looked like a chocolate crinkles.

~She's not in the cakes~

Meanwhile, Murasakibara tried to look for Kuroko at a bakery shop. His instinct made him looked there. He made sure she wasn't in the single arc cake refrigerator. He examined very well the cakes displayed if there are no traces and prints of Kuroko. Looking made him hungry but he did not want the other guys to see Kuroko first and take her away from him. He was so distressed that he did not see a black haired teen with a mole under his right eye approaching.

"Hi, You looked so down. May I help you?" the teen said.

"Hmmmm.. I'm looking for a very rare vanilla" the giant absentmindedly said.

"I know other bakeries aside from here. Would you like me to accompany you?" the teen asked.

The purple head looked at the teen and thought for a while.

"Okay, but I don't like sharing." And so the quest to find the "rare vanilla" begins for them.

~An unexpected ride~

Midorima felt miserable but tried to focus on finding Kuroko. "What a bother" he said to himself. He felt tired but he remembered the blushing face of Kuroko and when she held his hand. He took a note that the bandage he is wearing now will be placed in his collectibles along with important paraphernalia like the notebook of Kuroko that mysteriously disappear in their first year.

"Yo" a raven haired teen was trying to talk to him.

He will go away if I act like I did not see him. He said to himself.

"Don't act like you did not see me. I am kind of new in this place and I need help. Will you help with some direction?" he said to Midorima.

Then he saw what he is riding, a wooden carriage that is being pulled by a bicycle. He thought since he was tired, he could use the carriage to look for Kuroko.

"Okay, only if you help me first." he said to the raven haired.

What he miscalculated is the capacity of the rickshaw. It could not carry his weight. The carriage is mounted on a frail springs to the bicycle. The only thing he remembered is the boy trying so hard to pull him with his bike when they are going uphill and upon a hard push he was the only one going downhill.

The raven haired just watched the horrible face of the green head upon the realization of his impending doom while mumbling about slaves and tortures.

~A joy ride~

Akashi on the other hand is walking slowly. Calculating every move Kuroko made before disappearing. He was sure she went this way. He just needs to follow the lead. Her presence is so subtle that she did not leave any mark but his emperor eyes clearly pointing him the right way.

Every human being or even animals will never try to approach him when he is emanating his menacing aura. But there are events that is absolutely out of the equation and that for example is a green head inching closer to him while riding in an uncontrolled carriage.

~Moment of truth~

Back to the present..

They are all silent when they saw Kuroko already in front of the red head guy. They are in a complete mess but still they knew that if they tried to stop her now, she will get angry to them.

"I…" they hear her say. They wanted to freeze the time and take away Kuroko from him.

"Sorry for scaring you like that earlier but I wanted to say something to you. I know you did not know me but I.. I really wanted to.." wind blow in their direction. She closes her eyes again.

"That smell, I really felt nostalgic by it. Ano, the drink you are holding. It looks and smells like the first vanilla milkshake I ever had. I could not find anything like that now. I just really wanted to know where did you bought it.." They all fall immediately from their spot.


They made a vanilla party at the rooftop for Kuroko. Everyone likes to impress her with the vanilla they brought even though Midorima says it is his lucky item for the day. Too bad the star of the party had no idea and is busy chasing a gray haired man holding a limited edition light novel.

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