Summary: Who would have thought a tsundere could be cheesy with a help of a lucky item. Tetsumi seems to be delighted while the others are unimpressed.

Setting: Third year middle school

Warning: Female Kuroko and grammar issue.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke is owned by its rightful owner, I'm just here trying so hard to put some smile on the readers.

It never occurred to him that a day in his life would come into this, nor anyone who knew him would live to see this day as well. The resident Oha-Asa freak, for the first time in history, cursed his suppose to be lucky item for the day. It never help that he ranked last in the said astrological analysis of sun signs. He also took extra precautions per its advice that being with Aquarius would increase his luck that day. And yet, it felt so wrong. Someone surely messed up his horoscope that day.

He woke up feeling his normal self that day. His bed is as tidy as if no one occupied it the night before. His room is plain and orderly with all displays properly aligned and spotless. After his usual self empowerment ritual, he took his time to look at a mirror and gratify the personal preference of his reflection.

While walking to school, he listened to Oha Asa as usual. He increased the volume when his sign is already being told.

Oh no, the day will not be good for Cancers. There would be lots of pain coming your way. Please make sure to bring your lucky item, a megaphone and as much as possible always use it. You may also want to be get closed with an Aquarius to increase your luck today.

Good day all listener. May fate will always be in your favor. Till next…

He did not finish the announcement. Dark clouds form from the sky. He wanted to return home immediately upon listening to the impending doom of his near future. For sure this day will not be good for him. However he might not have any future if he did not attend the practice Akashi set for them. He prayed to gods that he could make it till the end of the day.

Upon walking he saw an unusual cart at the corner of the street. He could not judge if the woman is selling those things in her cart. He is not interested.

"I need he…" he heard the old lady but he did not bother to look at her. He didn't want to be late for their training and face the wrath of a devil reincarnate.

He passed by the old woman but he caught something shining from the corner of his eyes, a megaphone of course. He turned his back and eyed his suppose to be lucky item for today.

"Oh, you want that megaphone?" the old lady said while smiling to him. He did not like her aura but wanted the megaphone badly.

"I'll give it to you free, if you will help me move my cart there."

Who would refuse a free lucky item after all it will increase his luck today? After helping the old lady he received his sought item and he bowed to her.

The mysterious old lady watched him disappear from the corner, an upward crest was then form from her lips.

He opened the gym's door and the other members are already there.

"You are late, Shintarou". He heard the captain.

"Sorry Akashi, I help someone on the way" he explained.

"Eh? Midorimacchi help someone, I can't believe it." He did not like the sound of the blonde's voice.

"Because she said I could have this megaphone if I help her." He explained further.

"Oh, that's why" said by the blonde while nodding.

"Is that your lucky item for today Midorin, can I borrow it for awhile? I have to wake up Daichan. He will never see what's coming" asked Momoi while smiling cutely at him. He is not impressed of course.

He used the megaphone to answer that it is his lucky item for today and should not be used to that stupid ganguro. The woman is loud enough that she did not need to use the megaphone.

"Yes, but please be careful" they stop from whatever they are doing. Even Akashi spared him a glance. They are all shocked not from the loudness of his voice but from what he had said.

"You're being gentleman today Midorimacchi. Whatever happens to your tsundereness?" said Kise with his voice as loud as someone with megaphone.

"I'm so proud of you Midochin." Murasakibra commented while tapping his shoulder.

Midorima was shocked too. He never intended to say that. Ever. But the pink haired manager already snatched the megaphone and thanked him while running to the rooftop to get the lazy tanned teen.

After changing to his basketball attire, he started warming up for his punishment. Akashi is being generous that day and gave him "only" 200 laps around the school. He hope Momoi come back soon because he is already running out of luck.

200 laps later, he saw Momoi and Aomine walking together to the gym. Both seems awkward to each other which is a little bit odd. They noticed that Momoi has a red flushed on her face and Aomine avoid looking at her.

"What happened to the two of you?" asked Tetsumi looking concerned to her light and bestfriend.

"No, n-othing." Aomine stuttered while avoiding everyone's eyes.

"Eh? Smells fishy" commented Kise.

Murasakibara looked at his fish flavored snack. "Yeah, smells fishy and yummy" while munching some of the junk foods.

"No Murasakicchi, they seem to be suspicious" replied Kise.

"Let's just get to practice and get this day over with." Aomine said avoiding all of their questioning looks.

Practice continued while Momoi rethink about what happens in the rooftop.

~At the rooftop

"Oi Daichan, wake up. We have a practice today." Her voice is so loud that Aomine immediately woke up thinking the building is collapsing or Godzilla is eating all their professors. He wouldn't want to miss that. When he saw nothing but his bestfriend he was disappointed.

"What's that, your voice isn't loud enough that you need a stupid megaphone" he shouted to the pink haired girl.

"It will help waking you up and I think it's super effective." Momoi was glad that the teen is already standing up and there is no need to drag him all the way to the gym. She would thank Midorima later and probably add megaphones to her list the next time she went to shop.

"That's why no one dates you.." Aomine grab the megaphone and shout at her face for revenge. He smirked at her waiting for her angry reaction.

"...But I like to date you." The smirk vanished from his face.

"Eh? Daichan?" both of them was shocked to what they heard. Aomine was sure he was about to say that she was annoying but when he put the megaphone other words came out of his mouth.

"What the?" He looked at the megaphone. "What in the world is this megaphone?"

"Is that true Daichan?" asked Momoi.

"Never in my entire life would I want to date someone like you. You.. " Momoi grab the megaphone and put it again in front of his mouth "I like you okay, don't you get it?"

Momoi's face flustered. Their eyes locked with each other trying to read each thought.

"I did not mean that" said Aomine. "The megaphone said that but not me."

"I-I guess so." Momoi said while looking down. Aomine looked at his best friend. He wanted to deny the previous statement again but his heart was beating fast. He had no idea why those words came out now.

"I never want to date someone like you also…" he also placed the megaphone in front of her mouth while she was talking. "I like you too, you know."

Both of them looked away immediately.

Momoi will never tell them what happened in that rooftop. She never imagined she would confess like that nor she would hear that Aomine feels the same way too. She got an idea to test if the megaphone really tells what really the person feels. She wanted to know if Aomine really mean what he said earlier.

She saw Tetsumi watching the practice match. She extended the item to Tetsumi. "Tetchan, will you please tell something using this megaphone? I just wanted to hear your voice louder than usual."

Everyone stole a glance from Tetsumi. They never heard a loud Tetsumi before. They are curious especially Aomine who is thinking what the pink haired girl trying to pull. Tetsumi raised a brow but she accepted it anyway.

"I really don't know what to say" She put the megaphone in her mouth. "I guess I'm happy everyone is here."

She said it with a straight and still emotionless face.

"Seems like it's not really true" Momoi said sadly. Aomine's face falls too.

"What is not true Momoi-san? I'm really happy we are complete today" Kuroko said to the pink-haired.

"No, not that. I mean. Nothing. Just forget about it." said Momoi still looking down.

"What is not true? Kurokocchi must be happy when she sees me at the practice" Kise said to them.

"I thought I heard she said she is happy to see US Ryota" Akashi corrected him.

"And I'm glad I met all of you." Kuroko added while using the megaphone

"Wow, Kurokocchi, I'm glad I met you too… " Momoi test the megaphone to Kise and place it in his front and to stop him also from hugging Tetsumi. ".. I hope the devil will stop torturing us now." Kise was shocked and looked at the megaphone.

Akashi looked at Kise. "Did you say something?"

"Nothing Akashicchi.." Kise said while waving his hands in denial but when he tried to speak again he unconsciously put the megaphone in his mouth.

"You heard me right, shorty" Kise's eyes widened. He wanted the ground to eat him alive instead of facing his short captain.

"Oh yeah I heard you right, you seems to be so happy with our practice that you will be staying for additional training right?" Akashi said while smiling evilly. Kise just cried in the corner of the gym.

Momoi held out her laughter. She looked at Aomine who is also looking at her. They understood what is happening but she wanted to test it a little more. So she snatched the microphone to Kise and handed it to Murasakibara.

"I'm tired with all this training. I just wanted to eat" Murasakibara said while using the megaphone.

"So Atsushi wants to join Ryota too" said Akashi while facing Murasakibara.

"Eh? I don't want to." Murasakibara unconsciously put the megaphone in his mouth "If I could not eat all the snacks later I will crush you Akachin" The statement irked the captain more.

"Give me my lucky item back, you are staining it all with your saliva" shouted Midorima.

Midorima looked at the megaphone. Oha Asa said it will increase his luck if he used it always. His teammates are all stupid to anger Akashi now he will torture them all. He could barely run after that punishment now he had to put up with another one.

"I hope you all rot in hell, especially you Akashi" Midorima was shocked again. He never would say that, at least not in Akashi's face. This is not definitely his day.

The red head smile's widened. He realized what Momoi is trying to do. "Give me that megaphone Shintarou" The green head could not do anything but hand him the item.

"Get back to practice, you imbecile beings." Akashi used the megaphone casually.

"Hmm.. it certainly not that interesting but I like it and I think I will use it till the end of our practice"

After the torture and hearing words they never knew they could hear from the red head, all generation of miracles are down in the floor. Midorima thought the two idiots are lucky they have limited understanding to all Akashi's words but his head is aching from all of it. Akashi seemed to be tired of toying his lucky item and handed it back to him.

He looked at Tetsumi who was handing towels and water to the other players. How he hated her frail body. Why would she join the basketball team looking like that? She is so weak and fragile yet she is helping the down and unconscious players to stand up.

Midorima's throat still felt dry even after drinking so he looked at Tetsumi. He thought she might not hear him because of his dry throat so he used his megaphone to ask her.

"Kuroko, can you hand me a bottle of water. And please stop touching those bastards they are staining your flawless skin."

All now looked at the green head but some are glaring.

"Eh? Midorimacchi is observing Kurokocchi's skin. Don't know you're such a pervert" said Kise obviously not wanting to hear other people complimenting his Kurokocchi.

"I am not." He used again the megaphone to shout to the not listening blonde. "Because I could never take my eyes off her."

Momoi silently laugh at the tsundere. Surely the megaphone passed the test. Akashi looks interested in what the green head is saying.

Kuroko looked at the green head and walked towards him. Midorima is blushing hard.

"Kuroko I did not mean that, really. I think someone is making a prank using this megaphone" he tried to deny it.

Kuroko handed him the bottle and did not say anything. Midorima drank all the water hoping to ease the hotness on his face. Kuroko is now looking directly at him. Those beautiful light blue orbs are making him blush more. He swallow the water hard and fast that the bottle is drained in a second.

"Do you want some more Midorima-kun?" asked Kuroko. Midorima wanted to drink more and also he wanted her to stay out of his sight, so he agreed but when he tried to speak.

"Tetsumi, I could never compare you in any gems in the world. Something in your eyes wants me to look at it forever." Midorima said still using the megaphone.

"Midorimacchi did you eat something weird today? I think you needed to go home now." Kise said still not comfortable with the way Midorima state those cheesy lines.

"Midochin do you want to get crushed?" asked the purple giant.

"No, Kuroko I needed you by my side today" he said still not realizing what the megaphone is doing to him.

"Is that what Oha Asa said Midorima-kun" asked Kuroko.

"Yes but even without Oha Asa I would want to stay by your side. If possible as long as my breath last." Midorima said which earns some ow from the other players.

Kuroko smiled at Midorima. Kuroko understood what the megaphone is doing. Momoi was amused but the red head captain thought otherwise.

"I,.. what the?" said Midorima who could not think properly now.

"Hey Midorima it's too much, put down your megaphone" commented Aomine.

Kuroko faced their captain "I have to go home early today, Akashi-kun. My mom needs my help." The captain nodded and let Kuroko change her clothes.

"I'm going home guys, thank you for your hard work today" said Kuroko after changing her clothes and arranging her things.

The others said their goodbyes to the teal head. Midorima will do that also but instead other words came out of his mouth.

"Before you go home, I just like to ask if you would like to come with me for a date tomorrow?" All eyes looked at the green head even an evil heterochromatic one.

Kuroko then faced the blushing green head and snatched the megaphone to him. "Of course Midorima-kun, I would love to" said Kuroko. The others are releasing dark aura.

Momoi is still amused from what's happening so she asked the green head. "Do you like Tetchan that much?"

Midorima then realized the megaphone is turning his words into what he really feels. A truth megaphone, he thought. At this point there is no denying his feelings to the teal head.

"I.. she.. she's the only woman for me." he shyly said only to realized the megaphone is not turned on. The teal head must have turned it off when she snatched it in his hand. This earns more wailing with the other members. Momoi and Aomine is laughing now. Murasakibara crushed the food he was holding. Kise , unlike his usual self is emitting a dark aura. As for Akashi, the green head did not want to see him now.

Tetsumi walks towards the door but turn around to face the green head and smiled at him before vanishing to the door. The smile she rarely gives.

Midorima thought his horoscope for the day. Pain is still coming his way now that the Aquarius is gone. He asked himself if he will get home that day. Well at least he was still lucky that day.

Or not…

Next morning, Kuroko already prepared for their date but then receive a text from Midorima that he could not make it because of all the shouting he had done before that day and will have to take the whole day resting for his tonsillitis.

She was saddened by what she had read. She never knew that Midorima used too much of his voice in their practice but then she went home early and did not know what happens after that. She smiled at the thought that the members are working really hard for the team. She will have to go to the bookstore alone which she thought Midorima could help her find good books. She then heard a knock from her door. She opened it revealing a smirking red head holding of course a megaphone.

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