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The sun rose and a golden light shone through the window. Pit slowly opened his eyes, cause he felt the light. He had enwrapped himself with his wings as a blanket and unfolded them. Pit looked around and saw his calendar. The box of today was encircled with a red marker. His eyes became wide.

'Yeah, it's today!' yelled Pit happy and got dressed in his toga. He ran downstairs and prepared a slice of bread. He whistled happy while he was smearing his bread with chocolate sprinkles. After he was done, he tried to get his hair in shape (just with tossing his hair and placing his laurel crown) and put on his sandals.

He left his house, which looked like an ancient Greek temple. Pit ran through the streets of Angel Land to Palutena's temple. It was a special day. Today, he would guide new recruits from sector Kappa. Sector Kappa contained young angels, who just came from flying school and joined the army. Pit was general of sector Alpha and personal bodyguard of Palutena, the goddess of light and all what was good. He was far away in his thoughts, so he paid no attention on the road. He collided with an old woman.

'Miss Grayfeather, are you all right?' asked he and helped her to her feet.

'I'm fine, but why such a hurry, darling?' asked miss Grayfeather.

'Today come the Kappas,' answered Pit and the old angel smiled. 'Oh, it was like yesterday I joined the Kappas. Well, success darling.'

Pit continue running, but this time more alert. He arrived at Palutena's Temple. Her temple was the brightest place in whole Skyworld. Pit entered the palace and went to the army base. The centurions of sector Alpha, Beta and Gamma stood already in position.

'Good morning captain,' said all the centurions at the same time when Pit entered the room.

'Good morning,' answered Pit. 'As you know, today we are going to welcome our new recruits of sector Kappa, so I hope your all will enjoy it.' The great golden door went open and Pit and the centurions kneeled. In the doorway stood Palutena. Her green hair waved around and a light encircled her.

'Pit, can I speak you?' asked she and Pit walked toward her. 'I see you really like this day.' Pit nodded. 'Yeah, those little angels are so cute. In the middle of their "icus" phase.' All angels went through a phase where they suffixed "icus" in each line. It was like the puberty.

'Yes, I remember the time you had your "icus" phase,' chuckled Palutena.

'Who is my trainee?' asked Pit curious.

'Her name is Kite, but she is not as young as you might think.'

'What do you mean?' asked Pit confused. An Epsilon commander stood behind Palutena and guided a group angels. They were about six years old, except for one girl, who had about the same age as Pit.

'Good morning, lady Palutena,' said the angels and kneeled.

'Good morning. Kite can you come?' asked Palutena and the older girl walked to the goddess and Pit.

'Pit, this is your trainee Kite. Kite, this is your mentor Pit.' Pit looked at the girl. She had medium length brown wavy hair, bright red eyes and white wings with black flight feathers.

'Pleased to meet you,' said Kite and smiled.

'Can I ask you how old you are?' asked Pit, wondering why a teenage angel was a Kappa.

'I'm fifteen years old. You are wondering why I'm not a Theta, aren't you?' Damn, she can read minds, thought Pit a little uncomfortable and nodded. Sector Theta were for teenage angels, who trained their skills and prepared for battles.

'I have a wing disease, so they developed late and it took many years to finish the flying school.'

'I can understand you,' said Pit. His wings developed three years ago, what was very late.

'So, Pit. You are going to accompany Kite on the overworld. Test her skills and have a lot of fun.' Palutena wished them good luck and left the base.

'Before we go to the overworld, you should choose a weapon,' said Pit and Kite followed him to the weapon room. She looked amazed when she saw the arsenal with arms, blades, bows, cannons, claws, clubs, orbitars, palms and staffs.

'Ohh, I want to try that club!' said Kite and tried to lift the club, but it was too heavy, so it didn't make any movement.

'Pit, can you help me a bit?' asked she with a sweaty forehead and Pit tried not to laugh.

'Let me help. I think a club is not a good idea. Let's try something lighter.' Pit search the arsenal. He stopped at the bow department. He grabbed a Hawkeye-bow and walked back to an excited Kite. He handed her the bow. 'You remind me of an elanid kite, so I think you may like this one.'

'He is beautiful,' she said and targeted at the dummy. She pulled the string back and released an arrow: bull's eye. Pit looked surprised and applauded.

'Wow, well done!' he said.

'Oh thank you,' blushed Kite. They walked to the door, which gave access to the sky. Pit unfolded his wings and let himself fall down through the sky. He saw Kite above him, who struggled a bit with her wings. But she quickly found her balance and the two angels slowly descended to earth.