*snif snif* I have terrible news: this is the last chapter of this story. Enjoy the last words of Trainee in Trouble.

'Kite,' said Pit and kissed her. He thought he would never feel that soft lips again. Kite allowed his kiss and kissed back. Pit looked in her eyes. They weren't red anymore, but they were greenish. Kite tried to sat up, but she fell back and made a pained moan. She lay her hand on her stitched flank.

'Calmly,' said miss Halo. 'We just removed the knife in your flank. You have to rest.' Kite turned her head around, scanning her surroundings.

'Where am I and what's happened?' asked she.

'You are in Palutena's temple. The war between Lex' army and the pantheon is over and Jack and Lex are dead,' said Pit. Kite's eyes became wide. The memory of her fight with Jack went back.

'Now I remember. He choked me. I killed him, but he threw his knife to me.'

'There was said you were death. You didn't breathe and I thought you were gone,' said Pit.

'Is everyone else all right?' asked she.

'The numbers of victims are unknown. The generals are still alive, except for Woody, euh you know why.' Kite gasped.

'Have I killed him? Oh no, I'm so sorry,' said Kite sad and a tear rolled on her cheek. 'I belong in jail. I am a dangerous monster.' She started crying silently. Pit took her hand and miss Halo placed a hand on her shoulder.

'Don't worry. Pit explained the whole story and we were able to cure it.' She grabbed a mirror and showed it to Kite. Kite looked amazed.

'My eyes! Did you really? And my wings?' asked she happy and tried to look at her wings. That was not possible, cause she lay on her back and she couldn't turn with her flank.

'They are totally white now. You will never be possessed by yourself again.' A smile grew on her face and Pit saw her felicity. She was finally redeemed from Hades' tortures. Never again that tearing feeling of her own soul. She had finally found peace within herself.

'You are a real light angel now Kite,' said Pit. Kite suddenly made a shrill groan. She grabbed her forehead.

'Ouch, headache,' said she. Pit made a worried look.

'Are you ok?' he lay his hand on her forehead.

'I think she need rest,' said miss Halo. A nurse walked to miss Halo with a glass of bubbly water and handed it.

'You have been through a lot. This helps to sleep. It's against pain and nightmares,' said miss Halo and administered Kite the liquid, cause she was unable to sat up.

'Now I would ask you to leave so she can rest,' said miss Halo to Pit and pointed at the door.

'Can Pit stay with me?' asked Kite.

'Right then.' Pit took a seat near Kite's bed and watched over her. He saw her eyes losing focus. Kite soon started nid-nodding and she closed slowly her eyes. Her respiration slowed down to calm regular breathes.

'Sleep well,' said Pit and gave her a night-kiss. He made a warm smile when he saw the angel peacefully asleep. The door went open and Palutena walked in. Pit, miss Halo and some other nurses kneeled.

'Ah, you are here,' said Palutena in relief. 'Tawn told me you left with a wounded Kite.' Palutena looked at the sleeping angel.

'She fell asleep a moment ago,' said miss Halo. 'She will be fine. We keep her here for two days, if you don't mind.'

'Then we have to shift the ceremony two days. A good healing process comes first.' Pit turned to Palutena.

'Ceremony? What kind of ceremony?' asked he.

'Her laurel ceremony of course. She proved to be a strong and skilled fighter. Regrettably she can't get her golden laurels, cause not every Olympian god agreed, but she could get her silver laurels.'

'Wow, really? That's fantastic! Now we could spend more time together as being alphas...eh I mean, can we fight together and be a good team,' said Pit. Palutena giggled.

'Sure,' said Palutena. Kite could start a new life this way. She could forget her fearing past.

'Oh, I almost forgot, here,' she made a light beam with her hands and a golden wreath appeared.

'My laurel crown!' shouted Pit happy and placed it on his head.

'Excuse me, can you please leave this room. Patients are resting here,' said miss Halo strict and Pit and Palutena left the room.

The two following days went slowly for Pit. He had slept well in his own bed, but his thoughts went to Kite the whole time. Pit visited her every moment that she was awake. He had some days off, cause of everything what was happened. The moment finally was there. The door went open and Kite ran toward Pit.

'Pit!' shouted she happy and embraced the angel.

'Kite!' answered Pit also happy. 'We don't have much time. You ceremony is about to start!' They ran with held hands to the fountain of the rising sun, in the backyard of Palutena's temple.

'Miss, can you follow me to your dress?' asked a female epsilon angel. Kite waved at Pit and followed the angel. Pit took place among the other angels who had fought on earth. Palutena stood at a platform and the rising sun reflected in her golden jewelry. Pit was a bit nervous, although he wasn't the one who would stand on the platform. A great golden door at the backside of Palutena's temple went open. Pit's eyes became wide and dropped his jaw. Kite stood in the doorway. And she was a real deity. She wore a beautiful long white dress, inlaid with silver and diamonds. Her wings were as white as snow and her green eyes sparkled. Kite slowly walked toward Palutena. She kneeled at the goddess' feet.

'Welcome everyone at this special ceremony. Today we will see that darkness only is a cloud. In that cloud shines a pure bright light. And a great courage and a long stamina can lead to let that pure bright light illuminate the darkest darkness.' Everyone cheered when Palutena's speech ended. Palutena made a bowl with her hands and filled it with water from the fountain. The rising sun made the water solidify into a wreath of silver leaves. She held the laurel crown into the air, above Kite.

'I hereby appoint you to co-general in sector Alpha.' She placed the silver laurel wreath on Kite's head. 'Hurray for our new Alpha, Kite Elanie WHITEhawk. May your light shine forever.'

'Hurray!' yelled everyone.

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