When Aqua was created from Poseidon's wine cup, Leaf was created from Zeus's. She was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Nymph. So Zeus knew, it was no use rubbing it in at Poseidon, so he did it to Hades instead. Hades didn't have a daughter, he had a son. So, Hades flung his wine every where, but with no prevail. When Aqua turned into a fish women, Hades had an idea. He told Leaf that if she wants her friend back, she must kiss the fish women named Nereid. Leaf did not know that Nereid was her best friend, Aqua. As soon as Leafs lips touched her, Aqua melted into water and reformed somewhere else. Though, Leaf took her as dead. Leaf was mortified at her deed. She tried to go after the fish like girl, but a ruff hand prevented her. He said he was Bark, the one made by Hades. Leaf looked in his eyes and whispered, "Carry me home". Bark did as he was told. With her on his back, she turned green. Bark turned brown and wrinkled. They started to grow and blend together and created a Tree. It was called Tree because it involved the three gods. But the H in Hades was hated. He started the problem. The H was taken away.


The first child of Hades and Persephone went horrible. It became a hellhound. They kept it as a pet. Still, they tried again. It became a wolf, they left it to Artemis to take care of. They did not want it. The 3rd one was one no one wanted, it was a dog. Twin dogs actually. A female and a male. Out of anger, Hades banished them to the mortals. The mortals, on the other hand, loved them. They used them to survive. They were loved and cared for, together they created more dogs to help them survive.