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Two-shot about Emma and Hook...and also some Hook vs the world :D


"Where the bloody hell do you think you are going, Swan?"

She stops and looks at me incredulously. Maybe because I had the audacity to question her…perhaps because she found me stationed outside her room.

Either or.

Regardless, she shakes her head and dismisses her surprise.

"I'm going out, what does it look like I'm doing?" She shifts her satchel (bag? What was the bloody thing called?) higher up her shoulder and presses on.

I step in front of her.

"No, lass, you can't."

She gives me that look, signs and rolls her eyes. Like she does. "Why not?"

"Flying bloody hairy beasts in the night skies ring any bells, darling?"

For any other woman this would have been a winning argument.

Except perhaps her mother. After all, they are both quite fearsome women.

"Well, they can take their hairy asses somewhere else for the time being. I need some stuff from the grocers for Henry and me if we're staying here." As she replies, she gestures to the parchment in her hand.

She has a determined look in her eye as she crosses her arms and waits for me to get out of her way. The way she raises an eyebrow with that gorgeous frown almost does me in. But no, I see the mischief in her eyes, daring me to stop her.

Tough lass.

"You know you're parents asked you to stay inside for tonight –"

She opens her mouth in protest, but I cut her off.

"Listen, love, I know you're plenty capable, and so do your parents. They just got you back; did you expect them to let you risk your life so soon?"

I hope she doesn't hear the double meaning of my words.

"Because walking down the street is risking my life." Her words drip with sarcasm. "I think I can handle myself, I've already fought one off if you've forgotten."

I haven't forgotten. Bloody Walsh.

To be quite honest though I mostly agree with her, but David did make me promise.

Not that she would know about that. She'd have my other bloody hand if she knew David set me up on guard duty.

"Hook, get out of my way. It's just some grocery shopping."

"Is it, Swan? Are you sure there wasn't some other destination you had in mind?"

Her silence gives me her answer.

"Emma," I take a step closer and she lifts her eyes to meet my own. For a moment my eyes flicker to her lips, remembering the sweet but fiery taste from Neverland.

I take advantage of our momentary proximity to remove the parchment from her grasp. I step back and turn to retreat down the hall before she can stop me.

"I shall return post haste with these things you call 'groceries', darling. Do me a favor and check on that boy of yours. If he's anything like his mother I imagine curiosity for this strange town may cause him to have escaped from his bed."

I expect a whole string of protestations from her lovely voice but the only sound I hear behind me is laughter. This brings me pause and I turn around as I reach the stairwell.

Clearly my expression is something to be amused by as she continues her laughter and smiles.

Not that I am complaining

A smile from my swan is worth a thousand gold coins, and has been somewhat lacking as of late.

"You have no money, Hook. How do you expect to pay for them? If you're going to steal them you can march your sorry ass back here right now because that is NOT happening."

She takes a step forward but I take a step back.

"I will not be stealing, love."

She shakes her head and furrows her brow.

And she accepts it.

"Okay, fine." She turns her back and walks back down the hall to her room. "Protect me from the flying monkeys and evil dooers, Jones. Just don't expect me to bail you out of jail this time."

She reaches her door and momentarily turns back towards me. She looks like she wishes to say more, but she only sends me a small smile before disappearing from the hall.

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I glance down the street.

Don't do it Jones.

Looking at the cold, blank asphalt I close my eyes and sigh in frustration.

I was a naval officer. A navigator. A fearsome pirate who sailed the treacherous seas of many lands.

I was not bloody going to ask for directions.