The BP truth or dare story.

Hello everyone I'm Julie the girl who used to be a battle brawler but now is a reporter and I just got a word from BP that he's having a truth or dare show in the anime guardian headquarters said Julie.

This is tom tucker inside the anime guardian headquarters where the anime characters and villains are here to play truth or dare said tom.

Welcome come to the truth or dare show said runo.

Then skipper and his team came with skipper's best friend king Julian.

Hey runo they said.

Hey guys seem like you made it.

Yeah we were bored in our hideout so we came here.

Sis, sis where are you said konata.

Something wrong konata said private.

Yes private I can't find my sister the truth or dare show is starting.

Not without us said the genderbend teams of the anime guardians and SOS brigade.

Let's sit with Doctor blowhole.

Then skipper and his team sat next to their arch enemy.

Pen-gu-ins said Doctor blowhole.


Cap I can't go out there my sis is looking me said konoha.

Honey are you and konoha almost ready?

Yes dear said BP.

Then BP put on his bow tie and konoha put a bow in her hair.

Then BP and konoha came out and went to their spots.

Welcome villains and heroes to the truth or dare show.

Then BP saw that the dark evil organization didn't come.

Where's ripto blowhole.

He said he was coming.

Then the dark evil organization came.

Sorry we're late shorty we got stuck in traffic said ripto.

Yeah I know our toy car was right behind blowhole when he was talking on his cell phone.

Hey it was my Mom skipper.


Let's get this show started.

So whose going first said squidward.

Then BP and Julian looked at each other.

I should go first my yellow friend said Julian.

Excuse me this is my headquarters so I'll go first Julian.


OK konoha truth or dare?

Dare woof-woof.

I dare you to kiss jaden.

Then Alexis dropped her jaw.

Then konoha kissed jaden.

OK Julian your turn.


Then Julian stared at his best friend and neighbor skipper.

Skipper truth or dare?

Dare ring tail.

I dare you to blow up a car.

Rico bomb please.

Then Rico vomited a bomb that was lit and skipper threw it to a car in New York and blow it up.

My car.

Then BP was laughing.

Now that is just about the funniest thing you did skipper.

Now I hate something more than sponge bob's laugh.

OK squidward your turn.

OK goku truth or dare.

Truth said goku.

Whose your best friend.


Wait what seriously said vageta.

Yeah we might still be enemies but we're still best friends.

OK my turn said tokiko.

Then tokiko turned to Boris.

Boris truth or dare?

Dare said Boris.

I dare you to bite your tail.

Then naruto was laughing.

(OK naruto is in here because I had him take a brake for four stories).

Then boris bit his tail and was crying about it.

OK pierce your turn.

OK konoha truth or dare squeak said pierce.


Who is your boyfriend?

Then konoha was shaking.

If you ever tell anyone were boyfriend and girlfriend we're though said itski.

(Itski is in this story because he did the same as naruto).

I'm not telling.

It's itski.


Konata you have a big mouth.

OK your turn konoha.

OK sis truth or dare?

Dare *konata thinks to herself* (please don't tell me to kiss kagami).

I dare you to kiss kazuki.

Konoha sit.

Then konoha went to the ground and konata kisses kazuki.

Don't you ever do that again.


Your turn Ms. suzumiya.

OK yuki truth or dare said haruhi?

Truth said yuki.

Who did you beat when you had to to save kyon.

Ryoko asakura.

Yeah and you lost these in our fight said ryoko.

Then yuki grabbed her glasses.

My glasses thanks.

You're welcome nerd girl.

OK my assistant your turn.

OK cap truth or dare?


I dare you to punch ichigo in the mouth because he has a tooth ache.

OK get ready to catch this tooth tooth.

OK said tooth.

Then BP punched ichigo.

Thanks BP said ichigo.

You're welcome ichigo.

Your turn firiel.

OK itski truth or dare said firiel?


I dare you to fight dokuro-chan tomorrow.


Heart your turn.

OK said heart.

Then heart looked at saki.

Sa-sa truth or dare.

Dare Miss call me sa-sa said saki.

I dare you to kiss me.


Then saki kissed heart.

Barf bag.

Then BP and his friends vomited in their barf bags.

OK rune your turn.

OK heart truth or dare said rune?

Dare ru-ru.

I dare you to- wait a minute that was my dare for you to call me ru-ru heart.

Sorry rune.

OK I dare you to break BP'S arm.

Woah woah woah rune I have a match tomorrow.



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