Back to the truth or dare show.

Here's the list BP and his friends and me and ripto and the dark evil organization.

Welcome back to the truth or dare show said BP.

Yesterday we found out who was the mystery guest and it was my husband's Pokemon master said runo.

OK my Pokemon master it's your turn.

OK my pikachu I said.

Then I looked at plankton.

Plankton truth or dare?

Dare said plankton.

I dare you to fling yourself into that wall.


Then plankton grabbed his antennas.

With your foe Mr. krabs.

Oh yeah that's team work for you let a rip krabs.

OK said Mr. krabs.

Then he put plankton in a slingshot and splatted him on the wall.

Thanks krabs.

You're welcome.

OK spongebob your turn.

Wait who said spongebob can be in this game said squidward.

I did Mr. squidward so if you don't like it then go sit next to ripto.

OK BP truth or dare said spongebob.


I dare you to have a dance off with your arch enemy ripto.

Good because he's going to give me back that money he stole in my home town of San rickardo.

Uh cap I hate to brake it to you but that's BP in boots and puss in boot's home town said kazuki.

Kazuki I am BP in boots.

Then change into BP in boots shorty said ripto.


Not you plankton my arch enemy.


Then BP came back as BP in boots.

I heard someone call my name for a dance off said BP in boots.

Yes that was cap said konata.

Hey guys where's cap said tokiko.

I should find him after I dance off with this short wanna be unicorn.

What did you call me.

Then BP in boots pulled out his sword.

Come any closer and I'll put my name on your cape.

Then after the dance off BP in boots left.

Later everyone.

Then BP came back.

Hey did miss anything.

Yeah BP in boots came and beat ripto said itski.

OK plankton your turn.

OK krabs truth or dare?


I dare you to dance off with konoha softpaws.

Then plankton saw that konoha was still sitting.

I said konoha softpaws.

Then plankton got mad.

Hey konoha.


I said konoha softpaws aren't you going to dress into her.

Oh that was my signal right sis.

Yes Sis said konata.

Then konoha went to the bathroom but was smacked by konoha softpaws.

All right I heard someone call my name she said.

You look cute konoha said Boris.

Sit boy said Alice.

Then Boris went to the ground.

Ow that hurt Alice.

Then after the dance off konoha softpaws left and konoha came back.

Sorry about that.

OK skipper your turn.

OK ring tail truth or dare said skipper.

Dare said Julian.

I dare you to race non anti BP.

Hey everybody said non anti BP.

Ready to race non anti?

Bring it.

Wait can I join said sonic?


Then non anti BP, King Julian with mort and morice in the zoo cart and sonic got ready to race.

Ready, set, go.

Then after the race sonic won.

OK dude your turn.

OK cap truth or dare said dude.

Dare my friend.

I dare you to run all the way to miku's house because she forgot her microphone and here to give it to her.

Then BP ran to miku's house and back to the headquarters.

OK that's enough for the truth or dare show later everybody.

The end.

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