i have decided to use this top space up here to list my viewpoints on certain topics.

firstly I would like to say that I detest any and all yaoi fics (except for one-sided). The reason being because I'm tired of seeing what an anime or manga portray as a brotherly bond or friendship being turned into a homosexual relationship. case in point with Sasuke and Naruto. Naruto sees Sasuke as a friend, rival, and somewhat of a brother. nothing more. so the idea of them being in any relationship is just stupid. BTW, if you try to pin this on me not liking gays or anything homosexual than you are dead wrong. I personally don't care whether two men, women, or whatever get married or not. It only bugs me when two characters who are only meant to be brotherly friends are portrayed as couple by the fan base. but I can't control what the fan base likes no can I.

Secondly I really detest any story that gives naruto a doujutsu. I make ecxeptions when it comes to original ideas as long as it isn't overpowered. But giving Naruto the sharingan, rinnegan, or any other diujutsu that already exists in the Naruto world. I detest it because it is like saying "if Naruto had a doujutsu he would be more badass" which is a dumb statement. but by all means go ahead and keep writing the stories you want to write. I'm just letting you know that if I find that the summary says he has it or if read that he gets it in one of the chapters of your story, then I will either not read your story or stop reading it in the middle of what ever chapter in. won't even matter what chapter it is, I will stop in the middle of your story. but I know this really won't affect you in any way so if you don't care about my paradigm (thought pattern) then just ignore this top section.

Tokyo Japan 2130 A.D., after 50 years of world war III, is nothing more than a crater that if one were to peer at it from space would see a giant black spot. This was one of many black spots scattered along japan, but this is where most of the interesting stop happened. Over the years misfits outcast started to populate the black spot, some of which developed powers known as "fragments" due to contact with contaminated rubble with in the spot.

Fast forward several of years, the people who become powered by the contaminated rubble known as needless. At the center of the of the black spot, a needless by the name of Adam Arclight began hunting the so called needless with the pursuit of gathering needless cells and becoming one with them in an attempt to become the reincarnation of the second coming of Christ. Though Adam Blade and his group of misfits were a thorn in his side he managed to succeed in his plan and become a god of sorts. But his victory was short lived when the collected needless cells rejected his body causing him to become unstable. despite the best efforts from Blade and his friends, Arclight's instability caused him to become somewhat of a time bomb and blow everything within hundreds of square feet effectivly killing every needless within range. Fortunately there was a higher being that was watching the entire thing, and developed somewhat of an attachment to certain trio of girls. That is where our story begins.


White. That was all that was visible. Nothing but a white space was left after the P zero blast. Among the vast space of white there was a single body laying on the ground... or what could be considered the ground seeing as there was nothing to indicate that there was one. The person appeared to be a girl 18 years of age with blue hair. She wore what could be described as a school girl uniform with a blue shirt and red mini skirt. With a few groans her eyes fluttered open. To her surprise she felt no pain what so ever. I mean she was just caught in an explosion. The only way a person would be able to walk away from an explosion uninjured is if they were god or they were...

"Setsuna" The voice boomed through the area breaking her train of thought. The newly dubbed Setsuna quickly sat, quickly searching through the vast white space. Though as hard as she tried, she couldn't find what had called her name earlier. "Behind you child" she quickly whipped her head around to see to a person much larger than an average human possessing long, shaggy white hair, from which two red horns protrude, and dark grayish blue-colored skin. They were draped in large white garments and carried a set of prayer beads. The person overall appearance frightened her a bit. "So it seems you have finally woken up. Took you awhile." His voice seemed somewhat haunting. Finally working up the courage she finally spoke up

"W-w-w-who are you?"

The specter just seemed to chuckle at her question. "I can be considered many things, one of the few kami that govern this world. I just so happen to govern over what happens to the ones that pass away, in other words I'm what you would call Shinigami." Her shocked expression made it all the funnier for him.

"Wait that means-"

"Yes, that means you're dead. You and everyone else around Arclight when he exploded." Setsuna was little disheartened by the last statement. To find out that the person you've served under decides he no longer needs you, then decides to try and kill you isn't something many want to experience. "You can feel bad later. Right now, I have a job of sorts that I want to give you."

Setsuna was taken aback by that statement. To receive a job from someone is considered death…..this was pretty big. "What would you have me do?" the anxiety was dripping from her voice. Probably from being in the presence of the god of death.

"I'm glad you asked. You see, in few minutes I will be summoned by a mortal in a world completely different from yours. This mortal is going to seal one of the strongest demos of that world into his own son. Normally I wouldn't think twice about this situation, but because I have watched these mortals and how the treat people like him, I have decided to aid the boy in my own special way."

She was a little shocked to hear this that the Shinigami would actually get involved with mortal affairs. But then again he is being summoned by a mortal. He has every right to get involved in whatever mess they summoned him for. Only one question dawned on her at the time. "But what does this have to do with me?"

Raising one hand he silenced her and continued to speak. "I was getting to that. Now I have been watching your world with great interest. So I have decided to help the boy by giving him six different fragments that will be awakened later in his life. What I want from you is that you and two other needless to get him accustomed on how to use the fragment that I will give him."

Now she was fully shocked. After all the needless were eradicated in her world, the Shinigami was going to make it so that someone from another world would become a needless. She just couldn't find the words to express what she was feeling. But she was curios on who the other two needless she was working were going to be. "Shinigami-sama, may I ask who it is I will be working with."

He let out a small chuckle before answering. "I won't tell you who you'll be working with but I'll guarantee you'll like who it is. So do you accept?" He extended an open hand out to her. She thought about her choices for a bit before grabbing his hand.

"I accept Shinigami-sama."

Elemental nations

In a forest near the village known as konohagakure there was a giant nine tailed fox struggling against what appeared to golden chains made of energy holding him down. He gaze fell upon a man with sunny blond hair with blue eyes, wearing a red and white hiori, standard black shinobi paints and sandals. He was currently standing over what looked like a human baby laying on some kind of alter while the man was flipping through multiple hand signs. Just then a white specter appeared behind the man. The fox instantly recognized it to the Shinigami and was angered by the idea that it was going to be sealed within another human being. A white light flashed through the entire area. When the light finally died, the only thing that could be seen was the baby crying on the alter.

Hiruzen Sarutobi jumped down from a tree to find a crying baby and a crater in the shape of a paw print. He walked over to crying baby and picked it up. "Damn it Minato, you could have found another method. You didn't have to die."


Inside what looked like a sewer with pipes running down walls, there was large cage with paper in the middle that read seal. Inside the cage there was the Kyuubi thrashing against the walls in a somewhat desperate attempt to escape "Damn you Yondaime. I will get out mark my words."

"Hey could you keep it down." The great fox ceased everything he was doing and looked down at the blue haired teen standing in front of the cage.

"And who are you to speak to the Kyuubi no Yoko in such a manner." Snarled the fox

"My name is Setsuna, and me and you are going to be spending the rest our time together."

"How did you even get here to begin with?"

"Well in a nutshell, Shinigami-sama has decided that because you were going to be sealed into this boy that he would help him out by giving him powers from my world in the hopes it would make his life easier. When the time comes me along with two other of my kind will begin teaching him how to use that power."

Kyuubi was a bit stunned that the Shinigami would do something like that, especially for a mortal. Then he caught glimpse of bodies lying behind Setsuna. "By other two do you mean the two behind you?" Setsuna quickly turned her head around to see two girls lying on the ground making her eye widen in surprise.

The first one had blond hair, the same school girl uniform she was wearing and what appeared a giant fan attached her arm. There was also a pad and pen on top of her stomach. Her name was Kuchinashi. The second girl looked as if she was ten; she had pink hair and the same school girl uniform as the other girl. She also had a brown teddy bear with an evil toothy frown. Her name was Mio.

"Mio, Kuchinashi!" she shook the causing them to stir and sit up.

"Setsuna, where are we?" Mio whined while picking up her bear…. I mean bunny

'Last I remembered we were caught in an explosion.' Stated Kuchinashi.

After a long explanation of the events that led to them being sealed into a boy from another world and the fact the death practicly turned him into a needless, the two girls were pretty shocked. The all sat in silence for awhile until Mio noticed the giant fox in the cage and decided to play with him. He tried to swat her away with one of his tails, but then he discovered something he would soon never forget. Mio was extremely strong than any human he had ever met. He groaned as this was going to be a long eternity for him.

Six years later

Six years after the nine tails attacked the village was relatively peaceful. Most of the buildings that destroyed during the attack were repaired. Everything was a is was before the attack thus proving that even after an attack that the village of Konoha was the strongest and most peaceful village in the entire nation. Strong yes, peaceful...that depends on who you ask. If we look near the red light district we well see a blond haired six year old running from what appeared to be an angry mob chasing after him. This boy was Naruto Uzumaki holder of the mighty Kyuubi no Yoko, not that he knew that. But that didn't mean that everyone in the older generation knew that. Though some adults knew what he was, they didn't see him as the demon he held within in fact the respected him. He pretty much kept what almost destroyed them six years ago at bay. But there was always the civilians and other stupid ninjas who saw him as the Kyuubi itself. So here Naruto was running from yet another mob. They have been chasing him every since the orphanage kicked him out a year ago. Though the mob was relentless, they never actually caught him.

'Everyday with this. Don't they get tired?' He turned down another street leading toward the hokage tower where he knew he'd be safe. He only had a couple blocks to go. He stopped when he saw another mob form at the tower gates. They quickly ran in his direction causing to panic. There was a mob on either side. He quickly ran down the nearest alleyway only to come to a dead end. He returned around and saw the groups merged into one standing inn front him.

"Looks like we final we cornered you ya demon brat."

"Finally we can finish what the yondaime started." The shouts were non-stop constantly thirsting for his blood. As mob began marching towards him panic sat in a he was looking every which wary for an exit. It was no use not matter where he looked there was no visible exit he could see our any sign of the guards that were supposed to be watching him.

'There has to be out. There just has to be. If anyone can see what's going on please help me.' His frantic pleas where soon answered in the form of his palm glowing a bright orange scarring him a little.

'Press your palm against the ground.' Commanded a feminine voice. He did as he was instructed and placed his palm on the ground confusing many of the mob members to stare in confusion. Before anyone could blink the area surrounding the mob glowed orange. Some of the members panicked thinking the demon was trying something while others just smirked thinking that whatever he was doing was just pathetic attempt to save his own skin. Either way nobody was prepared for the massive heat wave that came up from the ground. Naruto only looked on with a shocked expression as everyone within the heat wave stared charing and continued until they were nothing but scorched skeletons. When the wave died all the bodies collapsed to the ground, some breaking upon impact. Naruto just stood there shell shocked that he just killed a bunch of people all within seconds.

'Kid I suggest you go home before someone sees what happened.' Not knowing what to do at this point he mindlessly followed the voice's instruction.

Naruto's apartment

Naruto just sat there on his bed starring at the ceiling. He couldn't wrap his mind around what happened in the alley way. He often thought of telling old man Hokage what happened, but that would mean the council would have to get involved and since most of them hate him already, it could possibly mean banishment or death sentence. He was to young to die and kami knows he doesn't have the skills to survive in the wilderness alone. As he continued contemplating, he felt a slight tug in the back of his head and before he knew it darkness enveloped his vision.


All he could hear was the sound of dripping. He opened his eyes to find himself lying on the floor of what appeared to be a sewer with pipes running along the walls and water on the ground. He stood up looking down both hallways. He also took a quick note that the water was ankle deep.

"Boy" his head snapped to the left hallway as the voice boomed through the sewer. "Yes this way." Although hesitant he walked into the direction of the voice. He walked for what felt like minutes before he came up to a large room with a large set of bars with a trash on it that said seal on the other side of the room. When he looked deep into the cage he saw a pair crimson eyes with slits for pupils. He walked until he was a twenty feet away from the cage. He just stood there as low pitched growling rolled out from inside the cage. In am instant the room grew brighter revealing a large nine totaled fox lying comfortably behind the cage. "Funny most people run when the see me." True Naruto was just standing there but there was a shocked expression frozen on his face much to the fox's amusement.

"What are you doing here? your supposed to be dead." His sentence came in the form of a stutter. He was in front what was considered the most powerful demon among the nations, so there was a lot to be nervous about.

"Long story short, your yondaime sealed me in here." Naruto stumbled back in shock at the new piece of information that was just dropped in front of him. He didn't know what to say. To find out the one you idolized as a hero was also the one who sealed one of the most powerful demons in the world inside of you, that was a lot to take in for a a six year old. Then suddenly the feeling of realization washed over him.

"So it was because of you." His voice was barely audible, head held low, and his first were clenched. The fox observed the boy what he would do next. "It's because of you that they glare, it's because of you that they whisper. They think I'm you and because they all hate me." Tear began to fall down his face as he continued his rant. It was if the emotional mask finally cracked. The fox waited awhile before putting his input on the situation.

"Boy, if you really want to blame somebody then blame the idiots you call villagers. There the ones who can't see past their hate. You look nothing like me to begin with." Naruto grew quiet hearing the fox's words. "Second, even though I may be a giant talking fox, that doesn't mean I will destroy things indiscriminately." Even though Naruto was six, he knew that the fox meant he doesn't attack without reason which also raised the question, why did the Kyuubi attack the village. Naruto calmed down quite a bit before finally speaking again.

"If I may ask, why did you attack the village?" The fox's intrest was peaked. Not once did a mortal asked about his side of things. Maybe there was a little for humanity.

"I will tell you when you're older." Naruto pouted by accepting the answer albeit begrudgingly. He took a quick look around and noticed eight seals, four on each wall.

"Hey, what exactly are these?" He pointed to one the seals on the walls.

"That's where we come in." Naruto turned around to follow the feminine voice that oddly sounded familiar. He saw three girls all wearing the same blue and red skirt school girl uniform. The first one had blue hair with blues eyes, but that was about it. The second one had blond hair and a pair of eyes that matched in color. Oddly she was holding notebook opened to a page that said "HI". The third girl had pink hair and matching eyes. She was holding a stuffed bunny, or what she considered a stuffed bunny. What Naruto found strange was that each of them had a pair of fox ears and a tail colored in the same as their respective hair colors.

"Who are you guys?" The blue haired girl stepped forward.

"Well Naruto, I'm glad you asked. My name is Setsuna" she said while pointing her thumb at her chest. "Her name is Kuchinashi" her index finger pointing at the blond who was holding up her note book that had "Nice to meet you" written on "And she's Mio." She finished as she pointed to the girl with the pink hair. Now that he looked at, it looked more like magenta instead of pink.

"What are doing here?"

"Well it's kind of a long story actually. In a nutshell, we were sealed in here along with fuzz but over there." Kyuubi growled at the blatant lack of disrespect coming from Setsuna. Then there was the sound of scribbling that stopped as Kuchinashi turned her notebook around.

'We are here to help learn what how to control the powers of a needless.' This confused Naruto greatly.

"What's a needless?" It was Setsuna's turn to speak.

"Needless are people who possess mysterious abilities known as fragments. Some are stronger and rarer than others. Those are named missing link abilities." It took Naruto awhile to process the information he just received.

"So the seals on the walls are fragments."

"That's right. So that means your a needlessjust like us." Mio chirps from inside the cage. Naruto turned around and saw that she was playing with one of Kurama's tails. It was pretty amusing to watch, how often was it that you get to see the mighty Kyuubi no Yoko playing with a little girl, and from the looks of it, actually looked like he was okay with if not amused himself. Naruto decided to leave the testing for later because Setsuna started to talk again.

"Now normally needless only have one fragment per person, but your different. You were supposed to have six, but because me and Kuchinashi are here, two more fragments were add to your little collection. We're here to teach you how to use the multiple fragments you have and hopefully fuzzy will help you out with other aspects of your training." Kurama's jolted when he heard the last sentence.

"And why would help this puny mortal?" Questioned the giant talking mass of chakra.

'Because I know you don't want a weak host since it reflects sorely on you if he's weak.' Kuchinashi held her notebook in front of the fox's eye. When he finished reading he grunted before giving an answer.

"Fine, but only to make sure you that you do my name justice."

"What is your name by the way?" Questioned Naruto with pure curiosity. Kurama was a little shocked. Not once did a mortal bothered to ask him what his name was, they just assumed it was Kyuubi and called it good. Maybe trading this little brat won't be so bad after all.

"It's Kurama." Naruto gave of a bright smile.

"Well now that all pleasantries, why don't we get started on your training, eh Naruto." Setsuna hoped the kid was motivated enough to take her offer otherwise her mission was a bust. But then she caught huge grin on his face, and that's when she knew that for the next few years this boy going to throw himself into his training.

"Where do we start Setsuna sensei?"

'Sensei huh. That has a nice ring to it.'

Hello, hello, hello. bombshell comin at you with a new story. this doesn't I won't work on others, but for some reason i like working on this one more. I have always loved needless and I've wanted to do this for a while. I was also thinking of giving Naruto a sword that he can channel at least two of his fragments through. Please read and review.