Sorry folks but this isn't a chapter. I just wanted to use this page to let people know what will be happening in the following chapters. I also wanted to take some time and ask the readers what is it they possible want to see happening in the story.

This is what will be happening in the story as of now:

Aruka is now going to be a part of the story now and she will be a part of the harem.

Naruto will be able to use the 11 stigmata as form of becoming stronger. But this will happen after Naruto gains of the other fragments.

The zero or PF zero will not become a part Naruto ' s fragment list due to it being needless. ( I just made a pun)

Naruto will gradually gain more fragments as the story progress.

Naruto will be leaving the village permanently around the time he leaves for his three year training trip in the actual manga.

confirmed members of Naruto's harem are as follow : Setsuna, Kuchinashi, Eve, Aruka, and Anko. note this isn't finalize.

confirmed list of fragments so far: power, speed, fragrance, agni shiwatas, kadanta string, Garvity, Magnetic world, and fourth wave. this also not finalize.

Now for the list of things you as the readers should give your opinion so you can help me produce a good story:

Should Naruto be able to use doppelganger?

Who should Naruto take with him as he leaves the village? (His harem is an obvious choice)

how many ladies should Naruto have in his harem and who should they be?

What fragment should he gain next. ( I highly recommend reading the Needless manga and possible needless zero cause there are some fragments in the Manga that the Anime never showed. Such examples would be bionic compresser and rainmaker.)

Again sorry this isn't an actual chapter but I feel there are some things that I need help ironing before I go on. Either PM me or post a review as long I recieve it then I'll try and get back to you on it.

bombshell0 Away.