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Sena swallowed nervously as she entered the grounds of Teikoku Gakuen. The last time she was here, she played in the Christmas Bowl against Yamato for the title of Eyeshield 21 and won (something she still had trouble believing from time to time). Just a few days before however, she had been in America competing in the world cup where Japan had miraculously won against America (though their victory didn't count because it was an illegal overtime). Also, it wouldn't be long until she would be a second year student and the next Captain of the Deimon Devilbats.

Yamato and Taka had invited her over to watch over one of the friendly matches with another school in Osaka. Even though it was winter break for most Japanese students, she was amazed that Teikoku was still so active. But perhaps it was just because of the match happening that everyone was so lively.

On the way to the fields, she spotted another team unloading from a bus. Judging from their uniforms, they were probably the opposing team that Teikoku was supposed to play that day.

"Man, Teikoku girls sure are cute!" one of the players said.

"Look at that one over there, the one with the short brown hair. She's cute, isn't she?"

"She's got nice legs."

"Yeah, but she doesn't have much of a chest…"

Sena blushed from the comments made about her, seeing as she was the only girl around with short brown hair, though she was trying to grow it out a bit. Feeling uncomfortable, she decided to rush to the field a bit faster, but one of the players managed to catch up to her and grabbed her arm.

"Hey there, what's your name?" the player asked, shining her a smile.

Sena looked up at the player nervously as he practically towered over her. He was taller than by her by at least a foot at.

"P-Please let g-go," Sena stuttered out.

"If you tell me your name and let me take you out to dinner," the player smirked.

When Sena tried to yank her arm away, the teen just gripped her arm harder. Any tighter and her arm was going to bruise for sure!

Karin was on her way to the fields, being a bit late because of class. Luckily she notified Heracles beforehand and he understood.

On her way there, she saw Sena being harassed by one of the players that was supposed to be playing against Teikoku today. The poor star running back looked frightened at the male loomed over her with a dark smirk.

Knowing that she would not be able to do much to help Sena, she ran as fast as she could to the fields where she knew Taka and Yamato were.

Her teammates eyed her with curiosity as she sprinted over to them.

"Taka-san! Yamato-san!" Karin cried out desperately. Hopefully she wasn't too late to help Sena. All these horrible images on what could happen to the poor girl kept popping up in her head, making her worry even more.

"What is it Karin? What's wrong?" Yamato asked, looking over Karin's frazzled form with slight worry.

"I-It's Sena-chan! She's in trouble!" Karin said as she finally made it to the team's benches.

Taka and Yamato instantly snapped to attention and their expressions grew serious.

"Where? What happened?" Taka asked urgently, but managed to keep his voice calm as to not scare Karin any more than she currently was.

"At the gates where the other school is getting off the bus. One of the players has Sena-chan and she looked really scared of him. He was grabbing her arm and it looked like it really hurt!" Karin said as fast as she could, looking over her shoulder in the direction of the school gates.

No more needed to be said as Yamato and Taka instantly ran over to the gates at top speed, leaving their teammates in the dust. The words 'Sena' and 'trouble' was all they need to hear to kick themselves into overdrive.

"P-Please let go! Y-You're hurting m-me!" Sena cried out.

"Not until you agree to come with me," the player said as he started to drag Sena off to who knows where, "C'mon, let's find a place where we can have some real fun. We have some time before the match."

Sena, in a desperate attempt to get away, she brought her knee up and rammed it into his groin.

The male in question instantly bended over and groaned in pain. To make sure he would stay down, she stomped on his foot and yanked her arm free.

"Sena!" a very familiar voice called out, one that made her instantly sag in relief as she turned to see Yamato and Taka running her way.

She instantly reacted and ran towards them at light speed, trying to get away from the downed male as fast as possible.

Taka immediately caught her in his arms and looked over her worriedly, especially her arms. His and Yamato's eyes immediately darkened when they saw a red mark on her upper right arm in the shape of a large hand.

"Sena, are you okay?" Taka asked, his eyes flashing between her face and the injury on her arm.

"I think so…" Sena said before touching the injury and wincing.

"We should get some ice on that," Taka said before Yamato planted a kiss on the red marks.

Sena blushed hotly as Yamato grinned up at her.

"I'll just kiss it better for now, ne?" Yamato asked.

"HIEE! T-That's u-unnecessary!" Sena shrieked, feeling completely flustered by Yamato's actions.

"I-It's you!" the male that was previously harassing Sena shouted out suddenly, "Honjou…Yamato!"

"Who are you?" Taka asked.

"Che, Aigawa Ren, running back for the Shibuya Bears," Ren growled, "I'll defeat you two this time for sure!"

"Stay away from Sena from now on," Taka said, glaring at the male from his superior height.

"She was the one who came onto—" Ren tried to say but was cut off by Yamato.

"Sena would never do such a thing," Yamato said, "We'll settle this on the field."

Taka and Yamato then led Sena away from Ren, situating her between the two of them.

"What's with your dark auras…?" Heracles asked warily as the trio walked towards him before spotting the angry red mark on Sena's arm, "Did that guy…?"

"Don't worry Heracles-shi, Taka and I are settling this on the field," Yamato said, smiling brightly as Karin immediately got some ice to put on Sena's arm.

"Sorry Sena-chan, I tried to get Yamato-san and Taka-san as fast as possible but you still got hurt anyways," Karin apologized.

"That's okay, Karin-san," Sena said as an ice pack was pressed to her arm, "They arrived just in time!"

"Thank goodness!" Karin said, sighing in relief.

As Taka and Yamato put their helmets on, their dark auras increased when a certain Aigawa Ren appeared on the field in his uniform.

"Ah, I feel sorry for the guy who did this to Sena-chan...," Achilles said as both Yamato and Taka shared a near murderous look.

It was almost as if the two of them were plotting someone's death.

Sena sweatdropped and prayed that they wouldn't truly murder Ren.

"T-Total annihilation!" Sena said, amazed as Teikoku played the Shibuya Bears without letting the opposing team gain a single point.

Yamato went all out from the beginning and whenever there was an opportunity, he tackled Ren to the ground with his full strength Caesar's charge. Similarly enough, when Taka was in range and not receiving, he would tackle Ren with all he had as well, making full use of his jumping power and long arms to grab the player and yank him towards the ground harshly.

"It seems like Taka-kun has developed a spear tackle of his own…" Sena thought mentally as she sweatdropped even more.

Another peculiar thing was if someone else had the ball and Ren was conveniently in the way, the two of them would always happen to bump into Ren, sending him to the ground.

"Hieee! T-This is a massacre!" Sena mentally shouted.

When the game was finally over, the Teikoku Alexanders had won 99-0, their complete and utter win.

"Did you enjoy the game, Sena?" Yamato asked.

"Yes! You and everyone else played very well," Sena smiled and received a kiss on the cheek, "But I can't help but feel that game looked a bit…rougher than normal."

"Really? I didn't notice," Yamato said, still smiling brightly as Ren was carried off on a stretcher, bruised and beaten. The sight made Sena sweat even more bullets.

"I thought we were playing normally," Taka said with a straight stoic face.

"NO YOU WEREN'T!" Sena, Karin, Heracles, and Achilles thought.

"Do you want to go out after we finish here, Sena?" Yamato asked.

"Okay!" Sena nodded, happy to get her mind off her boyfriends' recently violent plays in the recent supposed friendly practice match.

"What time do you have to be home by?" Taka asked before looking up at the sky. The sky was turning orange from the setting sun.

"O-Oh, I didn't know it was so dark already!" Sena panicked.

"It's okay, you can sleep over at my house, Sena. My parents are out on a business trip so it'll be fine," Yamato said.

"Are you sure?"

"Haha, of course!" Yamato nodded.

"A-Alright then, I'll just call my parents to let them know," Sena said, earning a nod.

After giving a call to her mother along with sending a text to Hiruma, Shin, Kakei, Akaba, and Marco telling them where she was, she headed over to Yamato's house with Taka, who was also going to be staying over.

Little did she know that both Yamato and Taka had texted Hiruma about Aigawa Ren.

Somewhere in Tokyo, a loud cackling was heard, making a certain devil's slaves all tremble in fear and those who knew him, shiver. And a certain someone in the infirmary just suddenly felt scared, as if god had abandoned him to the devil.

"Oh, are you hungry, Sena?" Yamato asked once he caught his cute petite girlfriend look at one of the nearby ramen restaurant longingly.

"Ah, just a little bit. Do you think we could…?" Sena asked while pointing to the ramen restaurant.

"Of course," Taka nodded.

Sena smiled and took both her boyfriends' hands into her own and headed over to the restaurant where a pretty waitress sat them down at a table, but not before smiling in a flirtatious manner at both Taka and Yamato.

Sena looked worried for a second, but it seemed that they both were either oblivious to the waitress' actions or were outright ignoring it.

Once they got their food, Yamato started to talk.

"Sena, are you sure you don't want to transfer to Teikoku? You would make it onto first string in no time like Taka and I!" Yamato said.

"It's fine, Takeru-kun. I'm sure, and I don't think I could ever abandon the Deimon Devil Bats. Not to mention, if Hiruma didn't draft me into the amefuto club (albeit forcefully), I wouldn't be here right now," Sena said, smiling brightly with a tint of pink on her cheeks.

"She's so cute," Taka and Yamato thought.

"But I promise to visit at least once a week!" Sena stammered out.

"You don't have to do that Sena, we can come visit you too," Taka imputed.

Sena just blushed slightly and smiled.

The next morning, Sena had woken up between two very naked male bodies. Once again, she was disbelieving that she ended up in this situation once more but felt that this wouldn't be the last time.

When she tried to crawl over Yamato to get to the washroom to hopefully have a shower to relieve her sore muscles from the strenuous…exercise…that she had the previous night, a large hand immediately shot out and grabbed her slim waist. The petite running back was instantly pulled to Taka's bare chest.

"Hiieee! Catching expert!" Sena mentally cried out as she squeaked in surprise.

"Where do you think you're going, Sena?" Taka asked, breathing into her ear and making her blush harder than she actually was.

Yamato opened his eyes and chuckled at the tomato red that Sena was sporting.

"I-I was trying to go and get a sh-shower," Sena stammered out.

"Great idea! We can continue in there!" Yamato grinned.

Sena's eyes nearly bulged.

"The three times we did it last night wasn't enough?!" Sena shrieked in her head.

At the station where Sena was going to take a train home, Sena blushed furiously as Taka and Yamato held refreshed auras.

"W-Well it's time for me to go now," Sena said, smiling shyly at her boyfriends.

"We'll come and visit you soon, alright Sena?" Yamato asked and hugged the girl tightly.

"Hopefully this weekend, okay?" Taka said and gave her a hug as well.

Before the train left the station, Sena pulled both Yamato and Taka down for a loving and shy kiss on the lips each before scurrying to her seat. She never noticed Taka and Yamato sporting soft blushes.

When the train left the station, she waved to them through the window before they were out of sight.