Deimon High School's festival was a day that Sena had been dreading.

Well, it wasn't so much the festival, more like the event in which her class chose to do.

A maid café, and not just any maid café, an animal maid café where the maids would have to wear a set of animal ears with a matching tail.

The girls who were chosen to be the maids were all above average in looks and sadly, that included Sena. The chosen girls then all drew lots on which animal they would be representing.

In the end, Sena drew the ballot with a picture of a cat drawn on the front and promptly had a maid costume with an attached cat tail and a cat ear headband shoved into her arms.

"D-Don't worry, Sena-chan…I think you'll make a cute cat maid!" Ranmaru Hikari, Sena's classmate said comfortingly.

Hikari was a cute girl that was rather popular in Deimon. She was in the music club and had gotten the dog maid said set complete with a headband with a pair of droopy dog ears attached.

"That's right, Sena-chan!" Hanatarou Rio, a pretty girl who was also Sena's classmate. She was quite popular too, but no boy dared approach her because of her extreme athletic tendency to train hard on the volleyball team. She would rather attend volleyball practice than go on group dates with boys. She had gotten the rabbit maid set. She also greatly admired Sena for participating in such a rough sport such as American Football.

"Oh, you're here too?" Kakei asked, surprised as three of the first string Teikoku football players appeared at the gates of Deimon.

"Haha, we came here to see Sena of course!" Yamato said.

"Hiruma-san had sent the whole of Teikoku's first string members an invitation to go, but only the three of us were allowed to skip school for the day because our grades were the highest," Karin said, sweatdropping.

"That certainly does explain why you're here, I'd say," Marco said as he came up to them.

"Fuu…isn't this quite the gathering?" Akaba said as he came up as well.

"Yeah, but which class is Sena's?" Kakei asked before he spotted someone handing out flyers.

He grabbed one and looked it over.

"She isn't answering her phone," Marco said, looking at his cellphone with slight disappointment.

"Look, Anezaki-san is over there. Maybe she can tell us," Taka said.

Mamori was charged with helping out other classes with their booths and paused when she saw many of the players of the Japanese Team come up to her.

"Anezaki-san, do you know where Sena is?" Yamato asked.

"Ah! Yes, you must help me then!" Mamori said, her eyes lighting up.

"Uhh…with what?" Marco asked.

"Sena-chan…she's in danger!" Mamori said urgently.

"AGAIN?!" Yamato, Marco, Kakei, Akaba, and Taka exclaimed.

They all had found out early in their relationship that Sena was a magnet for trouble and seemed to attract both perverted older men and hormone driven male teenagers by the droves.

"C-Can you explain what you mean, Anezaki-san?" Karin asked.

"Of course! She's—" Mamori was cut off when another student yelled for her to come over, "Oh…what happened now? Please just go to class 2-C and help her!"

With that, Mamori sped off to do her duties.

"2-C huh?" Kakei pulled out the flyer he had gotten earlier, "What is that class doing….WHAT?!"

"What is it?" Marco asked.

"The Animal Maid Café?!" Karin shrieked in surprise.

When they arrived on the second floor however, they were surprised by the huge line up in front of the class where Sena was supposed to be.

"Hey you, get out of that line! That's the V.I.P. line for the special guests only! If you're not on this list, your get line up here!" Juumonji said, pulling a teen out of a line that was separated by a line divider.

"Juumonji-san?" Kakei asked, "Do you know where Sena is?"

"Oh! It's you!" Juumonji said before looking at a clipboard hanging on the wall, "You're on the V.I.P. list."

"What?" Kakei asked, confused.

"Actually, all of Team Japan both first and second string is on this list…" Juumonji said.

"Why?" Yamato asked.


Enough was said there.

"Fuu…and Sena?" Akaba asked.

"I'll call for her," Juumonji said before turning to what looked to be a separated area for staff breaks.

"Oi! Sena! There are customers in the V.I.P. line that need greeting!" Juumonji said.

"H-Hai!" a very familiar voice said.

When Sena finally came into view, many people who saw her had to fight their incoming nosebleeds from the overload of cuteness that the ace running back of the Deimon Devil Bats was exuding.

Now the group had finally understood why Mamori said Sena was in danger.

When Sena saw her boyfriends, she nearly fainted but managed to bow and say her welcoming line.

"O-Okaerinasai goshujin-sama!" Sena said, stuttering slightly.

(A/N: Okaerinasai goshujin-sama = Welcome home, Master)

All of her boyfriends just stared at her with massive blushes on their faces.

Sena was wearing a very cute maid costume, but what really took the cake was the accessories that went with it. She had a pair of cat ears on her head, a tail attached to the back of her skirt with a bow tied on the end of it, and even a collar with a bell attached.

She was a kitten maid.

"S-Sena?" Marco asked, eyes wide.

"A-Ah…well, I-I was chosen to be a maid today and ended u-up getting the cat set…Marco-Ouji-sama..." Sena said, blushing heavily from how she had to refer to her customers.

"O-Ouji-sama?" Yamato said, stupefied.

"H-Hai…I have to a-address all my male customers as such…" Sena said, embarrassed, "...Takeru-Ouji-sama. I have to show you all to your tables now…"

They soon saw that there were two sections to the café. One was where the regular guests could sit, the larger section; and where the V.I.P. guests could sit, the smaller more secluded section.

There they already saw Shin and Sakuraba at a table. Shin had a glass of water in front of him and Sakuraba had a slice of chocolate cake.

"As expected of Shin to be here already, I'd say," Marco said as he sat down at their table.

"Anezaki Mamori had contacted Shin to tell him to keep an eye out for Sena," Sakuraba said, sweatdropping.

"Fuu…You can easily tell why she would ask such a thing," Akaba said, eyeing all of the males on the regular guests side of the café who all ogling the maids.

Sena especially seemed to be popular.

"Is there anything else you can tell us about this café?" Taka asked.

"Well, from what I've observed so far, you don't call the maids here by their name. You call them by the animal they represent. There are 5 maids working as waitresses so to speak. There's Kitsune-chan (Fox), Inu-chan (Dog), Usagi-chan (Rabbit), Neko-chan (Cat) which is also Sena-chan by the way, and Nezumi-chan (Mouse)," Sakuraba said.

"Can I get some water please, Neko-chan?" a male student asked while looking at Sena with a dopey smile on his face.

"H-Hai," Sena nodded and poured him some more water.

"Neko-chan is so cute!"

"Is she single?"

"Really? I prefer Inu-chan more myself, but I wouldn't say no to Neko-chan either…"

Shin, Yamato, Taka, Marco, Akaba, and Kakei's dark auras started to emerge when they realized how popular Sena was in this café.

"Neko-chan!" Yamato called out playfully, making Sena hurry over to him.

"Y-Yes, Takeru-Ouji-sama?" Sena asked, still embarrassed.

"Can I have a cream puff please and a melon soda please?" Yamato asked.

"H-Hai, anyone else want anything?" Sena asked as she wrote down Yamato's order.

Marco took a quick look at the menu and ordered a cola and a Mont Blanc, Taka ordered strawberry shortcake and green tea, Kakei ordered the cheesecake and coffee, and Akaba ordered a carrot cake slice with milk tea.

"I'll get them as soon as I can!" Sena said before hurrying away to put their order in.

Right before Sena was about to leave the classroom to go to the home economics room which was the next room over, she saw three very familiar people line up in the V.I.P. line.

"S-Sena-san?!" Unsui gaped as he blushed heavily.

"Kukuku, not bad, shrimp!" Agon smirked.

"Sena-chan is oni cute!" Ikyuu thought before having a nosebleed.

"E-Ehh?! I-Ikyuu-Ouji-sama, are you alright?" Sena asked, panicked.

"O-Ouji-sama?" Ikyuu stammered out before his nosebleed got heavier.

"O-Oh right! Okaerinasai goshujin-sama!" Sena said before bowing before Agon, Unsui, and Ikyuu.

Agon's eyebrows shot up while Unsui continued to gape at her. As for Ikyuu, Sena had to hand him a handkerchief right away to help stop the bleeding.

"Please have yourselves a seat. I-I'll be right with you!" Sena said before scurrying away.

Luckily for Sena, her shift at the café was going to end soon and then she could spend the rest of the day enjoying the festival with her boyfriends.

It was also lucky for the said boyfriends, because they were all ready to snap by the amount of moves made on their beloved girlfriend.

Boys left and right hit on the petite running back, and it was driving them crazy that they couldn't do anything about it.

"Hey Neko-chan, can I have another slice of chocolate cake?" a boy asked, leering at Sena perversely.

"H-Hai!" Sena said before reaching to grab his empty plate.

The boy grinned before reaching out, but before his hand to make contact with Sena's cute behind, a larger and more muscular hand caught his wrist in a bruising—near breaking—grip.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kakei asked menacingly as he stared down the male student with his impressive height.

"H-Hey, let go!" the boy gasped.

"Fuu…What makes you think you're allowed to touch her in such an inappropriate manner?" Akaba asked, backing up Kakei as he stood beside him.

"S-She was asking for it! She shouldn't have been wearing such provocative clothing if she wasn't asking for it!" the student defended.

"Sena would never do such a thing," Shin said.

By now, the whole café was silent and watching.

"Hey you! You're not allowed to touch the maids! That was on the rule board before you were even allowed in here!" Usagi, or Rio, growled out.

"What a pervert!"

"How dare he!"

"He's dead when Hiruma finds out."

"Yeah, no one can get away from Hiruma…"

Apparently, the name Hiruma had been the magic word for him. The said male paled in terror.

"Hiruma needs to be told on what happened here, I'd say," Marco said, smirking slightly when he saw the terror on the pervert's face.

"Sena, do you know where he is usually?" Yamato asked, smiling charmingly and making the girls nearby swoon. Even Rio, who was more focused on sports than boys, had to admit that Yamato was one good looking dude. It helped that he was an actual athlete too.

"A-Ano…you can find him a-around the field or the c-club house," Sena said.

"Great!" Yamato grinned.

"If you do not mind, Usagi-san, we will be escorting this man right here to Hiruma," Taka said.

"Of course!" Rio smiled, still feeling slightly dazzled by Yamato's bright smile.

"We'll be back soon, Sena," Taka said.

"I'll stay here with Sena, to make sure nothing else happens to her," Marco said with Akaba agreeing with him.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. Sena-chan, your shift ends in about 15 minutes just to let you know," Rio said, "I'll give Momo-chan a call to tell her that her shift is coming up."

"H-Hai!" Sena nodded as Taka, Yamato, Kakei, and Shin left with the perpetrator. She almost felt sorry for him.

"That guy was oni rude to Sena-chan!" Ikyuu growled.

"Che, trash," Agon scoffed before turning back to the soda he had ordered.

"I guess it can't be helped. Sena-san is too cute for her own good," Unsui shrugged as he nibbled on a biscuit.

"Poor Sena-chan..." Karin said.

"KEKEKEKE! Kubo Mitsuo, year 2 of Sankaku High School and is not in any club. Age 17, height: 5'8", weight: 157lbs (71.2kg), Mother: Kubo Chiaki, Father: Kubo Kenji, Siblings: Kubo Miya…" Hiruma listed before continuing.

Mitsuo paled after each fact about him listed.

"It seems like…you'll be calling me master from now on…kekekeke!" Hiruma grinned, "But first, Cerberus needs some exercise!"

Hiruma then tied a raw steak around Mitsuo and whistled loudly.


"GYAAAAAAH!" Mitsuo screamed as he ran from Hiruma's demon dog.

"KEKEKEKEKE!" Hiruma laughed as he videotaped the scene.

"Serves him right for trying to touch Sena like that!" Kakei, Yamato, and Taka thought while Shin thought that the wonderful training exercise that Mitsuo was getting shouldn't count as a punishment.

When Sena's shift at the café was over, her boyfriends immediately urged her to change.

Once she was out of the maid costume, she had fun at the festival.

She played booth games, ate festival foods such as candied apples, cotton candy, and takoyaki; and generally had a great time with all of her boyfriends.

"How is your team so far?" Yamato asked out of the blue when the festival was near it's end.

"Quite good. We got some new players that made the team," Sena said.

"I hope to see your team in the Christmas Bowl again, Sena," Yamato said.

"Of course!" Sena nodded and looked at all her boyfriends.

Yes, the second year of high school was going better than she thought.