Disclaimer: If you think I own Yu-gi-o, then you better go find a really good shrink…..trust me, I do not own Yu-gi-o or any of the characters in Yu-gi-o!

This is a songfic. Based on the song "Without You". It's not, I repeat, NOT a yaoi….it may sound that way…but in this fic, what I had intended to refer to Yugi more as something like a younger brother, or a best friend.

Without You

No, I can't forget this evening

Or you face as you were leaving

But I guess that's just the way

The story goes…

I won't ever forget that look on your face. All of the usual cheeriness had left it, and in its place was a combination of despair mixed with fear. I had no idea you would take it so hard…I had thought you would understand.

"There has to be another way!" you said.

"There isn't." I replied.

And then I gave the order to attack.

You always smiled,

But in your eyes your sorrow showed…

Yes, it shows…

You have such a large burden for one so young. Yet you never complained about it. You had the fates of so many lives depending on you.

No, I can't forget tomorrow,

When I think of all my sorrow,

How I had you there,

But I let you go…

When we were facing Mai, you refused to accept my offer of help. Isn't it strange….we were still in one body, yet somehow, we were no longer together. It breaks my heart when I think of how I let you down. But what really cuts through me like a knife is when I realized that not only did you no longer trust me, but you were actually afraid of me.

And now

It's only fair that I should let you know

What you should know…

I made a vow to you that day. I promised that I would never go against your wishes again. And I intend to keep that promise, no matter what we face.

I can't live,

If living is without you..

I can't give,

I can't give anymore..

You showed more mercy to Kaiba that day than I ever would have showed him. That is why I need someone like you…to provide balance. We are yin and yang, light and dark, yami and hikari. Two halves of the same whole.

I can't live,

If living is without you..

I can't give,

I can't give anymore.

You have the tender heart and soul that I never did. Yet you still had the courage to stand up to me…to let me know that in no uncertain terms, that if I did not respect you wishes, you were not going to take it. You refused to let another person get hurt….even at your own expense. Actually, to tell you the truth, I admire you for that, aibou. That's why I proud to call you…

My Friend.