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"Darkrai," I said as he lay dying in pool of his own black blood before me and Lightning, "How could you be so cruel and selfish as to turn this beautiful world into one of darkness and evil?"

We were in a cavern lit by lava that was flowing like a lake behind Darkrai. Lightning the Shinx sitting next to me was bleeding from a gash in his left hind leg. While I had a cut down the side of my face going under my right aura sensor and crack in the little steel plate on my right arm. Darkrai had gashes and cuts all over his body making him hardly recognizable.

"Heh... you would like to know, wouldn't you Steven." he said, his voice barely coming out as more than just a throaty gurgle.

"Of course I'd like to know!" I yelled at him as I felt a small tear run down my furry cheek, "You're the reason me and Lightning had to go through Hell and back, and lose a very dear friend!"

"You could never understand me, no one could. They all shunned me and hated me just because of what I am... you've always had a friend to help you when you were down... just as you did for him... While I had no one to tell me it's alright and to push on..."

"Darkrai," Lightning spoke up, tears were running down his cheeks, " Maybe... maybe we could have been friends and things could have been different."

"Maybe..." That was all he said before he became still, never to move again.

"Come on Lightning, let's go home..." I said, tears obscuring my vision.

~time skip~

We decided to go down to the beach where we met to watch the sun set, and to hopefully clear our minds. So we headed down there and sat in the very place we met. The sun was setting across the water casting a golden light across the waves. But there were no krabby to blow their bubbles this dusk.

"Steven... why did he have to die?" Lightning asked.

"I-I don't know... maybe he had just become too evil..." I replied in a distant voice.

"If only things could have gone different."

I stated to feel weak but just dismissed I as exhaustion from the long day. Then I hugged Lightning to let him know it's okay, but then I noticed a golden orb come from my. No this can't be happening! I quickly got up to look at myself and sure enough there where golden orbs coming off my body.

"Lightning!" I cried

"What's wro-" His eyes quickly turned to ones shock and fear as he turned to look at me. "Why is this happening!"

"I don't know, but last time this happened I disappeared." I said as tears started to run down my face.

"NO!" He yelled as tears started to run down his face too, "This CAN'T be happening!"

He ran up to me and hugged me tight. "I won't let this happen again!" He sobbed, his tears soaking my blue and black fur. "I can't lose you again!"

"I don't want to leave you either Lightning!" I cried as embraced him back, my tears soaking his sky blue fur.

~PoV switch~ Lightning

The Riolu named Steven that was my best friend started to glow with a golden radiance. "Y-you c-can't leave me again Steven!" I cried, now sobbing hysterically. "You can't!"

"Lightning," He said still crying into my fur, "Please don't forget me. I don't know what is happening to me but I know it's different from last time. So I'm sure I won't die but we'll still be separated from each other. So please keep pushing on and I will too from where ever I end up and hopefully, no we will meet again so until then please push on, Okay?"

"I will!" I cried as he glowed even brighter. "I will NEVER forget you and all the memories we shared together!"

"And I'll NEVER forget you!" That was the last thing he said before he burst into millions of glowing golden orbs of light with me falling down through it onto the sand crying out my entire being. The orbs flew into the sky with the remnants of Steven... While I laid where we met and left each other crying...

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