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My nose takes in a shallow breath of the humid stench of the room. The air is riddled with the stench of decomposing bodies and a musky dampness. I rub my lips together and feel the callous cracked skin scrape against each other leaking the coppery taste of blood into my mouth. My right eye is almost completely swollen shut, slowly I manage to shift them lazily from left to right.

I am inside a long room with torches adorning the walls, the dancing flames highlight the blood stains on the wall and my shadow. The floor is made of cracked stones littered with bones and dirt. On the farthest left side of the room sits a torch with regular flames, when I notice it the amber glow becomes more apparent, the red and gold dances delightfully. The more I gaze into the heat, the fire jumps more almost teasing me. Breaking my gaze my eyes fall onto the right side of the room, there sits another torch with blue fire surging, sending sparks to the floor. Violently the blue flames surge calling to me, demanding my presence.

Without warning my feet tremble, my knees lock and flex, and my whole body tenses. The forced movement causes me to scream out in agony. Slowly my legs slide in towards forcing me up, leaning against the wall. The change in elevation starts my head to pound, and the whole room begins to spin, I feel like vomiting. Suddenly a force pushes out my legs forcing me from the wall. My limbs move in a puppet like fashion slipping me from wall to leaning forward. I am no longer in charge clumsily my legs totter until I am standing on both feet.

On the inside I'm screaming for control but the room remains silent except for the flicker of the fires. Slowly I progress towards to the blue fire stumbling like a child. The heat becomes more evident and my left eye waters until I cannot see. I'm blinded but I can feel the heat on my face slapping every part of me and drying my eyes. My hands are scraping on the walls trudging me forward.

The blue fire dances menacingly with every foot step forward beckoning me. Under my feet I feel little puddles of warm water beneath my feet sloshing between my toes rising form the floor. Journeying forward the grotesque swishing of the liquid becomes unbearably sickening. I'm only ten feet away from the fire and the heat of the room is nearly intolerable. My head falls slightly and I manage to catch a glimpse of the water which is now a dark amber. Instead of water I'm trekking through blood that had risen to my knees slowing my progression. Every part of me is tense I'm screaming for release from my forced compulsion to back away but it's too late. My hand trembles forward and touches the blue fire. Everything goes black and waves of electricity violently current through me my body convulses in every direction and I'm sent with a heavy splash into the blood.

I'm still wrenching in different directions, the blood cocoons me in a warm embrace entering my nose and mouth. I lurch forward to escape and let out a defiant croak of breath before I am fully emerged in the blood again. The tenseness exits my body and the choking ceases. The feeling in my limb ceases as my body sinks lower into the blood. The pain has subsided but all hope is lost I know that this death is inevitable.

My eyes grimly peer through the blood, there is only a black and red film for me to gaze in. I'm convinced this will be my final vision with a subtle fade I drift out of consciousness. A hand reaches for the back of my neck and ushers me out of blood. My lung feels concaved I rasp in a single deep breath body clamoring as I search for my rescuer. Everything is still red and black my eyes are still swollen to view anything, their face is too dark to see.

My body relaxes into the familiar cradle while my savior grips me closer. A sharp pressure digs into my skin, nails are driving into my skin. The tighter I'm clenched my bones brittle, crush and crack. I want to protest, demand my body to stop crumbling but my bones have already collapsed to a fine dust slipping out of my savior's arms.

I let out a death defying shriek into the night as my eyes dart from each side of the room. Everything remains a dark haze my heart beats out of my chest I can't take in a whole breath. My breathing slows as I realize where I'm inside my bedroom. A small desk lamp lights up the other side of the room showing every corner of the room.

Sweat clinging to my face I comb my finger through my matted tangled hair. A cold sweat clings to my skin clammy and warm and I can't keep from trembling. Shaking I lick my dry lips and step out of my bed trembling. Creeping down the dark hallway of my house I collapse into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Horror grips me my face looks old and artificial from fear my hair is knotted and sticky, I peel off all my clothes and step into the shower allowing cold water to encompass my body. The cold water cascades my skin sliding from my face dripping to the floor of the tub; I am more awake than ever. Hopping out of the shower I slip into an oversized shirt and crawl back into my bed. I stare at the ceiling and allow myself to go into a trance counting the bumps on the ceiling losing count and starting over to avoid sleep. Despite my efforts I can't help as I recount every detail analyzing the dream piecing together the memories like a worn jigsaw puzzle. This is not the first time I have had this dream. My name is Courtney Summers I am sixteen years old and I have had this same dream every year on the day of my birthday.

What does this mean?

Why is this happening to me?


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