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Good vs Evil?

Goten and Baby Trunks were charging at each other back and forth. At times Goten would land a hit, other times Baby Trunks would. At one point Baby Trunks delivered a double axe handle which sent Goten crashing to the ground. While Goten was getting up Baby Trunks began charging a galick gun attack. Goten was about to interrupt the attack when a Namekian warrior grabbed him from behind in a full nelson.

"What the!" Goten struggled against the infected Namekian, after a few seconds he managed to throw the warrior off himself but by then Baby Trunks was ready to attack.

"This is the end," Baby Trunks boasted as the purple beam reached critical point.

Goten grit his teeth and braced himself for the attack.

"Galick- ugh!" Baby Trunks was interrupted by a sucker punch from Majuub.

"Thanks Uub! You saved my butt!" Goten said.

"No problem… looks like you need a hand," Majuub said glaring right back at Baby Trunks who was rubbing his jaw.

"Actually, I'd like to settle this one-on-one," Goten replied.

"Really?" Uub asked incredulously.

"Yup, it's been a long time since Trunks and I sparred," Goten answered.

"You Saiyans… I don't understand you at all," Majuub sighed before flying off.

"I must agree with the Human, you Saiyans are proud to the point of stupidity," Baby Trunks mocked Goten.

"Um… Well… You're a Saiyan too," Goten retorted not expecting any reaction from Baby Trunks.

Baby Trunks grit his teeth, "Why you?" Baby Trunks dashed at Goten who put up a hasty guard in response and blocked Trunks' first punch but not the second one which forced the air out of Goten's lungs. Baby Trunks kneed Goten in stomach then delivered an uppercut to his face before sending him flying with a spinning kick.

Goten flew a few yards before correcting his momentum but Baby Trunks was already upon him ready to smack him to the ground with a double axe handle but as soon as Baby Trunks brought his hands down Goten disappeared and reappeared behind Trunks and smashed his back with a double kick and sent Baby Trunks careening towards the ground.

Just as Baby Trunks was about to touch the ground when Goten teleported below Baby Trunks and kicked him in the abdomen halting his momentum and forcing blood and spit out of his mouth, then Goten used instantaneous movement to teleport all around Baby Trunks and hit him all over like a ragdoll.

After a minute of Goten's relentless assault, Baby Trunks managed to use an explosive wave which Goten avoided with his instantaneous movement before teleporting behind Baby Trunks only to find a fist in his face.

Baby Trunks followed up with another punch which Goten blocked and tried to slam a ki ball in Baby Trunks' face which Baby Trunks countered with his own. The ki balls crashed into each other and exploded covering them in smoke.

Meanwhile, Piccolo was exchanging fists with Baby Pan who had recently turned Super Saiyan. Yamcha was fending off a few Namekian warriors at the same time. One of the Namekians noticed that Yamcha was favouring his left side and hit Yamcha in the ribs. Yamcha spat some blood and the Namekians assaulted the Human relentlessly, giving him no break.

Gohan threw the Namekians off Yamcha, the infected warriors corrected themselves mid-air only to be knocked out by Gohan.

"You okay there?" Gohan asked Yamcha who sneaked a sensu bean into his mouth.

"I'm fine now, your daughter sure hits hard," Yamcha remarked, "I'm sure she broke a rib or two."

Just then Piccolo came crashing towards them under the force of a powerful masenkoha beam. Gohan supported Piccolo who pushed the yellow ki attack away.

Up in the sky, Gohan saw his baby girl in her Super Saiyan form catching a breath from her attack. He couldn't help but feel proud seeing his daughter turn Super Saiyan and sorry that he'd have to hurt her to free her from the virus. Baby Pan on the other hand eyed Gohan wearily.

"A Super Saiyan already? You've grown a lot in a year," Gohan remarked with a smile.

"So you killed Lord Baby?" Baby Pan asked.

"I did," Gohan replied with a scowl.

"You won't succeed again, Grandpa will stop you," Baby Pan said defiantly even as sweat dripped down her forehead.

Gohan took a deep breath then met Baby Pan's gaze, "Maybe, but I'll be damn sure to disinfect you."

Baby Pan braced herself as her father prepared to attack but Piccolo stopped Gohan with a hand on his shoulder.

"Leave Pan to me," Piccolo assured Gohan, "You should worry about Goku and Vegeta."

"You sure?" Gohan asked.

"Are you doubting me?" Piccolo asked with a smirk.

"Of course not," Gohan replied before flying away.

"Well that was stupid. Dad was the best shot you had at beating- ugh!" Baby Pan grunted after Piccolo punched her in the gut and sent her flying a few feet.

"Always pay attention to your opponent," Piccolo chided.

Baby Pan grimaced, "You want attention? You've got mine!" Baby Pan's aura flared as she rushed towards Piccolo.

At the same time, Vegeta and Baby Goku were exchanging blows like no tomorrow. Vegeta threw a punch, then a kick, then two punches, but Baby Goku blocked them all and retaliated with a punch, a kick then two more. This sequence went on for a while.

They paused when they landed a hit on each other's face. Both the warriors pressed their fists into each other's cheek to push the other away while they pressed their cheeks to their opponent's fists to maintain their balance.

After what seemed like forever the two Saiyans were pushed apart by the built up force. They stopped their momentum and rubbed their cheek while eyeing their rival wearily.

"While it was nice working out these muscles, it's time we ended it," Vegeta said and poised for a galick gun attack.

"If you say so," Baby Goku responded and charged a Kamehameha beam.

Just as their attacks reached critical point, Vegeta disengaged his attack and vanished. He reappeared below Baby Goku with a vessel containing Holy Water ready to spill it all over Goku.

"ACK!" Vegeta gagged as Baby Goku punched him in the gut after he disengaged his kamehameha wave. Baby Goku snatched the vial kicked Vegeta away who managed to stop his descent.

"You saw through me," Vegeta scowled and swiped the blood off his lips.

"It was simple. I'd use the same tactic you used if I were in your position," Baby Goku explained, "Now let's see what we've got here," Baby Goku inspected the vessel, "Of course! The Sacred Water! That's how you managed to disinfect everyone on Earth so fast. And I bet you brought some more. Too bad it won't work here."

"Tsch, getting rather overconfident are we?" Vegeta retorted sour that his strategy did not work.

"What? You don't believe me? Fine," Baby Goku uncorked the bottle.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "What are you doing?"

Baby Goku didn't answer; instead he raised the bottle up and gulped the Sacred Water down his throat. A single drop should have been enough to cleanse the Tuffle parasite from Goku's system yet there was no reaction, no indication that Goku was free from the virus' grasp.

"Ah- What the?" Vegeta asked in bewilderment.

"Ah!" Goku gasped and wiped his mouth, "That was refreshing."

"But-but how?" Vegeta asked again.

"The Sacred Water only works on evil entities; that could have been true before I fused with Son Goku. Before entering Goku, the true purpose of the virus was to destroy all Saiyans but after entering Goku the virus realized that the Saiyans that destroyed the Tuffles no longer exist, under the influence of Goku's pure heart it shifted its focus towards the nobler goal of uniting all races and ending all conflict."

"So you finally admit that you are not Kakarot?" Vegeta enquired.

"Yes and no, there was a time when the unnamed Tuffle virus was a separate entity from Goku but that no longer holds true," Baby Goku answered.

"Looks like I need help after all," Vegeta admitted begrudgingly as Gohan and Majuub arrived at the scene.

"Oh, so it's three on one now?" Baby Goku gathered all his ki and released it in a burst of golden flame which revealed his next form, "Works for me."

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