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"Wake up..."

"Wake up Nii-san."

"Hmmm?, whaa?."

"Great, your awake nii-san, let's train."

"Umm Naruto, its 4 am in the morning, do you train this early?." I said.

"Yes nii-san, now c'mon, I can't have my brother slacking off." Said Naruto.

"Your going to regret those words Naruto." I said to him.

1 hour later.

"Huff, huff, huff, how can this be, your not getting tired at all." I said to Naruto who was enjoying the workout.

"I'm just that awesome tebbayo." Said Naruto.

"Okay warm up is over, let's spar!, Kagebunshin no Jutsu!." Said Naruto producing 50 clones

"I bet your surprised nii-san, this is a jutsu." Said Naruto smugly.

"Hey I can do that too, Clone magic! (Kagebunshin version using etrano). I said producing 10 clones.

"Wow, now I can spar with nii-san!, attack." Said Naruto.

"Troops, lazy style evasion." I said to my clones.


30 minutes later

"No fair nii-san, stop evading my punches and kicks." Said Naruto.

"You still got a ways to go Naruto, quantity doesn't always mean quality." I said to Naruto.

"Is that from experience nii-san?." Asked Naruto.

"Why, yes Naruto, you will learn too, Now for breakfast, and after that, the library."


"Hmm, I see, devil fruit huh?." I said as I finished a book describing it.

"This is boring nii-san." Said Naruto.

"Luckily, I anticipated that and used my clone magic to get more information here, do you know, this world has devil fruits which grants a person who has eaten it powers in an exchange to not be able to swim in the water?, there should also be one to travel dimensions. It does say here that the devil fruit catalogue, but the information on it is widely scarce and probably controlled."

"What are we gonna do nii-san?, we don't got any lead." Said Naruto.

"Well I do have one lead, White Beard on of the 4 Yonko has one." I said to Naruto.

"You mean, that one of the strongest pirate superpower in the grand line has it?." Asked Naruto.

"Yes, we have a long ways ahead of us Naruto." I said to him.

"Don't worry nii-san, you have me now tebbayo." Said Naruto reassuringly.

"By the way Naruto, how are your jutsu?, maybe we'll get you that dimensional devil fruit once we get it, I'm not taking no, I do have my wonky dimensional random transporter so as your nii-san its my job to get you that devil fruit." I said to Naruto.

"Thanks Nii-san." Said Naruto.

Time Skip 1 month

"Knock, Knock."

"Yes?." I said as I opened the door

"Ahh, my super sponsor, the great 'Ten thousand Sunny Go' is finished, Super baby." Said Franky.

"Ahh, Franky, that's good news, and allow me to introduce you to my adopted little brother, Naruto Uzumaki." I said to Franky who blinked and was surprised.

"Yo." Said Naruto.

"Suuppeerrr Baby." Said Franky.

"By the way, we have a problem, we have zero experience running a ship and we have no navigator." I sad in a serious tone.

"Don't worry Baby, I'll teach you guys before we leave and we also have an automatic Navigational system for Navigation that I managed to install with the extra funds." Said Franky.

"Anyways, we better go to our ship and learn how to man her." I said to Franky.

"Suuper let's go!." Said Franky impressed by his new sponsor/captain/nakama's dedication.

"Lets go." I said as we headed out.

Time skip 1 month

"That's all I can teach you, with your army of clones, manning the ship won't be a problem." Said Franky.

"Great." I said.

"Supper tebbayo." Said Naruto making a fist bump in the air.

"Okay, are we ready? I already got the supplies." I said to them.

"Ready as ever be." Said Franky.

"You bet, tebbayo."

"Very well, Onwards, to get whitebeards devil fruit enclopedia." I said to them.

"Yeah." Said Naruto.

"Umm, I'm sure you can bribe some marine for that, they aren't that good on books as its just books and not the devil fruit itself." Said Franky.

"Very well then, what's the nearest Marine base here?." I asked Franky.

"It's Enies Lobby." Said Franky.

"Very well, to Enies Lobby." I said excitedly.

"Ohhh!." Said Naruto and Franky.

Time skip 1 week

Gate of Justice

"We have arrived." Said Franky.

"That's a big gate." said Naruto.

"How do we even contanct someone inside?." I said


"Franky, do we have a megaphone?." I asked him.

"Ahh, I have one, here." Said Franky getting a megaphone from nowhere.



CP9 Headquarters

"pdi, pdi, pdi, pdi, pdi." was the sound from the den den mushi.

"What is it." Said spandam enjoying his afternoon nap.

"Sir, we have a strange merchant ship here wanting to do businesses directly with you chief."

"Hmm, with me?, now who would want that?, now I'm curious, send them in." Said Spandam.

Gate of Justice

"PLEASE COME IN!." Said the voice as the gate of justice opened.

We were instructed to meet Spandam inside Enies Lobby and was instructed to follow towards Spandam's Office.

Spandams Office

"So, this is the brave merchants that seek me out." Said Spandam unimpressed.

"Ahh, yes, the great director Spandam, I'm sure I'll make it worth your while." I said to him.

"Really?, now what would you want from me?." Said Spandam curious about these strange merchants.

"I'll be honest, we want to get a hold of a copy of the devil fruit encyclopedia, were not really interested in the book itself but a devil fruit that can travel through dimensions, just imagine, the business opportunities, I will pay a generous amount for the book, but if you have a devil fruit that I'm seeking for then I will gladly pay a very very generous amount of money for it." I said with a smile.

Spandam was baffled, on one hand he did have that book, but that was a month ago and he exchanged it for a devil fruit that no-one was interested in. "Wait a minute, didn't he get a devil fruit that travels through dimension that was theorized?, that Doa Doa no Mi?. Hehehehehehe, lucky me." Thought spandam.

"While I may not have the encyclopedia of devil fruit among my possessions anymore, I do have the devil fruit your looking for, how much money are talking about?." Said Spandam.

"It better be good, It's at least worth 100 million berri." Thought Spandam.

"Ohhh, you have it Mr spandam?, If it is real I will pay one billion berry, of course I will have Naruto here test it, if it's real, I'll add a billion worth of gold coins worth of berry as a bonus after testing it." I said to Chief Spandam.

Meanwhile, Spandms Jaws droped as low as it possibly can.

"One billion berry for testing, and another billion if it's real." Spandam thought shocked beyond belief. "Only the tenryubito can shell out that kind of cash. Mwhahahaha, with that money I can retire early for life." Thought spandam.

"Deal!." Said Spandam as he went and unlocked his safe behind a picture and took out a small chest and opened it at the table.

The fruit looked likes it had many swirls making it look exotic.

"Now for your part of the deal." Said Spandam skeptical about the deal.

"Snap." I snapped my fingers as a magic circle opened in the corner and large amount of suitcase filled with Berry currency bills.

"Feel free to check them." I said to Spandam who didn't waste a moment and checked the amount.

30 minutes later

Spandam was having a dreamy look, it's all real, the money is all real, now after his turn to give out the fruit and he will be able to get another billion, "Oh how good it is to be alive." Thought spandam.

"Very well, it's my turn to give my end of the deal, you may eat the devil fruit." Said Spandam.

"Naruto, it's your turn, I warn you, though, devil fruits taste horrible." I said to Naruto.

Spandam just sweatdropped, "Everyone knows that." He thought.

"Okay, here we go." Said Naruto as he ate the fruit.

"Eww, taste gross, but I feel like..." Naruto Said as he reached out his hand and opened a door and Naruto's saw his apartment in Konoha that shocked Naruto beyond belief.

"Okay, it's real tebbayo." Said Naruto.

"Well, here's my end of the second part of the deal." I said as I snapped my fingers and a large chest appeared.

Spandam opened the chest in a speed of light, and he wasn't disappointed, it was filled with gold coins, "Oh today is a happy day." thought Spandam.

"Well, its nice doing business with you Chief Spanadam." I said to Spandam who snapped out of his own world.

"Ahem, it was nice doing business with you as well, I'll send word to my men and escort you safely." Said Spandam who wanted some alone time with his money.

Back to Ten thousand Sunny Go Ship

"Well, I didn't expect to to get our objectives so soon, I guess this is goodbye Naruto." I said to Naruto.

"Thanks Nii-san." Said Naruto who was conflicted but he did not want to give up on his dream of being Hokage.

"I'll miss you Nii-san." Said Naruto as he hugged me and then left using his Doa Doa no Mi powers.

"Are you leaving too?." Said Franky who looked sad.

I was about to answer but I saw a sea train pass by, with Nico Robin in it.

"What do I do?." I thought as guilt filled my thoughts.