Kitty2142. Chap 1

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Chapter one: The Final Battle

Blood and gore covered the ground throughout the entire field. Kagome, and the rest of the inutachi along with some unexpected allies. Being Sesshomaru, his retainer Jaken, Kouga and his wolf pack along with Kagome's worst 'enemy' Kikyo…..cough…Kikyho. The battle has been going on for days everyone was tired they were starting to lose hope until….Naraku called out to them.

"Foolish little girl," Naraku sneered.

"I'm not the foolish one Naraku you are for FIGHTING ME," Kagome screamed back with no fear in her voice "Gee guess when Kami was handing out brains you shut the door in his face and missed out" hah? or else you would not be here committing suicide by daring to take me on"

"Is that so I'm not the one fighting by myself" he retorted smirking manically "Looks to me as though your so called friends have abandoned you," he taunted trying to make her lose hope and weaken her resolve

"What do you me…AHHHHHHH!" Kagome didn't get to finish and cried out in agony when suddenly a searing pain shot through her because Inuyasha had stabbed tessaiga through her shoulder.

"You really think we would be friends with you a weak little ningen," Inuyasha says chuckling evilly "Wake up to reality,"

"Half breed," she bit "You are half human so that makes you half weak ningen,"

"Shut it bitch," and that was what told her she'd hit a nerve

"Half breed half witted," she added no longer caring "You'll never be half the man your brother is," she cried out in pain again when the hanyou slightly twisted the sword in her shoulder "Cor-corpse fucker,"

"Who's the superior one now? Useless weakling"

Though his cruel words were like flaming daggers plunging into and burning her heart she was not about to give the traitorous hanyou the pleasure of knowing it either. Kagome immediately became enraged and the piece of the soul Kikyho had shot out of her and sped towards Kagome. The closer it got the darker red it became. When it finally reached Kagome a blinding light surrounded the field.

When the light dimmed down every one gasped standing in Kagome's place was now a beautiful 50 tailed wolf demoness with piercing red eyes burning with hate. she now had long black hair that became blood red the lower you looked. She wore spike boots, a black ninja long jacket that was clipped around her neck so her arms didn't have to be in the sleeves, a shirt with a black wolf with red tipped tails and ears on the front, she also had a bandana around her head coving her right eye.

Everyone in the field was so shocked that no one could move or speak except Kagome. She leapt from where she was standing and smiled sadistically when as she ripped Naraku's heart out an ear piercing scream broke the silence. Grabbing the jewel he possessed while doing so. Once she grabbed the jewel she purified him along with everyone else who were secretly demons in disguise. Kagome was so heartbroken that she was betrayed. She was surprised when Midoriko emerged from the jewel in front of her.

"Kagome I do not mean to hurt you more than you already are but another world needs you right now, you can either stay here and wallow in your depression or you can go to the new world and get away from here and protect people that will be in danger," Midoriko explained "There you will gain true friends who will love and never betray you,"

"I don't have a choice and I have nothing here anymore so yes I'll go to this new world and help those in need," Kagome said.

"Ok but first you need to have ninja and jutsu training as well as learn how to hone and use your miko powers in the jewel I will teach you," Midoriko stated.

"Alright…whatever you say….mother," mused Kagome.

Midoriko rolled her eyes "Then come my daughter we shall begin now," Midoriko motioned.

'Yes much to learn' she thought hatefully "When would her own happiness come? She wondered when would her time come to be loved? As they entered the portal Midoriko had opened it bathed them in its warm blue light they were transported to Midoriko's world

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