RWBY-x-Gods Eater: Burst Crossover

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::First Person Narrative POV::


I guess we better start with introductions.

My name's Azalea Rojo. You can just call me Azal, but my NORN registry shows my code name Red X. Don't worry, I'm gonna explain all of that later. Maybe think of it as, uh, a database or record of sorts.

Anyways, I'm part of the Fenrir Far East Branch Anti-Aragami Punitive Forces, better known as Gods Eaters. I was assigned to the Far East Branch on April 01, 2072. I've been with the 4th Squad since then.

I'm one of what most of the people in the Den call "Variable New-Type", meaning I could switch between mêlée and ranged combat styles. I can't begin to stress how much of an advantage this is. Just by being able to strike from afar, and still hold my own when the Aragami come close, I can employ different tactics - I can join the fray at close range, or lay down some suppression fire for the guys engaging the bigger, more annoying Aragami such as a Quadriga or a Borg Camlann. I guess you can compare them to this world's... Uh, I guess Ursa or Death Stickler, I think it was called. Not sure if I have the names down right. You gotta forgive me there, I've been here only for less than a day and getting a crash course on the Araga - er, the Grimm here still kinda confuses the hell outta me.

Anyways, most people in the Far East Branch and the Ghettos know me by my monicker, "Azal the Crimson Aragami Slasher". Can't blame them though - what with my old garb of a red overcoat, red pants, and the mop of red hair on my head. Add to that my God Arc - that's the weapon you see resting there on the far table - my beloved Wild Sword: Laoyang II, paired with an FFED Assault Flame and an Aiding Shield X, it's not difficult to see why I was called thus.

I remember the last mission I was on. Corporal Lindow Amamiya, Alisa Illinichina Amiela, and Soma Schicksal themselves hand-picked me to be their team's commando and scout out the area. Y'know, now that I think about it, the Gods Eaters' four-man team setup works closely like your Huntsmen teams.

The mission seemed simple yet challenging enough, at first glance. We were to eliminate several Vajras in the City of Mercy area. Lemme think... Ah, yeah, think of them as Beowolves but with electric power. I thought to myself, this won't be too hard, what with three of the legendary 1st Squad members on the same team. One of them is a New-Type like me but wielding a long blade and assault rifle, the second is a reliable Old-Type buster blade wielder, and last member is the first God Eater in history to defeat an Ouroboros while solo, and survive for an extended period of time while battling Oracle cell infection. Took me a year just to be barely able to solo an Ouroboros myself.

Oops, sorry, I got sidetracked. Where was I...? Oh yeah, 1st Squad guys picked me for the fourth slot, and I thought it would be easy peasy.

Oh boy, never in my life had I been so damn wrong.

When we got there, dispatching two of the five Vajras was cakewalk. When we turned to the third one, that's when all hell broke loose. Or rather, all hell froze over before breaking loose.

A Caligula was lurking in the nearby area. All the noise kicked up by the fighting nearby woke it up, and it appeared to be grumpy. I dunno what to compare that with here, but all I can tell you is this: it's big, it's fast, it's damn powerful even for veteran Gods Eaters, and it commands power over ice. Oh, and it can fly. Well, not actually fly like a bird, it's more like it can hover in mid-air for a few seconds up to a full minute, just like its volcanic counterpart Hannibal.

All of us decided to split up for a few minutes and wait out the Caligula's rampage. Soma headed for the old cathedral (Area G in my map), Alisa for the now-deserted parking lot (Area L), Lindow went for the other parking lot on the far end of the area (Area N), and I made a beeline for the old convent (Area K) [F0].

That was probably my biggest mistake.

Apparently this was where the Caligula was sleeping, and two of the Vajras had pounced on the vacancy and settled in. I was just about to backtrack when I heard the frozen emperor thud its way towards where I was hiding.

Just as soon as the Caligula screamed its anger at being woken up prematurely, the Vajras also howled their claim of the area.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened next. It was pure chaos.

Ice, electricity, dust and debris were flying through the air, and while I would have really loved to join in the fray and kill at least one of them, I knew I didn't stand a chance so long as all three Aragami were in that confined space. It didn't help that I was running low on supplies, too. All that I had on me at the time was a snare trap, a pair of restore pills, and my last stun grenade.

I chanced a glance to my communicator. Alisa and Soma were now engaging the other Vajra, and Lindow was headed in my direction.

Much as I really wanted to stay where I was, I knew that even Lindow's famous near-impossible survival ability would be practically useless against a pair of Vajras and the Caligula. I decided to hightail it out.

I waited until the fireworks died down before sprinting out. To make sure that I had enough time to run and keep Lindow away from the soon-to-be carnage, I paused for a second midway in the path towards the exit and raised my arm up, ready to throw my stun grenade to the ground and run for dear life.

I wasn't able to, however.

The last thing that I remember before passing out was getting shocked twice by the Vajras from behind, then the cold chill of the Caligula's Coquito Spilum.

Then everything faded into black.

When I came to, I was in a forest where the trees had red leaves, like it's always autumn but the temperature's telling you it's summer. Also, I could still smell the burnt scent from the back of my coat. I took it off and inspected it, and found only the back side was damaged, thankfully not to the point of uselessness. It was pretty burnt with a darker scorched hole in the middle showing where the Vajra's lightning hit me, and an ice-crusted ring indicating where the Caligula's Spilum made contact. That made me realize I was really lucky - the burnt hole would've been at the base of my neck, right at the spinal column, and the iced ring would've hit my heart.

I slid my coat back on, picked up my God Arc, and started walking. God, that place really is nice... Wish there was a spot on Earth like that, and I'd take the team along for a quick vacation. I was thinking to myself, this could Heaven or this could be Hell... But then again, since I'm still alive, it couldn't be either.

That's when I heard the growls. Okay, that's not part of my vacation plans.

I slowly turned my head around. I counted seven pairs of red eyes looking at me hungrily. I shouldered by God Arc, saying to myself: Heh, sorry boys, but we're a bit hungry and my God Arc can certainly use a meal right about n- wait a moment. I don't remember any Aragami having solid red eyes...

And the first of them charged from behind. I barely avoided it, and the thing's claw nicked my left arm.

It's going to be boring if I tell you the whole fairytale so I'll just get to the nub of the story. I landed in Forever Fall, wandered a bit, encountered seven Beowolves, killed six then met Team RWBY, who killed that last pup. Then they took me here while giving me a crash course on this world and the Grimm, got me into the infirmary, and a short while later here I am on an infirmary cot and talking to the Director - er, Headmaster.

::Third Person POV::

Ozpin regarded the bespectacled young woman in front of him. While he couldn't deny that she had guts and skill, it was clearly evident that she still had to undergo lots of training to improve.

The redhead's weapon was also another curious object - she was implying it could somehow eat. A weapon that requires sustenance... It could be dangerous, but at the same time Ozpin could see serrations on her blade, looking very much like teeth. Perhaps that was what she meant; warriors of old times used to say the phrase "blades tasting blood".

"Thank you for taking the time to tell me, young woman." Ozpin took a sip from his mug. "It's too early to say whether the injuries you sustained will keep you bedridden for long. I advise that you take the time to rest and let your body mend itself."

The redhead slid into a more comfortable position. "Aye, sir." Just as Ozpin was about to turn towards the door, she called out to him, "Headmaster, sir, pardon my forwardness, but do you mind if I ask just what kind of place I'm in right now?"

Ozpin wheeled with a small grin on his face. "I don't mind. You are inside Beacon Academy, a prestigious school for training Huntsmen and Huntresses. One of the duties of a Huntsman or a Huntress is to keep people safe; just as the title implies, they are tasked to hunt creatures of Grimm. You yourself encountered one type, and you displayed considerable skill to be counted as a Huntress."

She blinked a few times, processing the information. "I... I see. Thank you, Headmaster sir. That's all I have to ask for now."

Ozpin left the room, quietly closing the door. As soon as he was out of it, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long were immediately at his side. "Professor Ozpin! How is she?"

Ozpin smiled at the two. "She is all right, although it looks like she's a bit exhausted. A blade that can eat, huh."

He noticed Yang, the blonde brawler, give a slight shudder while Ruby looked even more excited. "It's true, Professor! I saw her weapon change form! It looked like a Beowolf's snout, actually. She held it like this-" the cloaked girl mimed how the other was posed, then went on, "- and then when she lunged forward, the, uh, thing her weapon was opened further and took a bite out of the Beowolf! It was pretty cool!"

"Please, Ruby, it was not in the least 'cool'. It was more of savage, if you ask me." A white-haired girl walked up from the opposite direction. She was accompanied by a taller, black-haired girl. "Blake and I were also discussing it, and that girl's weapon seems to be alive, in a way."

"I agree with Weiss," the black haired girl said. "I can see the point of having a weapon change forms, but not one that can bite off a Beowolf's head and almost literally eat it up."

This caused Ozpin's brow to rise slightly. "Is that so, miss Belladonna?"

The black haired girl nodded. "Yes, sir. I had my scroll in record mode so I was able to capture part of what happened."

Taking another sip from his mug, Ozpin turned the other way. "Team RWBY, report to my office. At once."

All four girls stood at attention and followed Ozpin to his office.

Ozpin watched in silence as a figure in red seemingly danced in and out of harm's way; a serrated red sword flashing every now and then, seeming to extend each time it swung, then retract after slicing into Grimm flesh; shortly, all seven Beowolves were temporarily down, writhing as if they were shocked with electricity.

Then it happened.

The red-clad woman took a half-step back, raised her sword. The blade seemed to retract into its base as a black-and-white being materialized from the base of the blade, and it seemed to writhe in the air until it sensed the Beowolf about to get back up on its legs. It grew still, its mouth gaping a bit wider in anticipation of a bite.

Then the woman lunged forward, thrusting her weapon. At the same time the black being opened further, and snapped shut just the unfortunate Grimm chanced to glance up to see a black maw encompassing its head. She remained in that pose for a few seconds, letting her weapon have its fill, and only straightened up when the black being retracted back to wherever it came from.

Ozpin noted how the red-clad woman shrugged as she glanced to the base of her weapon, and he clearly heard her next words as she lowered her stance, left leg forward and her blade held behind her for a sweeping slash.

"Meh, no cores. But at least the bind's released for a full twenty seconds. More than enough time for me."

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I know the RWBY/GEB crossover idea's been done before... But I couldn't help myself after re-playing my save data. And yes, Azal is the name of my not-so-silent protagonist.

I also used my save data's equipment - FFED Assault Blaze, Laoyang II, Aiding Shield X; Sweeper Rouge top and Sweeper Rouge pants. Props to anyone who can identify the two upgrade kits and the control unit I'm using, given what little references I've written.

Speaking of references, there's more than a few I've placed. Let's see if you can find 'em:

BlazBlue (one reference)
"Hotel California" by The Eagles (one very easy reference)
Rurouni Kenshin (two references)
Bleach (one reference)

Alright, that's it for moi for now.

Sanguis out.