RWBY-x-Gods Eater: Burst Crossover

Chapter Title: full circle

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Azal's eyes were wide with combined surprise, worry, and horror.

Ruby Rose was holding her God Arc.

It was common knowledge among Gods Eaters - nay, it was an unwritten rule - that one absolutely must not touch another Gods Eater's God Arc.

Somehow, the branch had obtained footage of when Yuu had touched and actually wielded Lindow's God Arc (for the second time, according to the other veteran Gods Eaters) in Aegis Island, immediately after his epic one-on-one with the Corrosive King, Black Hannibal.

Right before everyone's eyes, as well as millions of viewers throughout the remainder of the world, the moment replayed: Yuu's determined look, his scream of anguish as the Lindow's God Arc's Oracle Cells began invading his left arm, and his most memorable statement in the entire history of the Den.

"Don't run away! Don't run away from living! That's an order!"

The footage is now included in standard Gods Eater rookie learning materials. And it burned itself into Azal's memory.

She had spoken a few times to Yuu Kannagi himself, but had yet to accompany the legendary First Unit Leader on a mission. On one of those 'talks', as the veteran New-Type called it, he had the rookie promise him on oath to never touch another's God Arc.

"But, why?" The rookie redhead asked back then.

The raven-haired, laid-back veteran God Eater smiled, ruffled her hair, before turning into a dark, serious Leader. "I'll tell you why. Your God Arc is matched only for you, and its Oracle Cells mix with your body cells. That way, it 'marks' you as its owner. Now, if another person touches it, your God Arc will reject that person and attempt to devour him. That's your God Arc's way of punishing the other person for taking what's rightfully yours."

Yuu continued his lecture, with Azal looking on wide-eyed. "First, he will feel a burning sensation in his palm, where the God Arc's grip touches his hand. Then it will spread very quickly to his forearm, and in a matter of seconds the pain will shoot up to nearly unbearable levels, enough to make a normal person faint. During every second of this, the God Arc's Oracle Cells will try to break down the other person's body cells, causing physical changes. If left untreated, that person dies a slow and painful death due to Oracle Cell infection."

Azal was still speechless a few minutes after Yuu's lecture. "Hey, don't mind it so much, kid," he ruffled her hair again. "Gods Eaters have more sense than to just grab a hold of another God Eater's God Arc. Well, except me, of course. Licca and Alisa both keep on reminding me how reckless I am," he finished with a chuckle.

With a quickness that rivalled Ruby Rose's speed Semblance, Azal somehow managed to safely leave her mug with a surprised Yang and dash in front of the cloaked Huntress-in-training, one hand holding the God Arc away from the younger girl while the other was used to hold Ruby's hand. "Do you feel anything in this hand? Any pain or discomfort whatsoever?"

"Gyaaah!" In surprise, Ruby tried pulling away. She calmed down a bit, noticing it was Azal who held her hand. "Uh, no... But your grip's kinda tight...?"

The redhead immediately loosened her grip. "My apologies..."

Ozpin and Goodwitch approached the God Eater, quizzical expressions on their faces. "Miss Rojo, while I understand that your weapon is heavily customized, I have to say your behavior towards it is... Possessive, to say the least." One of the blonde professor's eyebrows gently rose.

The redhead gently sighed. "How do I even begin to explain this..."

If Ruby Rose was perplexed at first, she was now relieved that she did not hold onto the God Eater's weapon, after hearing everything.

"I see. So your weapon is, quite literally, yours alone." Ozpin drained his mug and gently set it on the table.

Glynda was still eyeing the weapon with mixed doubt and awe. "However, if what you are saying is true, then we should look for contingency measures for maintenance. We should also have Miss Rose immediately tested for possible - what did you call it again?"

"Oracle Cell Infection," Azal filled in, still looking at Ruby with worry.

Weiss took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Leave it to this dunce to expose herself to unnecessary risk," she said out loud, quite irritatedly.

Azal sighed before speaking. "It was not her fault. She did not-"

Yang's eyes narrowed at Weiss, lilac orbs now with a touch of red behind them. "Just what are you trying to imply, princess?"

"All I am saying is that dolt's insatiable curiosity will be the en-" Weiss was cut off as she felt a surge of heat from the blonde brawler's direction. She wisely kept silent before things took a turn for the worse.

"Stop it, Weiss. Enough, Yang," Blake put a hand to her partner's shoulder, gently shaking her head. Ruby, quick to catch on and wanting to preserve both sister and partner from ripping each other's throats out, took the other side and gently laid her head on the blonde's shoulder.

The red in the blonde's eyes gradually died back down to its normal lilac shade. "Grr. Y'know I can't stay mad at you for long, sis." She shifted slightly to give the scythe wielder a one-armed hug.

Azal merely watched, without reaction, as the events played out. She turned to Ozpin and pointed her thumb towards them. "Are they always like this, sir?"

The headmaster replied with a shrug. "More or less."

A month later, Azal was summoned to Goodwitch's office. As always, she went not knowing what would happen, but facing it without fear.

This thinking was immediately challenged when she entered the professor's office. The sharp look Goodwitch gave the redhead made her pause, feeling her pulse quicken and her breath catch in her throat.

"I do not have all day, Miss Rojo. Take a seat." The blonde professor's tone brooked no disobedience, and Azal found herself complying without question. She's just as intimidating as Tsubaki Amamiya... Maybe more, the redhead thought to herself.

Azal followed the blonde professor's movement quietly, slightly flinching whenever the deep blue eyes would glance her way.

"Miss Rojo." Glynda's voice cut through the silence, surprising the redhead. "What do you know about Aura and Semblance?"

Azal blinked a few times. What do I know about them? "Next to nothing, ma'am. The other students do say that I am a natural huntress, and they have also guessed that my Semblance is Tracking."

A wry smile played on Glynda's lips. "I would guess it is more because of your training, rather than Semblance. However I think it is time to have your Aura unlocked, so we can find out what your Semblance is."

The God Eater blinked again. "Unlocking... My Aura? How do I do that?"

The blonde professor held a hand out. "Give me your hand, Miss Rojo."

Azal hesitatingly lifted her left hand and grasped the blue-eyed woman's open palm, unsure what to do. "Close your eyes and focus," Glynda then commanded her. The blonde professor's facial expression softened a little, following up with a gentler tone. "Please, try to relax. We'll get better results that way."

Still somewhat doubtful of the process (partially due to the feeling of deja vu), Azal closed her eyes and waited. After doing so, the older woman also closed her eyes and started to project her Aura.

The redhead felt something flow through her arm; it felt warm, comforting, yet powerful. A few minutes later, she felt the warmth recede, and something equally powerful yet radiant take its place from within her.

"You... May open your eyes now, Miss Rojo. You certainly... Are full of surprises, as Professor Ozpin said."

Azal slowly opened her eyes, to find a red glow surrounding her. It felt warm, but only enough to be comfortable. "Wh... What is this, Professor Goodwitch?"

The blonde woman was breathing raggedly, looking as if she was exhausted. "That... That is your Aura, Miss Rojo," Glynda replied, sounding as tired as she looked. "You are quite an enigma indeed... To think you would almost drain my Aura before I... Could even begin to unlock yours."

"Ah. I apologize, Professor." The red glow began to fade. "But... Couldn't it be done in stages, if unlocking my Aura was that difficult?"

Glynda shook her head as she leaned back on her swivel chair, turning slightly towards the window. The headmaster's voice answered from the door, making both turn. "Then it would take far longer to unlock your Aura. No, Glynda, remain seated," Ozpin bade the blonde woman who was readying herself to stand. "I did not think it would tax you so much just to coax out our lone-wolf Huntress' Aura."

Glynda gave a wry smile. "Neither did I, professor. Still, you were right about her. I should have expected as much from your second personal recruit this year."

Azal turned to the headmaster. "Permission to speak, sir." After Ozpin nodded, she continued. "Pardon my curiosity sir, but who was your first 'personal recruit', as Professor Goodwitch worded it?"

The brown-eyed headmaster gave a small smile, and pointed his cane to one of the myriad, miniature portraits on the other end of the wall. Azal followed it with her eyes, and her eyebrows drew together while she tried to focus her sight on the portrait. Realization dawned on her after recognizing the hooded cloak, surprise showing in her voice. "Ruby... Rose?"

"Surprised?" Ozpin chuckled. "I was at first, when I saw the footage of her fighting off four armed robbers on her own. After we brought her for questioning, that was when I found that she was trained personally by an associate of mine." He sat on the corner of Glynda's desk, earning him a glare (but since he was facing the other way, Ozpin was oblivious to the daggers being hurled at his back) as he continued. "She admitted to wanting to be a Huntress. Since she had the raw talent and skill, as well as having the desire to enter my school, then we might as well grant her wish, no?"

[ Possible End 1 ]

[ The Lone Red She-Wolf ]




Azal, being a late enrollee, was not included in any team; she continued as a lone wolf, certainly an oddity among the Huntsmen teams. Later on, despite frequent requests to join up with other teams, Azal politely declined them all, preferring to work always alone.

In close combat, no one - neither Ruby Rose's near-teleportation speed, Pyrrha Nikos' impressive combat experience, Nora Valkyrie's (unintentional) destructive unpredictability, Weiss' pinpoint fencing, nor Lie Ren's unorthodox (yet fluid and effective, Azal had to admit) style, and certainly not even Yang Xiao Long's vaunted brawling skills - could best the redheaded God Eater. Other students often complained that Azal often merely toyed with them before crushing them in one swift, merciless attack.

Azal was ranked third behind Ruby Rose and Pyrrha Nikos for ranged combat mastery. Surprisingly, Yang Xiao Long - despite her weapon's very limited range - proved to be quite an accurate shot herself, giving Azal a run for her money.

Dust usage and mastery was where Azal floundered the most. Despite being personally tutored by the Schnee heiress herself in exchange for extensive information regarding God Arcs, the redheaded God Eater simply had no clue about the crystalline resource. As a result, each and every time, Azal fared the worst during all Dust lab classes. There were a few times that Azal inadvertently caused explosions of varying intensities in the lab, causing disruption. At one time she made an explosion so bad it forced everyone (including a pissed-off Glynda and an amused Ozpin) to evacuate due to the smoke blocking up the entire Academy's ventilation system.

In spite of all the ups and downs, she was able to execute any and all missions on her own, at times accepting backup requests from other teams. This earned her the nickname "One-Woman Army"; her old monicker, "Crimson Slasher", was somehow found out by some of the more 'inquisitive' students and revived. But she was best known as during her time in Beacon as the "Lone Red She-Wolf".

Azal sat between Ruby and Jaune, almost four years after she first arrived in Remnant. The two teams were among the best known graduates of Beacon Academy, with Team RWBY receiving the honor of being Ozpin's personal prodigies.

Azal, still maintaining her lone wolf status, soon received the distinction of being the most dangerous solo Huntress. Her first solo extermination mission was a huge success, and her fame took off shortly after that. She did try a few accompaniment or backup requests every now and then, each time almost ending up with either Azal herself or another person biting their heads off due to a misfire from either party.

Azal smiled slightly as the memories played in her mind. Four years... Who'd have thought that a God Eater would survive without Aragami? Then again, my God Arc regularly gets a meal, one way or another; so long as it's happy and fed, I'll be fine.

She turned her attention to the stage again, where Glynda was now making her way to the mic. Four years have passed and she never looked a day older, except for that one time that the blonde professor unlocked her Aura. She gave the blue-eyed woman a small smile; Glynda seemed to have noticed, and gave a small smile and a slight nod back.

"Hey, did you see that?! Professor Goodwitch knows how to smile after all!"

"Whoa, and I thought I'd never see that happen!"

"Who do you think she smiled at? It was somewhere in this area..."

"Meh, probably the blonde guy... John, was it? The bumbling one?"

"Oh, you mean Jaune Arc? Yeah, you're probably right... I heard the guy gives a damn good massage, he gave everyone in his team and Team RWBY a good rubdown, even Professor Goodwitch..."

Azal facepalmed audibly, ignoring the sting on her palm and forehead. God, that's TMI... Nobody needed to hear that, least of all me...

Jaune groaned at the same time, facepalming as well. "Oh God... Not today!"

As if in response to the murmuring, Glynda threw a scowl at the murmuring students, easily visible from where she stood, and cleared her throat at the microphone. "After four years," she began while still pointedly looking at the group behind Azal, "you've made it this far. Today will decide whether you will move to other careers, stay to hone your skills further, or begin your new life as full-fledged Huntsmen and Huntresses."

Azal noticed the slight murmurs from the students as the blonde professor moved away, and the headmaster walked up to the mic. "Professor Goodwitch is correct. For years you've studied, honed your skills, built partnerships. Today, Beacon Academy shall place all graduating students under one simple test. You will either fail, and stay another year to improve on your weaknesses; fail or succeed, and move to a different field of endeavor; or you will pass and start a career as a Huntsman or Huntress."

Jaune audibly gulped, while Ruby seemed to be eager to know what the test would be. Glancing to either side, Azal saw the general mood was either that of anticipation or nervousness.

"Your final test from Beacon is simple enough: just like in your initiation four years ago, each of you will head to a relic site, take one, and make it back here in the auditorium." Ozpin took a short sip, taking in the students' varied reactions. "As like before, you will be monitored, but there will be absolutely no intervention this time. With the exception of one individual, this will be a team effort. Each team will need four relics of the same type. And just like how it was four years ago, you will be encountering opposition. Do not hesitate, or you will face death. Questions?"

"Yes sir!" Jaune's hand shot up? "Will we be needing a landing strategy again?"

Ozpin chuckled. "That depends, young man. What route will you take?"

Azal took a quick look around, quickly making a headcount. If the relics are to be chess pieces again, not all teams can get four pieces each... More than half will be eliminated, unless... Her eyes narrowed slightly. If in case I'm wrong I can still spare some time to get a relic from there, and make it back here.

"If that is all..." Ozpin raised his hand in the air. His next words were marked by the sudden downswing of his raised arm, giving a sign known by all. "You may GO!"

It seemed like a stampede as practically all students made a run for the exits, except for nine individuals left in the auditorium.

"Permission to speak sir!" Azal took three steps closer to the stage, choosing to wait until all noise died down and eventually disappeared. "Is there only one relic site?"

Three gasps sounded at the same time. "Apparently, I wasn't the only one who had the idea," the cat Faunus Blake smiled slightly.

"Just what I would expect from the Lone Red She-Wolf of Beacon," Pyrrha nodded. Azal glanced with a smirk that said, I could say the same of you.

"Proof that the three red heads think alike!" Ruby put her hands on her waist in a proud pose, making Yang and Jaune chuckle.

Glynda smiled while turning to Ozpin. "Sir?"

"Well done, Teams RWBY, JNPR, and Miss Rojo." Ozpin motioned towards the back of the stage. "There are sixteen available pieces behind the stage. You may get one each. Congratulations on being the first to pass in your batch."

Everyone grinned. This was certainly a good omen for their careers as Huntsmen and Huntresses.






[ Possible End 2 ]

[ The Enemy Within ]




Azal woke up with a start. For some reason, she felt odd. Her pulse was racing, and she was sweating heavily. She raised one hand to wipe her face.

That was when she noticed something else that was odd.

Her armlet - rather, the skin immediately around her P53 Armed Implant - was darkening. Had it been dark before...?

Dismissing the thought as unimportant, Azal threw off the covers and slid off of bed. As soon as she put weight on her legs, the redhead immediately felt them give way as if they were mere sticks.

With a startled gasp, Azal's hands flailed about, grabbing onto the bed and gripping the sheets as hard as she can. She still slid down to the floor, although at a slower rate with the sheet slowing her descent.

Slowly, the redhead crawled back to her bed, panting with exertion. What the hell is happening?

Azal couldn't go back to sleep after that little episode. Later, she received a call from the headmaster, summoning her. After putting on her clothes, Azal tested her legs again. They seemed to be fine... Was it all her imagination...?

"Miss Rojo, you seem preoccupied." Ozpin's voice broke into her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, nothing serious sir. Just thinking on some... Matters." Azal sighed.

The gray-haired headmaster seemed to be on the verge of saying something, but decided against it. "Very well. You are to work with Miss Rose, Miss Nikos, and Miss Scarlatina today in Forever Falls. You will be investigating a series of Grimm disappearances in the area. Several teams have reported medium to large sized Grimm vanishing into the ground, for no apparent reason. They have all described it as a black portal of sorts that immediately close up after sucking in the Grimm."

"A... Black portal? In Forever Falls?" Azal's brow furrowed. Wasn't that where she first landed?

"That is what we are unsure of at this point. You and Miss Rose will provide combat support while Miss Scarlatina and Nikos investigate." Ozpin drained his mug and set it on his table. "Questions?"

"I suppose I will find out when I get to the site." Azal clenched her jaw as she felt the bite on her wrist... It's almost like the Aptitude Test all over again. "M-mission priority, sir?"

"High, Miss Rojo. Top priority is information and safe return. Any physical samples obtained would be a very welcome bonus."

Azal stood straight. "Understood sir."

The redhead was almost out of the door when Ozpin called Azal. "Miss Rojo, I'm observing a bit of discomfort. Are you ill?"

"Heh, no sir. It's that time of the month. Y'know..." Azal grinned and shrugged, hoping to play off the increasingly uncomfortable sensation in her arm.

Ozpin smirked at her. "I see. All the more reason to take care out there, Miss Rojo. You don't know what creatures will be attracted by the scent of blood."

"Hey, you okay?" Ruby's voice broke into Azal's thoughts this time.

"Yes... Oh, damn it, I might as well tell you." Azal sighed. "Please don't breathe a word of this to anyone else. No, I haven't been okay for a while now."

"Why, what is it? Anything wrong?" Pyrrha approached, notepad in one hand and pen in other.

Azal shook her head. "Nothing serious. It's just that - hrrk!" The redhead fell to her knees as her right hand felt burning from within.

"Oh God! Miss Azal, your hand!" Velvet Scarlatina's voice was edged with horror.

Everyone glanced down. Azal's right hand, up to her elbow, seemed to be mutated. Its surface was a rough black with tinges and streaks of red. "Grh... Damn... It... It's happening... Aaaah!"

"Azal!" Ruby and Pyrrha were at her side, helping her stay sitting upright. "Was... Was this what you were...?" Ruby's fear and panic could be easily heard in her voice.

The God Eater tried her best to smile through the pain, sweat beading her face and neck. "Yeah... This... Is what happens... If you... Touch another Gods Eater's God Arc... Hnngg!" Azal's face twisted with pain as the black and red mass started to travel up her arm; it was now almost at her shoulder.

Pyrrha gently set Azal against a tree, tucking away a few wayward strands of hair from the Gods Eater's face. "Breathe in and out slowly, Azal, in and out... Now, what do we need to do to cure you?"

Azal shook her head. "There... Isn't any..."

"What do you mean? It can't be possible that there isn't any cure!" Velvet chimed in.

"It's true. Once infection sets in... There's no turning back." Azal grimaced as she leaned backwards, letting her head thump softly on the wood. "My armlet's P53 bias factor... Must have run out... And now my weapon is consuming me..."

"Can't we get more of that factor whatever?" Ruby had her Scroll out and was attempting a call. "I'm not going to let one of my friends die out here, not while I can do something!"

Azal gently smiled. "Yes... There is one thing you... Can do for me." She held her God Arc in a reverse grip, and raised it to her neck. "Normal weapons will not be enough to kill me completely... Because of my mixed Oracle Cells. The only way... To stop the outbreak... And contain it within me... Is by... Assisted suicide."

"No!" Pyrrha, Velvet and Ruby almost yelled at the same time.

Azal closed her eyes. "Please. This will probably be... The last favor... I'll ever ask. If you leave me be... The Oracle Cells will... Take over me... And I'll start spreading it... To other creatures... There's no one... Who can stop Oracle Cell bias here... I don't want... To leave with... Regrets..."

The three Huntresses-in-training were silent for a few minutes.

"All right." The sound of Crescent Rose unfurling disturbed the silence. "I don't want to do this, Azal, but..."

Azal felt at peace, despite the near-blinding pain in her arms. "Thank you," she whispered softly.

A shot rang out in Forever Falls seconds later, making the birds fly off. It masked the sickening sound of sharp blades digging into human flesh.






[ True End ]

[ The Red Flower Wilts ]




Earth, April 18, 2072.

A four-man mission was dispatched by Fenrir to immediately eliminate five Vajras in the City of Mercy. Tasked to this mission were the following Gods Eaters:

Corporal Lindow Amamiya
Sniper Private Alisa Illichina Amiella
Assault Corporal Soma von Schicksal
Assault Private Azalea Rojo

Midway through the mission, the team reported a surprise encounter with the Frozen Emperor, Caligula. Deciding to split up, Rojo had the unfortunate luck to chance upon the Caligula's lair, which had been claimed by two of the Vajras.

While making her way out, Azal had pulled the pin on a stun grenade, ready to throw it to the ground and run for dear life. Her hand was in the air, the round, cold surface of the explosive grasped firmly in her clammy hand; she was mere moments away from detonating it when the world seemed to suddenly slow down.

Azal felt her legs go wobbly, aware of the jolt of electricity that coursed through her body. Despite the pain, she knew she would survive one of those nasty shocks.

The redhead steeled herself, grit her teeth and extended her arm upward once more, intent on escaping with her life. Again, she felt the shock of hundreds, probably thousands, of volts hitting her squarely at the nape of her neck. This time she was no longer aware of anything else; the shock, being so close to her head and unluckily hitting her bare skin, fried her nerves and shocked her brain into a short comatose state.

The last thing to register in Azal's rapidly dimming senses was the brown earth coming up to meet her, and the salty taste in her mouth as she dimly felt something cold pierce her heart.

Wait... Where's that stun grenade?

"Hang in there!" Lindow was running as fast as his legs could carry him. "Don't die!"

Just as he rounded the corner, he heard the unmistakable boom of a stun grenade and saw the blinding flash of light that always accompanied it. The rookie must have thrown that grenade. On impulse, he yelled, "Now!"

Lindow started to worry after not seeing anyone appear for five seconds. The disorienting flash of light and sound only lasted for five seconds, enough for any Gods Eater - rookie or veteran - to be able to get to hiding, at the very least put some distance between him and the Aragami. Worry mounting up with each passing second, Lindow decided to take a peek, a cold dread starting to work its way within him. "Damn, please don't let it be-!"

What Lindow saw made him stop cold in his tracks.

Azalea Rojo, the sixth New-Type Gods Eater assigned to the Far East Branch, was lying facedown in a pool of blood, the Caligula's spilum still sticking up from the dead woman's back. Her entire body was also smoking, although he wasn't sure if that was an effect of the frozen weapon.

"Oh no... Soma! Alisa! We're retreating! Now!" Without thinking, Lindow grabbed Azal's left arm and yanked her out of view while the Aragami continued to howl, the icy spear dissipating into thin air as it clattered to the ground as the dead redhead was dragged on the ground with her weapon still in her grasp.

"Lindow? What happened?" Alisa's voice sounded through the communicator. The other Vajra's howl of annoyance could be heard clearly in the background.

"No time to explain, kill that thing and get out of there!" Lindow hurriedly turned Azal on her back and ripped off the blood red overcoat, confirming his suspicions. The Caligula's weapon had indeed pierced through the redhead's chest, leaving an ugly hole. Her skin also appeared to suffer burns; likely it was caused by electrocution from the Vajras.

"Lindow, what's - damn." Soma's voice fell as he saw Azal's dead form. "Leader - I mean, Yuu's gonna be pissed."

Back in the Den, the sad news quickly spread. One of the most promising members of the newly-formed 4th Unit died in the line of duty, trying to keep her team safe from the onslaught of the Caligula and two Vajras.

Another member of the 4th Unit, a blonde girl wearing a black beanie cap and a black sniper outfit, sighed into her hands clasped in front of her face. Her shoulders shuddered ever so slightly.

Beside her sat two veteran Gods Eaters. One was a young man wearing a green jacket and black sports cap, paired with pants that hung midway through his calf: this was 3nd Unit Sub-leader, Shun Ogawa. The other wore a purple scarf with an eye patch on her left eye, white hair worn in a bob cut: none other than 3rd Unit Leader and ranged specialist, Gina Dickinson. "Hey, cheer up, cuz... Your friend's in a better place now." Shun gently patted her back.

"I agree, Karen. She can't help make our red flowers bloom here anymore, but I'm sure she'll make even more pretty red blooms wherever she is," Gina added.

The blonde took another deep, shaky breath before speaking. "Azal..."

Both veterans looked up as the sharp clicking of heels sounded approaching them. "Karen Dickinson-Ogawa, snap out of it! You both knew when you two signed up as Gods Eaters that you are always at the risk of death."

The blonde girl, addressed as Karen, slowly stood and blankly looked at the imposing figure of Tsubaki Amamiya. "I grieve not because of Azal's death, Miss Amamiya. I only grieve that I was not with her when it happened." She politely bowed to the taller woman in front of her. "It may be better that she is gone; the soul known as 'Azalea Rojo' is now no longer alone. Please excuse me while I think on this and clear my mind for my next mission."

Everyone present in the Den was quiet as Karen, known in the branch as the Sniper Samurai, Azal's closest friend, and cousin to both Shun and Gina, make her way to the elevator with her head held high and an even step. Hibari broke the silence as soon as the elevator doors closed. "Uh, Tsubaki... Weren't you too hard on her?"

Tsubaki shook her head, a sad smile on her face. "I'll probably never understand how those two polar opposites became friends. The Crimson Slasher and the Sniper Samurai."


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