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Chapter One- Divided

Today is the day.

I take one single deep breath before I exhale slowly. I smooth back my braided blonde hair again and tighten the jacket around myself. There is a mirror in front of me. But I do not look at it. I do not want to see myself. I will just end up remembering and crying.

As I walk to the Fairy Tail Guild—was a guild, I correct myself—I barely notice the craters in the streets. I ignore the ashen buildings and the burnt shops. I do not see the once beautiful trees of Magnolia charred by battles.

I step over the broken stone columns and have no need to push open a door as I walk onto the wooden floors of the Guild. The door is broken, fragile, hanging precariously.

Everyone is already present. Or, most of everyone. Everyone who is alive.

My eyes meet my best friend, Natsu Dragneel's, for a moment. Then I walk over to where the rest of my team is standing.

"Lucy," Natsu tried to speak eagerly. His voice shakes and he stops.

I bite my lip and do not speak. I may sob.

Gray Fullbuster touches my back lightly. "Master is not here yet."

Erza Scarlet, the last and most ferocious member of the team does not greet me but a look of understanding passes between us. Any moment now.

One week, simply seven days ago, the darkest guild Tartarus broke in. They were joined by Grimoire Heart. After all that Fairy Tail had achieved—after all Natsu—had achieved, they lost.

The city was wiped out; the battle to destroy Magnolia or protect Magnolia went on for three days. But every guild was destroyed. Worse still, they had manipulated Sabretooth to join them.

I realize now, what they want. Or I think I do. We were held captives until the masters of each Guild were informed about the new lifestyle of the guild members, the people. We were to be divided into quarters. I remember some details about we were to trained by the Alliance until we formed the army they wanted. Then, there would be only one Guild. One Dark Guild for the entire Fiore. Or for the world, if this is what the Alliance choose to do. Pull every guild under their control and play with it until it turns into one special toy.

Fairy Tail was destroyed. Every guild in Magnolia, with the exception of Sabretooth was. We have to fight, and we have to be a part of the army.

I choose to fight. I choose to be a part of the Guild, unlike the many who quit out of fear.

Because I know, that being a part of the army means I have a place to stand. Being controlled entirely by the Alliance…I cannot let that happen. I never thought I would think of this, but right now, waiting for Master Makarov to send us into various parts of Fiore to be trained and then to meet at Domas Flau to fight each other and leave nothing but the cruelly strong standing for the Alliance, I do think of it. I think of a rebellion. I think of the people who I will make take part in it.

The image of Cana and Bisca dying fills my mind again and I bite back a sob. I cannot help but remember, though. How can I forget Alzack, trying to protect Bisca and the sight of Minerva cutting through them both? How can I forget Levy—I blink back tears—being killed from behind faster than she could blink. Gajeel, who chooses to quit rather than to join the army which killed the girl he loved. Or Happy, who nobody realized had died until two days ago. Worst of all, Wendy. She was so small. So weak. It was all so fast.

At least, she did not feel the pain. I hope she is in peace.

"Lucy," Gray whispers in my ear. His dark blue eyes meet mine and I nod as I look away from them, facing a Makarov so covered in bandages I can hardly recognize him.

I expected to listen to every word he said. But as I hear him speak of everyone who had died and repeat how perhaps not even one of us could make it through into the army if the Alliance wished, I tune him out. I do not want to listen.

It is only when he raises his frail voice to announce which of the categories we shall be forced to train in at Tarturus's Headquarters that I look up at him again.

"Two of you will be in each section," His voice shakes with suppressed sorrow. These are not the rules he wishes to command us, but we have no choice. If we run, they find us. If we fight now, they kill us. If we refuse, they kill us.

"And…children," he said, his eyes sweeping over each of us and lingering on every head. "I don't know whether you will be in even the same part of Fiore."

A stab of pain runs through my chest. How far would we be from each other? I see Natsu and Erza look at me, but I do not look back.

"Natsu and Mirajane, 1." Makarov starts. He has it memorized. He probably spent an entire night looking at the list. Feeling sorry.

I feel glad for them. They will be together. They will have each other. I smile at Mirajane, who returns a soft smile of her own.

"Lisanna and Erza, 2."

I feel happy for them too. I wait with bated breath for my name to be called as Makarov continues down the list, but it does not come. At last, when six of us is left, my name is called.

"Lucy and Gray, 15."

I feel giddy with relief. Gray will be there. I will not be paired up with no one at all. His hand laces into mine and squeezes it gently.

My fingers leave Natsu's as I walk away with Gray and the other members of the 15 Quarter as we call it. His onyx eyes soften and he smiles just a little before he turns and walks away too. We are to be put under different members. That is why they choose to divide us into these quarters. It is like the Grand Magic Games, only deadlier. With no referee to choose right and wrong.

If you win, it is right. If you die, it is right.

If you show one inch of refusal against the Alliance, it is wrong. And wrong means one word. Death. And I try not to flirt with it.

Lisanna and Erza had both hugged me tight. Mirajane had simply put one arm around my shoulders and whispered into my hair; "We'll fight. But we'll fight together."

I know what she means. We will rebel.

Gray walks solidly by my side now as we march out from the dark headquarters of Tartarus and make our way to our respective training places. We will be in Crocus, the closest to the arena of all the categories before the final guild is established. I feel sorry for Droy. He has to train in the ruins of Magnolia. With thirty of us and a hundred more of the other guilds, many will be in the same place in Fiore, but far from each other. Perhaps, underground.

"Are you okay?" Gray asks me, as we walk together. We are led by a man in a hood, our commander and member for Alliance, but he has not yet introduced himself.

I shrug. "It will be a while."

He sighs. "We have to fight each other you know. Not today, but someday. When we get through the training."

I look at him, shocked. My eyes find his and I speak softly; "No, Gray. We will fight together."

He is intelligent, thank heavens. He reads the word rebellion I scream at him behind the thin veil of saying together, which will seem an act of love to an outsider eavesdropping.

His eyes are cast down, his raven hair covering his forehead. "If we survive."

My patience with my friend snaps. I was wrong to think I could survive with Gray there for me. "You make me feel positive right now, Gray. Like a death sentence."

He glares at me for a moment and then sighs. "I'm sorry."

I do not speak. I do not forgive him nor do I act childish and say I do not care. And that is because we have reached an open ground with ashen gray grass. In the centre, a dark blue orb appears.

The Alliance member steps forward and speaks in a clear, but heavy voice; "Step through it."

"Through it?" A girl exclaims from behind. "It is Dark Magic! I read about this. It's a Transporter Spell, right?"

Our commander does not move but then says in a quiet voice, "What is your name?"

"L-Lucy." My head jerks automatically at the sound of my name. It is a common name, but is strange to hear. Gray looks at me.

"Well, Lucy, are you scared of Dark Magic?"

"I…I will not step through it. People die. It's Lost Magic, even you should not use it."

"Lucy, please step forward."

I would have said no, if I had been that stupid girl who shared my name. But the tone of our commander is deadly. Too quiet. Too steady. The foolish girl steps forward hesitantly, latching on to the boy beside her. She looks as if she wishes she never spoke.


We watch with terror as she steps close to him. With ten of us here, all mages, we can easily kill this one man. But we are drained of Magic force after days of battle. And if word spreads, something bad will happen to all the other mages.

A sharp gasp leaves my lips as the man thrusts a hand through Lucy's chest and she crumples to the ground. Dead.

"We do not favour the weak," he said calmly, as if he did not just kill a young girl by nothing but a mere thrust through her heart.

"No!" the boy who was standing next to her screams. "No, Lucy! No!"

My name being screamed out disturbs me.

"Please keep quiet." The hooded man says quietly. After what the Alliance member just did, I expected him to move forward and end the life of the boy too.


Nobody protests. The idea does not occur to me either. If the member in charge of us will go through it himself—which he will, as it is the only way to reach Crocus since the trains along with the stations were wrecked in the battle—then it is safe.

The second my skin comes in contact with the blue orb, I feel a tugging sensation. I expected that. However, my view of the gray field disappears and I am facing blurred colours in every side. I catch glimpses of Magnolia, the Kardia Cathedral and then bits of Crocus. There is a heavy pressure on my chest as if my very heart is being pulled.

My eyes close in the pain and I realize I do not have air to breathe. Then all of a sudden, the left side of my body comes in contact with a hard surface and air gushes in through my parted lips as I inhale.

I am on the clean concrete pavements of Crocus. Something is wrong. All around me, the people who went through the spell ahead of me and Gray are getting up. But the town is untouched by battle except for the few houses of the non-mages.

Anger flares in me. Were they made to move out? Will these newly formed Grand Magic Games in the arena of Domas Flau simply be used as entertainment for the Alliance before we are forced to form a guild? Is that why this is the only town left clean?

The breath comes out of my lungs again as I feel a heavy body on top of mine. I roll away to see Gray on the ground.

"Ouch!" I complain, rubbing my back.

He gives me a quick reproachful look. "The orb's right behind you Lucy, you should have moved."

I do not reply, feeling sheepish, as I notice the orb in its place. It is golden instead of blue.

It is, as we move towards the place headed by the Alliance's man—who appeared most gracefully, on his feet—that I catch sight of the people. I realize I was wrong, they were not made to move out. They are scared. They stare at us, some with pity and some with hatred from behind their curtains.

I turned my eyes away and look down. I let my blonde hair shield my pink face from the people I do not know staring at me as if their eyes will devour me.

Someone's soft hand brushes against my left hand. My right is encloses by Gray's warm hand. I look to my left and notice the person for the first time. Oh.

Oh. Oh!

She too, has put up a hood around herself. Her height being short, I had not noticed her. Or anyone, for that matter, too wrapped up in my thoughts.

Tears threaten to spill from my blurry eyes. My hand shakes and I hold in the sharp gasp of disbelief as I whisper brokenly; "Wendy?"

She nods, smiling. "I survived."

I have no time to hug her and tell her I'll keep her safe. If I can. "Why didn't you come to the Guild?"

"I was unconscious, until the morning. I didn't know you guys were at the…the guild," She closes her eyes and opens them again as she speaks. "I saw you, when you were going to that stupid blue thing from Tartarus's headquarters…I was unconscious there."

"And you joined us? Oh no, Wendy! It's only two members from every guild," My voice is laced with anguish.

"I know that, but Levy gave me something. It's important! She kept saying a something about a reb-rebel…something."

I almost laugh at Wendy's expression as she struggles to say rebellion. Levy had known, we had accepted all options even before defeat. She had suspected we would be forced to join them, but had not once accepted defeat, despite our low magic. But for her to die before she even said goodbye…

I swallow hard.

"Just keep hidden. We'll figure out a way."

I glance at Gray. He has already seen the little Dragon Slayer; his eyes are wide, frozen in shock. For Wendy to survive the blow she had received and not Levy…Wendy was strong at her age. Levy had been unprepared, which is unfair.

"Later," I whisper to him.

Suddenly, everyone stops again, directly under the heat. I stand too, confused. Then my blood runs cold as I see our commander stand directly in front of me. I can see his pale nose and soft curves of his mouth. I can see his firm cheekbones, angles perfectly, but I cannot see his eyes.

"This is not a picnic," he spits the words. "You will die, you realize that? We could have simply killed you all in a single fight, but we are lenient. You get to be trained, and if chatting with your boyfriend," he gestured harshly towards the joined hands of Gray and I. "Is considered training, give me one reason not to kill you right now and make elimination easier."

I drop Gray's hand. I should feel embarrassed, but hate and anger boils in my stomach, hot and strong. "You just want to watch a good fight."

"And if it is true?" he whispers dangerously.

"Then you'll miss out on it if you kill me." I am not afraid of being this cocky to this man. I am not.

And I know that they are yet to convince—no, manipulate and kill—the remaining guilds over Fiore before we will be made to fight. For the time being…

This society that they want to form, it is a new one. They will make us train, they will form a proper guild.

How orderly and right it could have seemed, if it were in the hands of the Magic Council. For once, I appreciate it.

I see white light around my eyes as I find myself staggering backwards. I did not see his hand come towards me, but I feel the impact of his punch over the right half of my face.

"Thank me. If you weren't that brave," he tilts my chin up, grabbing my hands with the other hand so I cannot protest. "You would be dead."

"Go to hell," I spit into his face.

Whatever I can see of his face hardens in anger and he throws me back. I heard Gray shout in anger but it seems distant. I am to land on the ground, but I kick my heels behind me at the last moment, and stand up unstably, but gracefully.

He walks away to the front to lead again and I start to move my legs again. My eyes smart but in anger, and I feel the bruise forming on cheek. My right eye does not open fully. What kind of a person is this man?

Gray brushes my cheek. I assure him with a roll of my eyes I am okay.

After a good ten minutes, we reach a bend in the street. My attacker stops and presses his palm to two symbols drawn on the cornerstone. I peer closer to see the insignias of Tartarus Guild and Grimoire Heart Guild. Another insignia has been scratched off—Oracein Seis—and I see an empty space in the pattern made by the joined insignias, and figure that is where Sabertooth's honour will lie.

A jagged crack splits the stone in half, and the whole pavement divides. I wait for him to tell us to jump, but there is no need. Dark Magic, I guess, erupts from the sides and we are thrust forwards towards the stone. Then I hear my own scream combined with everyone else's as we drop into the crevice.

The sun disappears above us.

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