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Chapter Two- Zeref

I was right.

I look around myself at the dark brown rocks surrounding us. Sunlight is a mere trickle through a tiny gap in the dirt and rocks all the way up to the pavement of Clover Town. There is a practically inaudible thump and the sunlight is cut off. The cornerstone has re-sealed itself. I was right to suspect some of us would be training underground.

Our instructor—my attacker—faces us. It is far too dark to see anything, yet his pale skin akin to that of Gray's stands out even in the dimness. His hands are exposed from the forearm courtesy of the sleeve of his black robes which end in a quarter cut at the crook of his elbow. His robes are lined with a thick golden colour and his collar is turned down, so the lower part of his face I saw before is exposed along with his neck. I see a flash of white garments under the robe as he turns to us.

"You will be training here," he announces. "For a week."

"And not go up at all?" someone questions from behind me. I pray for him.

However, the blessing from the Alliance makes no movement which may pose as a threat to any of us. His voice is still of the normal tone; I have learnt that he is dangerous only when he is too quiet.

"You will go up, twice a day. In the early morning, which is part of training. And at noon."

A small sob interrupts his voice. I glance behind me, wincing when my right eye protests as I try to squint. An ice-blue haired girl presses a palm to her face as she tries to stop crying.

Gray nudges me. "Isn't that Yukino?"

I peer closer and remember the cloud of feathers that surrounded her during the Games, her smug face and her carefully composed attire akin to that of her face and manners. She now clutches her pale white dress against herself, still sobbing. I cannot see her face in the darkness, just her hair and her dress.

Yukino Aguria of Sabertooth.


I look up at Gray, frowning. "Wasn't she—?"

"In case anyone would like an introduction," the Alliance member continues, irritated. "I am Zeref."

The name rolls over the crowd. It is unfamiliar—I don't think I remember which guild Zeref is from.

"Now please follow me," he says in his clear voice. "I need to show you the way, since you obviously cannot handle a little Dark Magic."

I see a lopsided smirk on his lips at that and anger surges in me in a flash. He was probably remembering the girl who shared my name, Lucy, who he killed back then because she refused to dwell in Dark Magic.

My right eye stings and I resist the urge to punch Zeref back. I want to wipe that smirk of his face. I surprise myself; I am not violent.

"Ouch, Luce!"

I blink and snap out of my fantasies and we begin to walk after Zeref. Gray shoots me a meaningful look.

"What?" I mumble.

"My hand!"

I look down and notice I was crushing Gray's hand. My fingers were digging into his pale skin, making it red, and I quickly let go. "So sorry."

"What's wrong? Are you scared or something?"

I almost laugh at his protectiveness. "No. I was…thinking of ways to punch…Zeref."

Gray gives me a grin. "Whatever you say, weirdo." His eyes are still sad. He will take time to process everything, like me. I don't blame him, but I love him for still making jokes.

I try to ignore Yukino sobbing behind us. I am still full of curiosity as to how she is here, considering her guild is a part of the Alliance.

My legs begin to feel like lead as I walk and both me eyes fight to stay open. I didn't realize how long we have been walking, but everyone around me has already slowed their pace down.

Just when I feel like collapsing onto the rocks right there and then and sleeping, Zeref stops in front a heavily gilded stone doors which he pushes open.

A collective gasp follows and I try to look ahead. Then the crowd parts for Zeref to take the lead and I get a better view. My eyes widen.

The space is circular. A ten inch greyish-blue stone floor stretches out from the doorway and goes all around the vast area. And after those ten inches there is a wide chasm which is too dark to see but its presence is obvious. A shaft of light enter the place from above where there must be a clearing in the rocks.

Someone daring walks a few steps onto the stone floor and then peers down. I hold my breath as Zeref suddenly steps forward, his hand stretched.

Is he going to push him?!

"Nicky!" A boy yelps from among us. But Zeref merely grabs his shoulders and pushes him back roughly.

"Inexperience leads to your death here," he says quietly, again. "And irrationality leads to foolish choices. Such as your wish to express bravery by flirting with death. Move away."

Does he need to speak like that? It makes me want to slap him across the face and give him an idea of how people normally speak.

"Nerd," Gray whispers in my ear.

I cannot help it. I laugh. It sounds off and it comes out in the form of a sudden outburst, but I laugh. I look up at Gray, still grinning as he smiles back cheekily at me.

The Nicky boy returns among us. The other boy who called his name, who I assume must be his brother, grabs his arm and yanks him behind himself. "Idiot!" he whispers to him.

"You will each pass through the chasm," Zeref says.

Again, his choice of prepositions confuses me. How can one pass through a chasm?

"And face a situation each. I must remind you, hesitation is not allowed. There is a difference with hesitation and caution, and if protecting your guild should ever need hesitancy, then you are not fit to be here."

I don't understand anything he says. My mind spins and I feel sleepy.

"Firstly though," Zeref says. "I want you all to erase and replace your respective guild-marks. Then you will pass your test through the chasm. Then you will all assemble where you reach and be at rest for today. We are lenient, like I said."

His eyes are still covered with the silly hood, but I am sure they must be cold and calculating.

"Training," he continues. "Begins this very second!"

The first girl steps forward. I was too sleepy to remember all of the Alliance man's words, but I snap back to my senses when I see her erase her guild mark with her own powers. What? No.

No. I am not erasing the Fairy Tail insignia, I can't!

Then a more pressing problem pushes down. Wendy! She too had a mark of Fairy Tail, she couldn't be found out. Then one of the three of us would be killed because there was not supposed to be more than two of every guild.

"Wendy," I whispered quickly. The people in front of me lessens. "Fast, lower your cloak. Over your shoulder."

She understands quick. She immediately uncovers her mark, and I shield her from the other people as I use as little power I can draw from the already less left to remove her mark. My fingers sting.

"It's done. Tell them, you were ki—" I am pushed forward by Gray in front of Zeref before I can finish. Oh. It's my turn.

I take a deep breath. Then I close my eyes and repeat the magic. My throat closes up and my lips tremble as I open my eyes again to the burning back of my hand. There is no pink insignia.

Zeref touches my left shoulder to guide me forward on to the gray-blue floor but I cringe away from his hand. I am satisfied to see him withdraw shakily.

When I step forward, there is no one. People have already jumped into the situations they have to face. I look around, unsure of what to do, when the Nicky boy whispers to me from behind.

"Jump! Like my brother did!"

What? Jump? I want to sleep…

My eyes widen again as I snap out of my drowsiness when Zeref moves forward, his fingers around Nicky's throat. "Stop. Talking." He hisses.

I let out a strangled cry of disbelief and protest and then breath in a sigh of relief as Zeref releases the boy who helped me. I shoot him an apologetic look and then turn around.

Then I jump into a chasm.

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