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Chapter Eight- Traitor's Kisses

"When stabbed in the back," A tall redhead said softly. "Remember they can't reach your heart fast enough, only if you never forget what I taught you."

A head shorter, wide-eyed blonde stammered, "What was that, Erza?"

Erza looked away. "Anything," she said with conviction. "And everything can be used as a weapon."

The blonde scoffed. "Dirt," she muttered, kicking some with her boot.


"Could you use dirt as a weapon, Erza? Ever?" The girl's eyes narrowed into mocking slits now. "Not everything then, right?"

In response to her question, Erza grabbed the blonde's arms and dragged it over herself, flipping them onto the floor, the scarlet-haired mage stragetically under the blonde as they knelt into the dirt together.

As the girl on top of her struggled to see what was happening, a handful of mere earth flew into her eyes, and with an exasperated cry her hands left Erza's, only for a surprised second. In that second, being the warrior she was, Erza trained her palms down on the blonde's hands—that were splayed across her eyes—and pushed her back into the ground.

"Even dirt," she murmured amusedly.

This time, Erza was on top of her. She unsheathed her sword and held it carelessly but expertly to the younger girl's throat. After a moment of stunned silence, Erza was greeted with a small laugh. "Okay, I get it. Point taken. Remove that sword already."

They got back on their feet. Erza gave a knowing smile to the blonde. "See?" she said simply. "Everything's your weapon if you know how to wield it, Lucy."

The sharp, silver point of a runes dagger pierces into my back, tearing through the fabric of my clothes; tearing through my skin.

My eyes blur even as I try to focus on the pain, hoping it can bring me back to my senses. But all I can think of is how it hurts.

As my vision fades into the frozen glow of the ice arrows, an insignificant but beloved memory flashes before me. The ice is beautiful—but it isn't until I realize it looks beautiful in a way in which only dangerous beauties seduce one, that I remember that night under the Magnolia Fifth Bridge. Erza Scarlet, towering over me like the powerful mage she was, training me.

The stars had been as lonely and cold and beautiful as the shards of ice before me.

My bleeding fingers reach out and curl around the nearest arrow of magic ice. It's coldness numbs my wounds; my eyes fly open from the half-lidded state they had fallen into. With a sudden burst of adrenaline, I uproot Lyon's ice from the ground and thrust it behind me.

In the second that I feel the dagger slip away from my body, I flip, my weapon of ice in hand. I notice the sharp bleeding wound in Minerva's right arm. The onyx slitted pupils of her eyes widen at first, and then freeze in cold anger.

And, incredibly, I let out a laugh.

It's too late for her to do anything now. I am already in her territory. She can't use her magic on me. In fact…

The anguished cry that flies from her lips when I press my weapon into her chest sends a jolt of shock through me. Throughout us rolling over and over and trying claw each other's way out in an angry fight, I haven't heard Minerva cry out like that.

I notice the deep, sharp gashes across her scarlet throat, where the blades cut in. In that second I take to hesitate, she throws me back in a fit of rage against the pointed ice and shakily gets on her feet.

The tip of the magic ice buries into my shoulder and I bite my lips to keep from crying out—or possibly calling Minerva every bad name in every language I know.

Wrenching away, I rush towards the left; I don't have any strength left to attack, and Minerva shouldn't either, because I have wounded her in vital places to make sure she stays down. She has been come at by my most powerful spirit.

Yet, tottering, she stands on her feet.

An unwanted awe at her strength rises in me, which just brings a bitter feeling in me. I shouldn't feel anything but an urge to keep her down now. Not awe.

But she's a Sabretooth Mage. Most of all, she's Jiemma's daughter; she has been made to rise each and every time she falls in the cruelest possible ways and made to fight her way through each year to win.

I realize with despair I can't fight her to the ground and keep her there. She'll destroy me before that.

My eyes desperately scan the dark place illuminated eerily by the shards of ice for a weapon, a way out.

Then I remember…

My eyes flit up to Lyon's body. He is awake and his face is white. The initial shock I felt wears off into a sudden need to inform Gray about this—this is all too bizarre to be happening. There are a few days only left for the fight out in Domas Flau; what is the damn Alliance trying to do?

My head crashes back into solid ground as Minerva comes right on top of me, weighing me down. The pain send a numbing jolt through my skull and I grit my teeth to hide the agony.

Her weapons glint off the light of the ice as she bends in. "I can't kill you," she whispers raggedly to me, her pretty voice hoarse. A spot of blood as she speaks falls onto my torso and on my skin, missing the tattered fabric of my clothes. "But I can damn well carve your face and break those fingers so that you stop acting like a bitch, Fairy."

"Try me," I spit.

Minerva's furious eyes are so close to mine, I can see the eyelashes fringed with blood. It makes me want to throw up.

"Oh I will." She doesn't give me a chance to respond as one of her daggers pierces my cheek hard, and I gasp. "I'll probably just carve out your lover's name on your face then," Minerva hoarsely says. "Probably just write out Gray. I don't know bitch, I'll find a way to make you writhe."

My frozen fingers try to reach her throat, try to ward her off but the pain is unbearable. She has decided not to kill me, but that's the worst decision Minerva could've taken here.

White hot pain blinds me for a second, and I can't even stop the twin streams of tears that keep falling. I can't cry out; I won't let her have the satisfaction. So I bite my lips and then suddenly remember my keys.

What a complete idiot.

Somehow I slither my fingers downwards, in hope of reaching my keys. In her spite, she forgot to bare me of my own weapons this time.

As I gratefully reach the metallic feeling of my keys, and touch Virgo's, Minerva shouts something angrily into my ear and the dagger cuts across my jawline.

That's too much. My eyes fly open in the pain and I can't even hear what she's saying, it's like I'm drowning.

But I can't lose consciousness—I. Just. Can't.

"Lyon, help me!" I scream out.

Minerva's eyes widen and she releases me for a split second. "Fairy," she rasps out. "How do you—"

"Gate of the Maiden," I scream again—it's the only sounds I can make right now. "I open thee: Virgo!"

My free left arm rises and holds the key above us both as I summon her. I feel the energy tugging away from me as I summon a second spirit in this state, but I don't care. This has to work.

Virgo looks at me for a second and I plead to her with my eyes, hoping against hope what I need she'll understand. I had tried to communicate to her through the key, but I've never made it work before—

There is a deafening sound as Lyon Vastia breaks free of his chains when the earth behind him gives way, and he collapses hard to the ground with a loud gasp.

Minerva lets go of me and makes to stand up, her expression stunned, and my blurring eyes focus on a half-smiling Virgo standing behind the fallen Ice mage, one hand on the rocks she just broke through.

Thank you, I smile.

Virgo bows and disappears.

Minerva belatedly realizes I am trying to get away to help Lyon up and pins my wrists to the ground. Normally, I could've fought her off, but with all my energy depleted, I crash back.

"You know what?" she says suddenly. "I don't care what my father wants from you. You're going to die, and your precious Ice Mage will be there to see it."

She hauls me up by the throat before I can understand what she says, and in the second that I take to blink, a dangerously sharp shard of ice pierces Minerva's abdomen and pins her to the stone wall beside. Her eyes fall shut.

I don't have to look to know it is Lyon. Unsteady on his feet, one eye hidden under his tangled mass of silver hair, he pants out, "You alright, Heartfilia?"

I look down at my torn clothes and bloody hands and then grin at Lyon. "Never better."

"Fairy—Lucy. Lucy, stop."

Screeching clumsily to a halt, I blink back into sunlight. Rogue squints up at me. "I'll come back for you," I promise him. In my hurry to get to Zeref and the others, I almost forgot about the Slayers. "For both of you."

"Yeah," Lyon, who still looks a bit unsteady and talks breathlessly by my side, adds. "No worries mate. Just got to kill a few people and then we'll come right back."

Sting barks out a laugh. "Well," he smirks down at us. "Good luck with that."

"What if something happens—" Rogue starts, but I cut in sharply and not unkindly; "Boys. We're running out of time. Something's happening—and I have a bad feeling about this. I need to make sure everything's okay and Zeref really isn't up to something, and then as promised, we'll help you escape." I shrug. "If I even could help now, you could get caught. It's even unsafe for you."

"Oh cute," Sting comments, a bit hoarsely. "She cares about us, Rogue."

I roll my eyes, and turn towards the crumbling broken doorway. As I step out, I mean to reach out and grab Lyon's arm to help him out, but I remember that like Gray, he doesn't prefer being touched much. So I skid down the rocky steps ahead, hoping he'll catch up.

When we're halfway there, Lyon says a bit hesitantly, "Hey, Lucy." I look back at him. "Is Gray okay?"

I think I may have a concussion from banging my head on the rock so much, because I feel positively dizzy, but I blink away drowsiness and reply, "He's been spending the last few nights having nightmares."

"What?" Lyon sounds confused.

"I mean," I emphasize. "Sherry told him you're dead. Everyone, including me, thought you were dead. Imagine my shock seeing you strung up over there."

"Sherry said that…? What?"

Despite losing time, I stop walking and face him fully. "You mean you have no idea about this?" I say, a bit harsher than I intended judging from his flinch.

"No I—well Minerva chained me up the first thing when I got here. Technically, once our guild master was killed—"he winced uncharacteristically. "—then I think most of the mages were all ready to aid the Alliance. A few of us didn't, and then I remember Minerva saying something about spies and special helps or crap…well the next thing I knew I was here."

"That's not a very good explanation," I mutter, but then I look at his torn state and ask softly, "Lyon? Did they hurt you up there?"

His usually light eyes shadow and look down. "And made her watch." He said quietly.

I already know. "Sherry?"

"Yeah." So Lyon was tortured as bait for Sherry.

Spies. Help. I frown—even with Zeref commanding us, if what Gray and I had concluded was true…wouldn't they need to have spies too? But why…

Realization hits me like a knife and I gasp out, "He doesn't know." My eyes flash to a confused Lyon. "Zeref doesn't know what the Alliance is planning to do. At least not everything." Minerva was hiding something; and it's a few hours before she regains consciousness.

"What doesn't he—"

But I have gripped Lyon's arm and I'm dragging him down the steps as I run forward.

As days to the battle at Domas Flau near, I am sure that what Gray and I had deduced was right—they aren't training us at all. They are buying time to weaken us, to control us. Otherwise why would Minerva single out the weakest of Lamia Scale, Sherry? Because I'm sure I know where she disappeared at midnight and odd hours of dawn everyday; to help the Alliance. Lyon may not know it, but she's already part of it.

As I scramble down towards the bloody cavern Minerva and I fought in, I leave Lyon's arm and hurry through the entrance Zeref had disappeared into. Unfortunately, they crumble down and barricade most of the entrance even as I get to the other side.

"Lyon," I pant out as I stop for a second, looking at him through the cracks in the rocks that separate us. "You can't get through."

"What should I do? Lucy?"

"Just…" I feel desperate to get to Gray. "Just go see if you can help Rogue and Sting escape," I say.

"But we can't—"

"Just do it!"

Without waiting for a response I hurry downwards and then straight away collide into someone.

Staggering back, my eyes widen as I look at Zeref.

"Lucy," he gasps out.

My voice is calm despite myself. "Where is everyone? What did Minerva tell you to do?"

He is generally expressionless, but now he looks stunned as his eyes rake me. "You're hurt…"

"Oh shut up," I say, irritated. "It's your precious ally who's the one hurt."

A dim shadow falls across him; I can see it in the light of the blue orbs. I move to look over his shoulder and it's like gravity dropped out.

Sherry stand there, stone faced. "Zeref," she whispers, ignoring me. "Master."

"Is it done? Are they stripped of magic?"

Sherry nods. As her pale eyes flash to me for a second, I realize with a jolt she was crying. My rush of hate for her subsides a little.

"Alright. Leave. Go get the Sword."

The sword?

A touch of anger registers in Sherry's cold face, and then without a sound she turns away. My adrenalin long burnt out, I stumbled against the rocks as she leaves, struggling to cut through my bewilderment, trying not to lose consciousness.

"Lucy." Zeref's pale hands are holding my shoulders to keep me steady, and I sway a bit before I move away from him.

"What did you do?" I say drowsily. My head hurts like a thousand hammers pushing at it. "Zeref, tell me…"

And then his lips are on mine. My eyes fly open in shock and unwanted comfort as his soft lips press gently against mine and then harder. Those lips, which let loose such cruel words and verbal spears, are as soft as they are gentle.

His hands hold my waist tentatively, barely touching it. My eyes still open, I realize my arms lie limply at my sides, making no move to touch him. My rationality going down under the onslaught of a possible concussion and Zeref's lips, I don't even know whether I am trying to pull away.

And then my open eyes catch the flash of a beautiful silver blade adorned with a thin pattern of metallic gold stars. His slender, pretty fingers have inched away from my body to gently grasp the dagger's hilt as he continues to kiss me fiercely.

With an unexpected gasp and a thrust to his chest, I push him away from me. In the tiny second that he takes to stagger back against the rocks, I twist the dagger away from his loose grasp and hold it to his bared throat.

"You traitor," I spit.

"Lucy," he rasps out, eyes wide, red lips parted. I understand with a thrill it's the first time I have seen him really out of control. And it terrifies yet awes me, to see the face behind the masquerade mask. "Lucy, you don't understand."

"Oh yes?" I press the edge of the blade further to his throat, and a few drops of scarlet blood bloom up. "Well make me."

"I don't want you to fight anymore," he chokes somehow. "Don't you get it? Not here, not with me, not at Domas Flau. You don't have to see what's happening—I can keep you hidden, say you're dead, Lucy listen—"

But I am shaking my head. "I don't know what it is you're trying to do, Zeref," I whisper. "But did you forget I have friends down there? Do you," I take in a jagged breath. "For one second think that I'm like you? That I would abandon them to save myself the torture?"

"I'm nothing like—"

"Stop lying to me ZEREF!" I scream. The daggers cuts deeper. "One minute of pity I have for you is one more life wasted. Even you don't know what your precious Minerva is doing, do you understand me? So stop lying!"

His eyes contract in his usual, easily slipped fury. "I don't—"

My fingers swiftly move the dagger away from his cut throat and pierce into the right side of abdomen, cutting through his dark clothes.

The pain momentarily makes him crumple to the floor.

"Remember training Zeref?" I say to him as I step away, blinking away sudden tears. "Remember how you thrust a dagger into that boy to shut him up?"

In the darkness that follows after his orb fades out, he whispers my name brokenly. His voice melts into shadows.

"Well, guess you teach well, Master." I turn away from him. My eyes still sting. "Turns out I know how to be brave like you too."

Then without another word I hurry downwards, smudging out tears.

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