[A/N]: I know. I should write Vegas already. I'm sorry. I'm still getting back into it. I, well, got busy with being a Senior and graduation practices (I'm gonna graduate this Friday! Whew, High School. Au revoir! Bonne chance!) that's why I kinda forgot to write and felt out of love with the story. So this is why this drabble (or drabbles in the near future) are born. To get back to my OTP, Enjonine.

Now, this drabble is based from a song titled "I Don't Know How to Love Him" which is sang by Mary Magdalene from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (and a bit of the song "Pilgrim's Theme", which is a totally cool song). I fell in love with the song because of Yvonne Elliman and the fact that I have to study it for an upcoming recital. And that this is tangentially close to Eponine and Enjolras - for me - because, well, lyrics!

Anyway, have fun with it. :)


She does not know how to love him.

She does not know why or how. She does not understand 'love'.

She does not know trust. She does not know how to move his heart, or hearts, for that matter. She does not know what to do.

She has forgotten how.

Yet if he turned and gazed at her with his blue eyes, eyes which reminded her of the waves in the Seine - how it would dance in its silent song as light captured its movement - she would finally, finally get it.

She knows, knows the curl of his full lips when it would tug slightly as he looked at her softly.

She knows, even before words passed between them, that he knows, too.

That if she turned and gazed at him with her brown eyes, eyes which captured the stars and galaxies as it lit up like the sky above them - that it would capture the light - he would always, always get it.

He knows, knows the curl of her slightly parting lips as he grazed his lips upon it when she laughed.

He knows, even before the rain fell, that she need not know how to.

Or to understand or believe in loving him.

Because he knew.

She simply knew.

[A/N]: I dunno what to do with this drabble. I feel weird. Say, help me get back my love for writing?