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A young boy walked toward a simple farm. Passing an old windmill, he looked towards the field that is to his right. He sighed at the small field and goes up the stairs to his new house, his brown hair slightly playing with the wind. A man walked behind him, his face chiseled with his beard and blond hair. He wore a black top hat and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I know this is hard for you but it is all we can do." The blond man said. "Hansel, this is your new home." Hansel sighed, not liking the way things are going.

"Felix, I don't know if I can do this. I mean, the farm work won't be too hard. I have worked on a farm all my life thanks to my parents, but the cross-dressing I will have a little hard time with." Hansel said.

Felix sighed, not liking the situation anymore than he was or, truthfully, she was. You see Hansel was really Gretel, a girl that was put under the protection program. She was living quietly on her parents farm on the Sunshine Islands when she accidentally witnessed a murder taking place from a person she couldn't believe. The wealthy son of Will and Lily. The event was still fresh in her mind.


The sun shone in on a mostly empty room. It was sparse of any furniture besides a bed and dresser. Blonde locks pop out beneath the sheets. An alarm goes off and the person shuts it off and gets up. A young girl with sleepy eyes gets up. She puts on a pink sweater, a small rucksack, some shorts and goes downstairs. She spies her mother already on the stove. She was getting her lunch ready for the day no doubt. Her light brown hair falling messily, only pulled behind by a red bandana.

"Good Morning Gretel, sleep well?" She said.

"Yea mostly. Did dad go out already?" Gretel asked.

"He's tending to the animals right now. It's your turn to water the plants this week remember?" She said. Gretel nodded, eating a small slice of bread, before going to the door.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Deliver this over to the yacht. I found these stones for Lily. You know how they rarely come to visit." She said. Gretel nodded. She took the package and the small letter with the words, 'From Chelsea' with her as she went out to do her daily chores. Life on Sunshine Islands was slow, peaceful and monotone. It didn't bother Gretel in the slightest. She loved the peace in the islands and has already set her future plans within her family's farm. She was the one next in line to take the ranch from her parents. After watering the plants, she started to make her way past the bridge. Saying hello to every passing villager.

"You're up early." Gretel looked behind her to see her twin brother Hansel. He had short brown hair with the same brown eyes as hers.

"Hansel! I thought you were still at the mainland. How'd it go with Zephyr Town?" She said, giving him a light hug.

"It went great. I start in a week." He said, walking with her.

"I can't believe it. I never thought you would ever leave." Gretel said.

"Aww, is someone missing me already?" Hansel teased.

"No! Anyway, you better go and say hi to our parents. They've been worried sick!" Gretel said, leaving to deliver the package. Hansel shook his head and chuckled.

Gretel finally arrived at the yacht and marveled at the beauty. She always wondered how her mom became such good friends with rich people like Uncle Will and Aunt Lily. She never got along with their son, Sol. He's always made fun of her since they were children and she distanced herself from him as much as she could. Good thing too since he began to stray off the deep end. Rumor around the islands say that he was stricken off the will of his inheritance. The yacht was empty without Lily's servants. It was really odd. It was usually bustling with activity.

"Hello?" Gretel said. She didn't receive a response. She went through rooms but all of the ones she visited were empty.

'That's weird. I wonder where is everyone?' Gretel thought to herself. She decided to go to the lower decks in case she missed something. Even there it was empty. She sighed and decided to leave, until she heard a few muffled voices. She followed them to a halfway opened door.

"I can't believe you forced me to do this. If only you followed my simple orders, then you wouldn't be in this situation." A teasing voice said which Gretel recognized as Sol. She looked and in a mirror she saw Sol with his long blonde hair tied up in a loose ponytail. He was wearing black and gold Chinese clothes. What surprised her was that there was someone tied in a chair in front of him.

"Look Sol, I did what I could ok!? I got a family and kids! You promised me that once I did it you'd let me go." The man said.

"It's not my fault my parents took me out of their will. I had to make do with what I had. Drugs, gambling, pimping out women. I had to do it in order to stay in money, but you had to go and lose the goods." Sol said, picking up a dagger. Gretel had a sinking feeling in her stomach as to how this situation would go, but she couldn't look away. "And now I've got the cops on my back, trying to enter these pitiful islands to search me. If you had just done what I've told you..."

"There was no way I would use those girls to smuggle your drugs! There's so much you can do Sol, and that was just inhumane." The man argued.

"Yes, and this is too." Sol said, stabbing the man's hand. He screamed in agony which sent goosebumps up Gretel's spine. "You should have thought twice before double crossing me."

"You...hah...You won't get away with this!" The man shouted at him. Sol laughed maniacally.

"You forget my friend, by the time they've realized you're not in their custody, you will be long gone." Sol said, grabbing the dagger and pulling it out, making the man scream out in pain again. Gretel looked away and tried to will herself to move but her legs were jelly. The man kept screaming and it felt like an eternity until Gretel only heard silence. She took a look and the man had a dagger protruding from his chest, right above his heart. It was then that Gretel took her cue and silently tried to walk out until a squeak came from one of the spots she stepped on. Not looking back, she silently ran up to the top deck and out towards the bridge. She kept running and running until she reached her farm.

She ran into the house and slammed the door behind her. Hansel was eating a sandwich in the kitchen when she did so.

"Gretel? You ok? You look like a ghost." Hansel said before Gretel flung herself and sobbed into his chest. She didn't care that she was a 20 year old woman who hasn't cried since she was a little girl. She was scared beyond her mind and sought her twin's comfort. Hansel didn't need to be told anything. He patted her head until she calmed down. Unfortunately, life wouldn't let her relax. A knock on the door came and Gretel became deadly silent. She looked at the door as if death was right behind it. The person knocked again and Hansel looked at her as she shook her head 'no.'

"Excuse me? This is Detective Blue of the mainland. I'm here to ask a few questions." A rough voice said behind the door. Gretel crumpled on the floor and Hansel went to answer the door. There stood a fairly muscular man with a checkered formal shirt and jeans. On his head was a cap with UMA in the front. "Good Afternoon, my name is Blue. I'm here to ask a few questions about a suspect on the island. Is this a good time?" Hansel looked to his sister and she nodded. He put on a big smile.

"Of course, come in. I think we might be able to give you some information." Hansel said. Blue came in. He noticed how Gretel was on the floor. She was wiping a few tears as Hansel took a bite out of his sandwich and showed Blue the couch.

"Are you sure this is-"

"Sol murdered someone!" Gretel suddenly shouted causing Blue to flinch and Hansel to cough, choking on his sandwich. "Iwasonlydelieveringsomethingformom,noonewasthere,whichwasreallyweirdandthen-"

"Woah, woah...woah." Blue started. He grabbed Gretel's shoulders. She had a new fresh wave of sobs coming out of her eyes and Hansel drinking something to stop his fit. "Ok. Start from the very beginning, and slowly."

"Ok." Gretel sniffed. "I went to deliver something to Lily, Sol's mom, for my mom. W-when I went down t-to..." Gretel cleared her throat. "No one was there, s-so I went b-below deck a-and Sol was with a man. I-I didn't recognize him. He was t-talking a-about drugs and prostetution and gambling and losing something! T-then he..." She gulped. "He grabbed a dagger and killed him." She finally squeaked out. She sobbed into her hands until Hansel came and hugged her.

"Well, this was the break we've been looking for. The suspect we've been trying to catch is Sol. We've been gathering evidence against him for the past 6 months but all of our eyewitnesses have been disappearing one by one. I know you've been through much in such a short amount of time, but we have to get you out of this island before he knows about what you've seen." Blue said.

"How would he know that it was her? He didn't see her." Hansel said, not minding that his sister was cleaning her nose on his shirt.

"Did you leave the package?" Blue asked.

"No, I still have the bag and le-" Gretel said before noticing something. The letter was missing. "T-t-the letter! It's gone! I'm dead, I'm gonna die! He's gonna kill me!" Gretel began panicking and hyperventilating, a bad habit she had since she was small.

"Calm down, calm down! We can get you off the island, we can put you in protective services, everything will be fine." Blue said.

"But you said all your eyewitnesses have disappeared. How can I trust you to take care of her?" Hansel said. He was patting his sister's back, trying to calm her down. Blue sighed and pinched his nose. "I don't know, but I will figure something out. I won't let another person die by his hands. I can't think of any place...Wait, can I assume you're farmers?" Blue asked, both of them nodded. "I know of a town hidden in the mountains that's looking for a farmer. We can have you placed there if they're willing to cooperate."

"Is the name Zephyr Town?" Hansel asked. "Yea, how did you know?" Blue wondered.

"I already applied there and they have accepted me. In couple of days they should have all my furnishings and equipment. I've been trying to work for them for the past couple of months. I don't think they'll like being inconvenienced like that."

"Damn." Blue swore. Now what?

"But I do have an idea." Hansel said with a cunning smile.


Gretel sat in a chair with a small bag containing her brother's clothes. She pulled down her hair and looked at it. It was brown now. It was the same color as her brother's. She had signed all the papers for witness protection while Blue was with her. A man with black hair and a suit came into the room.

"Hey Harris. Nice suit." Blue said.

"Hey yourself. Got yourself into some trouble again, haven't you?" Harris joked and Blue shrugged. "Alright. Gretel, my name is Harris. I'm with the Marshal Service and I will be conducting the transfer over to your new life." He saw down on the table and looked over the papers. "Due to the previous eyewitnesses disappearances, we will be doing things a little differently according to Blue's suggestion. You will be your brother Hansel and we will relocate you over to Zephyr town once all the furnishings have arrived. Until then, we will hold you for a temporary time. Zephyr Town is a farming community and, with your background, you will be their resident farmer. This has been chosen due to your previous occupation. During your stay here you are not to contact your family in any shape or form. No computer messages, no phone calls, no letters. You must keep yourself hidden from the outside world, for now. Protocol states that when we inform you of your testimony, we have to place an officer for your protection. I believe that Blue here will be sufficient enough but if he won't, I will place another for you."

"We have talked to the Mayor and he has agreed to all of our requests and has also informed us of his...past. He will be your guardian for your stay there. Until we call upon you, you must have an ongoing job. If you have any debts, pay them off right now. Now that we got all that out of the way, you will spend your time with me until we can send you off to Zephyr Town." Harris described. Gretel nodded and went with him. Blue gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze before she left.

It was a silent three days before she was able to finally go into Zephyr Town. Her name is now her brother's. Her entire identity gone. She had never felt so alone.

'Hansel, how did you get me into this mess? Convincing me to cross-dress as you. Taking over the farm in Zephyr Town. Changing my name! I even had to dye my hair!' Gretel thought as she laid in an unknown bed. 'At least with this I'll be safe but, it was so sudden. Just last week I was watering the plants and helping with the animals. Now I'm sleeping in a foreign bed, in a town I don't even know. Mom and Dad, they don't even know anything. Oh why did this have to happen?' Gretel started to cry again, thinking back onto Blue's words.

"Now that we have your testimony, we can finally arrest him. I'll let you know of the dates of the court when you're needed. Until then, stay low, don't attract attention to yourself and don't contact your family at all. I'll keep you posted."

"I just wanna go home and be safe. Hansel, why couldn't you come with me?" Gretel whispered as she cried herself to sleep.