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Gretel woke up when she heard her door knocked. She barely got any sleep last night due to all the things that happened the week before. She rubbed her eyes, took a big breath, and opened the door.

"Good morning Gretel, may I come in?" Blue said, tipping his hat to her. She nodded and let him in. The house was fairly simple. Small single bed, a bookcase, calender, simple vase. There was also door to the storage in the living room and a small wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. "I see you've already made yourself home. How are you adjusting?"

"I've only been here for a day and a night and I'm already missing everything." Gretel said, sitting down on the table in the middle.

"Your hair looks good." Blue commented but she stared at the table, not really focusing on anything. "We have Sol in custody. Now it's only a waiting game. Since he comes from a well off family, he will be hiring the most expensive lawyer in the country. We have with plenty of evidence against him. He won't stand a chance. You will be key in bringing him down Gretel, I hope you know that." Blue said and she nodded. He sighed, knowing anything he said will not make her any happier. "I'll call you or sen you a letter to remind you of dates of when you need to come in." Blue sighed before there was another knock on the door. Gretel went and opened.

"Good Morning Gretel! I know you have had a very bad day yesterday but fear not! I will make sure your time here in Zephyr Town will be as happy as I can!" Mayor Felix announced, flexing his arms. Blue and Gretel stared at him until Gretel started laughing. "That's the spirit!" Felix said, laughing along as well. "Oh Detective Blue, I didn't see you there."

"It's ok. I was just here to inform Gretel of a few important things. I won't get in your way." Blue said, tipping his hat and excusing himself.

"Well Gretel, since you've been raised in a farm all your life, I guess explaining how to manage one on your own would be a bit redundant. I did bring your tools. If you would follow me, after you're dressed of course." Felix said, going outside. Gretel sighed before the light in her eyes died out a bit. She put on her brother's clothes and went outside.


Spring in Zephyr Town was different than Sunshine Islands. There wasn't much humidity so your clothes didn't stick to you. The air was salty since they were near the ocean. There wasn't too many flowers growing unless you went further inland. The water was also so cold when you dipped your feet in it. Gretel found herself admiring the forest, the trees, the flower beds, the wind that blew her brown hair. It was so different. She could see why it appealed to her brother. She walked around for a bit, following the trail. She had to introduce herself to the villagers of course. It's not like she could just be a shut in. Besides, Felix said that she had to be a part of their grand bazaar, whatever that is.

She saw a man with light brown hair wavy hair, an easel and pencil in hand wearing a checkered hat with matching paints. He was staring out from underneath a pair of trees. A small smile on his face.

'Ok you can do this, just go and introduce yourself. Remember you're Hansel, not Gretel, act like Hansel...that won't be too hard, hopefully.' Gretel thought to herself.

"Um, Hello? I'm...Hansel, the new farmer." Gretel said. He turned to look at her with a blank look. 'Oh no, I said something weird didn't I? I totally did, I messed this up!' She thought with a panic until he took a long yawn and stretched.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not really awake in the morning. Um Hansel right?" He said.

'Yay! I didn't mess it up!'

"Oh yea, Hansel, Nice to meet you." Gretel said, shaking his hand.

"Angelo, I'm the artist around town. I really loved the nature here which is why I stayed. I heard about you from Felix. It's good to have a farmer around, maybe now he'll get some customers in his bazaar." Angelo said.

"Bazaar?" Gretel said confused.

"Oh. He hasn't told you? This town used to be a world famous bazaar. In recent times, it hasn't gone so well." Angelo explained, a light wind playing with his hair. "But a farmer always changes things." He smiled sweetly and Gretel found herself relaxing a bit more.

'Maybe all the villagers are as nice as him. One can only hope.' She thought.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. I still need to introduce myself to the other villagers." She said.

"Oh, I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time. If you're around the area, my lodge is just past the third windmill, right in front of the river. If I'm not there, I'm usually walking around the village. Nice to meet you." Angelo said and they bid their farewells. She went down the slope as she noticed the windmill in the distance. 'Hm, I also have a windmill on my farm, I wonder what they're for?' Her thought was interrupted from giggles. She saw two girls that looked exactly the same, with their outfits differing them. One blue, one red, but both with the same pink hair and same exact outfit. They were playing with a young boy. The young boy noticed, pointed, and they all ran towards her.

'Kids, I haven't dealt with kids in who knows how long!'

"So are you really the new farmer?" The boy said.

"Of course he is! Didn't you see him with Felix a week ago?" The girl with the red outfit said.

"Yea, but he didn't say anything. I didn't know Mayor Felix hired him!" The boy said.

"Um...please don't fight...Kevin, Cindy..." The girl with blue said quietly.

"We're not fighting Lauren." Cindy said. "So you are the new farmer right?" She said, crossing her arms.

'Woah, big personality there.'

"Yea, my name is Hansel-"

"Do you like bugs?! I like bugs, I really like big bugs like the Hercules beetle did you know that they come in the summer? And, and there are tons of butterflies right now!" Kevin started with one breath and she hide a laugh.

"Where I came from, we didn't have a lot of bugs like that." She said, 'None of the trees we have here.'

"No bugs!" Kevin said.

"I'd like to live there then. I hate bugs!" Cindy said. "Do you have flowers?"

The questions kept coming and Gretel found herself answering most of them. She felt a little lighter on her feet. She said good-bye to the kids and started on her path around town. She met with Wilbur and Isaac who were on their way to inspect the windmill on her farm. They were planning to fix it up. Apparently the windmill on her farm is used for fermenting and is capable of making many items. Gretel requested a list and they said that there was one already in there. She reminded herself to look at it sometime.

Over the course of the day, she met with more and more villagers. Claire and Nellie were the mothers of the kids. Raul told her of how she can come and shop for some necessities on the farm. Finally she felt a bit tired and decided to check out the cafe in the town square.

The bell rang when the door opened and a sweet air wafted out. It immediately made her mouth water.

"Oh, are you the new farmer?" A young boy said, wearing a purple hat with short light coffee brown hair and pale green eyes.

"Oh yea. My name is Hansel." Gretel said, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet'cha. My name's Dirk. If you see Ivan around, he's my older brother. Right now he's out of town, teaching at the city down the mountain." Dirk said. "Hey, Joan! Marian! The new farmer's here!" He shouted. An old woman with a gentle smile and a very pretty lady came out of the kitchen in the back. Gretel blushed when she saw the woman.

'Woah, pretty.'

"This is Joan and Marian. They own this place, I just help out from time to time." He said with a sheepish grin.

"Oh you do more than that dear. Very pleasant to meet you young man." Joan said, while Gretel quickly straightened up some more.

"No, it's a pleasure meeting you madam. You have a lovely place here." Gretel said and Joan laughed. "Oh dearie, you don't have to be so tense, I don't bite much." She giggled and Gretel chuckled.

"It's nice to have a new face around here, I'm sure that you'll enjoy yourself here." Marian said, causing Gretel to blush some more.

"O-oh, yea, um, le-let me introduce myself. I'm Hansel." Gretel said. Marian giggled which made Gretel feel more embarrased.

"Would you like some tea? You will have to buy it but I do give away my recipes, if you're interested." Joan said.

"Oh sure, I'd love some." Gretel said. Joan asked for Dirk to get it while Joan and Marian went to the register.

'Marian is so pretty. I wish I was pretty as her, but unfortunately I look so unfeminine I actually pass off as my brother.' Gretel thought, banging her head against the table. She sighed. Thinking about her brother has her thinking about home.

"Hey, you ok?" Dirk asked, bringing her tea.

"Oh, yea. Just thinking about home, is all." She said, sighing.

"Hmm. I think you need some fresh air. Hey! I'm going outside for a bit!" Dirk shouted. "Let's go!" Hansel followed him out to a table. The wind was low for the day but still a relaxing breeze. Dirk took a big breath and let it out. "Nothing like some fresh tea during a nice day." They sat down while Gretel took a sip.

"So, why'd you come out to Zephyr Town of all places?" Dirk asked.

"Change of scenery mostly." She said, 'And also to get away from a rich drug lord who caught me watching him murder someone.' She thought to herself.

"Don't worry about anything. Everybody is really friendly here. Antoinette and Freya are a little bit on the cold side but that's nothing big really. Oh hey Sherry!" Dirk said, standing up and waving to someone. Gretel looked behind her and she saw the epitomy of a sweet natured girl. Her amber colored hair coming down in long waves, her blue hat and dress accentuated it. Gretel stood up and knocked her chair over. Ever since she was young, she has always loved cute things.

'Wah! I would love to be her friend!'

"Hello Dirk." She said in a sweet honey voice.


"My name is Hansel! Is that really your natural hair color, it looks so soft and beautiful! You look really, really cute!" Gretel said, coming up to Sherry, before realizing that probably made her look like an idiot. Sherry blushed which caused Gretel to step away. "I-I-I'm so sorry! It's just you look, I mean, it's just-" Sherry giggled behind her hand which caused Gretel to pull her hat down over her face in embarrassment.

"I can see why father chose you to fix up the farm." Sherry said with a giggle.

"Father?" Gretel asked.

"Yep, Mayor Felix is her dad." Dirk said, elbowing her in the ribs playfully.

"Oh, um, well. I just feel a bit foolish now." Gretel said.

'Kill me.'

"Don't worry about it. It's nice meeting you Hansel. I think you knocked over your tea." Sherry said. Sure enough, the tea was dripping onto the floor.

"Oh, sorry Dirk, I'll clean it up!" Gretel said before Dirk fully laughed in her face. "W-what?" She pouted as Dirk continued to laugh and Sherry joined with him too. 'I'm making a fool out of myself.' A sudden breeze came causing Gretel to sneeze and realize that a couple of butterflies flew around her.

"Well, I promised Antoinette to meet her near the waterfall. Nice to meet you Hansel." Sherry said, walking away while Gretel waved at her. Dirk gave her a smug look.

"What?" She said.

"You like her don't you?" Dirk asked, causing her to blush. "N-no I don't!"

'Yea that was convincing.'

"Well, you're gonna have to work for it. Lloyd is a really good friend with Mayor Felix, and he's one of the more successful vendors in the bazaar." Dirk said.

"I said, I don't like her. She was just cute, and...I like...cute things. Stop looking at me like that!" Gretel shouted while Dirk gave her another smug look.

'Well, at least I made a friend.'

Gretel likes cute things which also includes cute girls. I do too. When someone is good looking, I say so. Yes I have called a few sexy mamma's, don't judge me. I have to remind you that I'm modeling Gretel after myself sooooo a lot of my weirdness will be rubbing off on her.

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