Dirk hummed to himself, putting the shiny glaze on top of the chocolate cake. He decided he was going to be fancy and instead of a buttercream chocolate cake, he decided to go with a chocolate mousse cake. He put on the finishing touches and looked back on his handy work. It looked delicious. He told everyone how he wanted to have a surprise party for Hansel. It was to celebrate all of his work towards the bazaar and the town.

Kevin, Cindy and Lauren were all stoked about it. Their parents had to constantly remind them not to tell Hansel. Hansel was busy this season, with all of his crops giving out load after load of vegetables. He's never seen Hansel so tired. He barely had any time to hang out, which made Dirk's planning easier.

Sometimes he saw Lloyd and him together, but he pushed down that jealousy. Whatever Lloyd got him, it wouldn't top his party. He really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face though.

"Wow!" Sherry said coming into the café. "That looks amazing! You really went all out for this party huh?"

"Yeah, I can't help myself. I got plenty of food. I heard everyone is going to come. No one should be hungry after today." Dirk said, crossing his arms and nodding. Yes he did feel very proud of himself.

"So when should I get him?" Sherry said.

"Heh, everyone should be here by 4 so maybe around 5. So people should be filling out now." Dirk said. Marian and Joan came by with some disposable cups, utensils and plates.

"We finally got everything." Joan said, placing it down on one the tables.

"We're here!" Kevin shouted, coming in with Cindy and Lauren, along with their parents. A bit later came in Antoinette, her father Claude, Ivan and Freya. Stuart and Ethel came in. Soon after that Angelo and Daisy came in, their hands linked together. All that was missing was Lloyd, Hansel and Felix.

"Alright Sherry, you go get Hansel." Dirk said and she nodded, going out the doors. Soon after she left, Felix came in with a couple of bottles of his personal wine. Everyone was talking excitedly. Kevin, who was the look out, finally saw Hansel cross the bridge with a blindfold over his eyes. He was being lead by Sherry and Lloyd.

"He's here!" Kevin shouted. Everyone hushed up, the kids giggling.

"I really don't think anything could surprise me." Hansel said as they lead him through the door.

"You say that now." Lloyd said and Sherry giggled.

"Are you ready?" Sherry said excited. She took off the blindfold.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday Hansel!" Everyone shouted and Hansel had his flabbergasted look on his face. Dirk felt so much joy coming from his heart. Everyone went and hugged Hansel and gave him praise. He still looked like he was in shock. Suddenly he started crying and everyone slightly teased him for it.

"Happy Birthday Hansel! So what do you think?" Dirk said, after everyone finally scattered and started to get the food.

"This is amazing...I...I...I'm speechless, you have rendered me unable to speak." Hansel said with a giggle. Dirk rubbed his head and blushed. "Thank you so much. I...never had this many people for my birthday ever! It was only just my family or their friends. This is wonderful!" Hansel said, letting out a couple of tears.

"It's all for you. You've down loads of stuff for this town! You saved the bazaar, Kevin, and made everyone happy. We're all glad you're here. Look, we even got you presents!" Hansel said, mentioning the table full of bags and boxes. Hansel had a gigantic smile on his face.

"That's all for me?" He made a giddy little laugh and clapped his hands together. Dirk felt that something was off but didn't pay much attention to it. Lloyd just tapped Hansel's shoulder and said something to him. Then Hansel hugged Dirk, it almost took his breath away. "You are amazing!"

"There's also plenty of food too." Sherry described as she led him towards everything. Dirk felt his face getting hot and soon it was only Lloyd and Dirk standing.

"I'll admit, this was a pretty good idea on your part. I won't lose him to you yet." Lloyd said with another smirk.

"Whatever. It's the thought that really counts." Dirk said.

"This tastes amazing!" Hansel said, stuffing his face with food. Everyone was having the time of their lives. There were a bunch of conversations flying about. As a surprise, Stuart managed to bring his record player over and started playing it.

At first only Felix and Sherry started dancing, which surprised everyone considering his size. Soon the parents went ahead, as did Stuart and Ethel. Hansel invited Sherry over to dance, though it looked like he was out of practice. Dirk wanted to dance with him, but didn't even know how considering they were both men. Felix uncorked the wine and everyone tried a sip of it.

Hansel looked hesitantly to take a drink, but Felix did a toast and Hansel downed his first cup. Then a second one but that was it. Everyone else really enjoyed the stock.

"So how are you?" Dirk said, finally finding some time to spend with him.

"This is an amazing party! Man! I still can't believe you pulled this off. You are one amazing guy, I could kiss you!" Hansel said which made both of them flush. "Well I could, but then this would turn totally awkward so I'll just do it in my head. Wait, that doesn't really sound right, well, anyway, so is it time for cake?"

"Sure!" Dirk chuckled, trying to calm down his heart rate. He took out the cake and was met with praises from everyone. He gave the knife to Hansel and he cut the first slice. Everyone helped themselves to it and Dirk saw his brother and Freya share a slice with each other.

"Alright, since everyone has cake in their bellies, time for presents!" Felix said, his muscles bulging. "This one is from me. Now that the third windmill is open, here you go." It was a new fishing pole.

"Woah! Thank you!" Hansel said. He was opening presents left and right. Kevin got him a bug catching net, Cindy and Lauren did bouquets. Antoinette gave him blue magic flowers seeds for the next spring. Hansel smiled sadly but continued on. A new hat and clothes from Ethel and Stuart. Joan and Marian said they helped with the food so that was their gift, before giving him a new pot.

Sherry gave him a bookmark, and Ivan gave him a new asset notebook. Freya gave Hansel a kiss on the cheek which made him extremely red. Angelo and Daisy gave him a painting of the town in spring.

By the time the party ended in the wee hours, only Lloyd, Dirk, and Sherry stayed to help out clean the café.

"Well, things look a lot more better. I should go ahead and join my dad. Need to get things ready for the next bazaar." She said. She gave Hansel a kiss on the cheek and left.

"You're the popular one." Lloyd remarked.

"I know, it surprised me." Hansel said, giggling. "Are you alright here Dirk? You don't need me to help with anything?"

"No I'm good. Oh well, there is your other gift." Dirk said. He went into his pocket and retrieved a small bottle. It had sand and water in it.

"Ooh, what is it?" Hansel said taking it.

"It's, um, from the ocean. I knew you were near one and there isn't one here. Just the river so, I know it's not the same but, here's a bit of ocean for you." Dirk rambled.

"Thank you, this is so sweet." Hansel said smiling and blushing at the same time. Dirk thought that he looked extremely bright. "I think it's time for me to head home. Wanna help me with my stuff? Huh, it looks like Lloyd already took some." Dirk looked around and it's true, some of the things were already gone and Lloyd wasn't there. They took the rest of the bags and headed up the trail. They were in a comfortable silence the way there.

The trail was very illuminated by the full moon. Dirk was pretty happy, everything went as planned. 'I totally beat Lloyd.' He thought. They crossed his fields and his lights were on already. Dirk opened the door and Lloyd was there, the bags of gifts on the table.

"I put away a few of your things already so you don't have to worry." Lloyd said.

"Oh thanks, just set them here too Dirk. Ah, what a night. I'll be going to sleep ok guys? You two should head home too." Hansel said.

"I'll stay. I still haven't given your gift. Your brother should be waiting for you Dirk." Lloyd said with that smirk again. Dirk scoffed but said his good night anyway. There's no way Lloyd could have done anything better. Right?


"You know you didn't have to stay. It's already really late. We're going to sleep in for the bazaar." Gretel said, taking off her hat and getting her pj's.

"I told you I have a gift for you." Lloyd said.

"I can't think of anything you'd like to give me." Gretel chuckled. Lloyd looked at her with that intense look again. She looked away but couldn't help but feel his presence. He was right behind her.

"Here, use this band to put your hair up." Lloyd said.

"Wow a band, you are so thoughtful." She said sarcastically and he bopped her on the head.

"Stupid, that wasn't the gift. Alright, now close your eyes." Lloyd said. She did and felt something around her neck. She opened her eyes and saw a small necklace around her neck. "You're a girl, so I thought this might fit you."

It was a gold chain with a silver stone that looked just like the moon. Gretel was speechless and turned towards Lloyd. She couldn't say a word, no one has ever given her something like this.

"It's a moon stone since you can only be yourself at night. I used one of the windmills to make it." Lloyd explained. Gretel's eyes started to tear up. This day was one of the greatest days in her life. She had an enormous party where people actually came and had fun. Delicious food and even dancing, but she felt out-of-place because she couldn't be herself.

She could be herself now and that stone meant that, no matter what, she is Gretel.

"Come on, stop crying. You could be a little happy about it." Lloyd said, wiping her tears away. She laughed.

"It's not that. I just had the best day ever and this just made it even greater. It still felt weird that everyone did this party, but it wasn't for 'me,' but this made me realize that I am me. I'm Gretel." She said. Lloyd smiled and held her face.

"Of course you are. Don't ever forget that, because I'll keep on reminding you." Lloyd said.

"Thank you." Gretel said, putting her hand on top of his. He tensed up and she realized what she was doing and took a step back. "Um...well...It's late so...You should go home." He grabbed her hand and look right at her but she couldn't bring herself to meet his gaze. It was powerful, full of emotion that he didn't usually show. He was close, very close to her now. She felt him kiss the top of her head and she felt her whole body become hot.

"Good night." Lloyd said, finally leaving. She slid to the floor, holding her face in her hands. She was burning up. She looked at her hand. Dirk's hand was smaller than Lloyd's and a lot more smoother. Lloyd's were rough and calloused from all the stones he had to deal with over the years.

Dirk was sweet, affectionate and a bit possessive at times. He knew how to have fun and was always sensitive to her feelings.

Lloyd was a bit brash, sarcastic, a little prideful. He knew to work and enjoyed it. He has seen a lot and has matured because of it.

Dirk loved Hansel but Lloyd liked Gretel.

Even if he didn't voice it, Gretel could see it in his eyes. That powerful gaze directed only at her. He didn't need to say it because he knew she felt it. These two different men, loving the same person but differently. She looked at the moon stone. It shined with an unworldly gleam. Clarity filled her mind, before she finally changed and went to sleep.


Cliff had some shades on, which looked absolutely suspicious at night, staking Blue's house. It seemed that he has caught onto Cliff's secret, dropping hints here and there that he knows Cliff was dealing with Skye. Skye was still recovering but his mental state has degraded. Cliff would often hear him arguing with himself, talking to someone or something that wasn't there.

It scared Cliff to know that he was associating himself with something who isn't fully mentally stable. Who knows what he could do? And Ann, what would she think of him if she knew the truth?

He finally saw a taxi drive up to the house. He saw Blue, his cap gone for several weeks now. He had to get rid of him, there was no other choice. He would go into his house, go to sleep and that's when Cliff will strike. An electrical fire gone wrong, Blue would wake up and he would suffocated in his sleep. They will never know. After a couple of hours, he finally got out and started making his way towards the house. Cliff checked a couple of windows and one wasn't locked.

He quietly made his way into the kitchen. Unfortunately there wasn't anything there he could use to start a fire. He slowly made his way into the living room when he saw the computer. There was not many cables but it would have to do. He took the plug out and took out a few items. He cut the rubber and started messing with the wires when he heard a click behind him.

"Cliff." Blue said. "Don't move or I will be forced to shoot you. You are under arrest for assisting a known fugitive. You didn't think to protect your phone."

'Not good, not good!' Cliff thought, raising his hands.

"Come on Blue. He was going to tell Ann-"

"Save it. I know all about your many affairs, you really think you could hide it?" Blue said. "Don't even think of calling for help. I already called the station and they're on the way as we speak."

"Then, if I'm going to go out, then I'll go out with a bang!" Cliff said, grabbing the scissors and stabbing them into Blue's leg. He let out a painful grunt and Cliff tackled him. They spent their time trying to win the upper hand but Cliff made sure to focus on Blue's leg. Cliff got on top and started to punch him. His knuckles hurt but Blue grabbed the scissors from his leg, pulled it out and stabbed him in the shoulder. Cliff cried out, grabbing his shoulder. Blue looked around the floor and saw the gun. Cliff followed his line of vision and went to grab it.

As the patrol moved into Blue's home, they heard one shot rang out. They immediately took our their guns and broke down the front door. There were two bodies stacked on top of each other. They saw one of them take off the other.

"About time you got here." Blue said, wiping the blood from his face. Cliff's dead eyes stared at him which gave him a shiver, a pool of blood collecting on the floor. He saw the ambulance lights and was carried out. He explained everything and gave them the evidence of Cliff's betrayal.

Blue spent the night in the hospital, his leg wrapped in gauze. The blood reminded him of days past, simpler days where all the had to worry about were the animals in the barn and of a pair of clear brown eyes that made him feel safe.

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