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Kendall POV

Something has been going on with James recently and I have no idea what. It's annoying that I can't help him sometimes he gets this look in his eyes that's begging for help but I don't know how to.

We have been home from the studio for a while now a James is asleep on the sofa; I remembered the studio after he left and when I found him outside.


James had just left the studio.

"What's going on with James he hasn't been himself for over a week now?" Carlos asked.

"I don't know I have never seen him act this way before." I said.

"Well whatever it is, is affecting his performance so FIX IT!" Gustavo yelled at us, which was not helpful since we don't know what to fix.

"I'm going to go see if James is okay I will see you guys in a bit." They knew that meant that I wanted to go see him alone for a few moments to see if I could get him to talk. Though we were all best friends I had known James the longest and he open up to me more than the others.

When I got outside I saw him sitting on a bench pulling at his hair and muttering again I knew there was something seriously wrong he looked so lost.

I walked over to him and sat down next to him and I caught some of what he was saying; "No… no… hurt me."

"James…" I said slowly so I didn't scare him, he looked so afraid but I had no idea what of.

"K… Kendall…" he looked up at me and saw the tears in his eyes and the scared look.

"Make them stop Kendall, they won't leave me alone." He said with a sob as he broke down on my shoulder.

"Make what stop?" I asked I had no idea what he was going on about.

"Them the voices can't you hear them? They keep talking to me, and why do people keep looking at me? I think their plotting something… They don't want me anymore…" He just carried on rambling becoming incoherent.

"Okay… okay… shhh… it's all going to be okay." I sat there rubbing his back trying to calm him I knew I had to get him back home.

"Okay James I'm going to take you home now, okay?" I said and slowly eased him up off the bench with me. He hadn't shown any reaction that he had heard me at all. He was still muttering to himself and pulling at his hair as I lead him back home.

On the way back to The Palm Woods I texted Logan to say that I had taken James home and that I would meet him there later.

End of Flash Back

Once we got back to 2J I sat him on the sofa and he curled up and went to sleep, this leads me to where I am now sat on the sofa staring at him as he sleeps peacefully. This is the first time that I have seen a peaceful look on his face for ages and it was nice to see instead of the lost and scared look that he had when I found earlier, though I could still see the tear tracks down his face.

At that moment the front door opened and I saw Logan and Carlos walk through the door; I stood from the sofa and walked to the kitchen to talk to them.

"How is he?" Logan asked when we were all huddled in the kitchen.

"Not good." I said and looked over at James who was still asleep hadn't even stirred when the door slammed I could only imagine how tired he was. I told them everything that happened when I left the studio all of James rambling, the voices he said he could hear and how he though people were after him.

"Kendall I think we need take James to a hospital." Logan said to me with a sombre look on his face as stared over at James.

"What do you mean?" Carlos asked worriedly looking at Logan, while I just looked down sadly at the floor; I knew what Logan meant it wasn't normal for someone to hear voices and the things that James told me he saw, heard and thinks. I shake my head I really didn't want him to go through this he is my best friend, he maybe cocky and may seem like he cares for no one but himself and his looks but that's not true. He is also so sweet, kind and was protective of everyone he loved; I wish I had the courage to tell him that I love him.

"I guess we will have to try and get him to a hospital without thinking we are 'after him'" I said with a sad sigh, I looked back at James sleeping peacefully I guess I won't see that for much longer, so I soaked up the peaceful look on his face before he wakes up.

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