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Kendall's POV

The car ride back to the apartment was silent. Katie got to sit in the front seat while Logan, Carlos and I got stuffed in the back.

Carlos was in the middle tangling and untangling his fingers repeatedly and Logan was staring out the window, his face unreadable. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and slouched in my seat leaning gently towards the window leaning my head against the cool glass and staring out at the world, watching as people went about their day to day lives as normal. I wish we could be at the studio right now just doing a hamonies and having Gustavo yelling at us for screwing it up. But no instead we are in car on the way home from committing James.
It's strange being here without James, and the way he had looked at me when I left him; he looked so lost and betrayed, like I had broken his trust.

I had promised him that I wouldn't leave him and then I did, I will be back tomorrow right at 8 am, hopefully before he wakes up.
As soon as I got to the apartment I went straight to the bathroom and locked the door. I wanted to be alone for a bit. Being in the bathroom again and seeing James' blood all over the floor made me break and I just started sobbing and I couldn't stop.

After I had calmed down I realised I had dried blood still on my hands and top from where I had helped James earlier. I cleaned up the bathroom where James' blood was now drying before I cleaned up myself and got ready for bed.

Logan's POV

I took off my shirt and half-assed threw it into my hamper. I could care less about cleanliness right now.
"Hey, Logan?" Carlos asked quietly, his voice quiet and far away.
"Yeah, buddy? What's wrong?" I asked while pulling on my pj's before climbing into bed.
"I'm worried about Kendall?"
"I don't know, maybe just because he is so close to James." He paused to turn off the light and climb into bed.

"Maybe just because I know that James is somewhere safe. Kendall has to sleep all by himself now. I just don't know what to do. Maybe we should camp out in his and James' room for the night. You know all be together for support."
I thought about it for a moment, I know Kendall is probably hurting a lot right now. He has known James a lot longer than me and Carlos, he also isn't very subtle with his feelings towards James.

"Okay Carlos lets go." We grabbed our duvets and pillows and walked to Kendall's and James' shared room. When we came in he was curled up on James' bed cuddling his pillow asleep, Carlos took Kendall's bed and I took the floor.

"Goodnight Logan."

" Night Carlos."

"Night Guys." Kendall murmured, I smiled before falling into a deep sleep.

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