Together forever

11th Doctor and River Song poem

Together forever no matter what the fate maybe

I may know you more than you know me

Spoilers are things I write about in my diary

my heart is a lock Doctor and only you have the golden key

When you and I are together I feel time stand still

once I was the supposed target you had to kill

I would give my lives for you River, you know I will

every moment I have with you is a definite thrill

Whispers of love and promises of return

I know from each other a lesson I will learn

we both sit and watch the old clock turn

without you my love, my poor hearts would burn

I would wait for you as long as it takes

I wonre not here even if my hearts break

itt your target that you were supposed to kill

I shall always give my life for you River, you know I will

and every moment we had was a definite thrill