Why So Jaded

Chapter 19

One year, three months and 12 days later-

"Jack, seriously, it's perfect." Violet said as Jack, with a needle and white thread stitched one last tac onto the train of Violet's wedding dress as Violet and her bridesmaids all gathered in the small room in the back of the church while Barret and Violet's guests arrived for her wedding as Barret was happily greeting everyone while Nelson and his team double checked that only guests invited came near the church, let alone in it while other security surrounded the church protectively, all of them armed to the teeth and most of the guest list were actually Supers and their families from The Agency along with Barret's friends and his mom and step dad. Even Natalia showed up with her now three children and husband along with Ziva and her husband and their children, all of them choosing to sit on Violet's side of course.

Jack and Edna had thrown themselves into making Violet the perfect wedding dresses for over a year. One for the ceremony and one for the reception along with Violet's bridesmaid's dresses. Vivian needing the most work on hers since she was now six months along, carrying her husband Dash's daughter while Ashley and Amy had also gotten remarried and were also expecting again themselves. Vivian had retired as a dancer from Lotus and instead had become a maternity model and the wedding photographer was a friend of hers and these wedding photos could be in any magazine.

Even Fates, aka Cindy from Vegas came, and apparently, the Long Island thing was genuine and that had just been the real her then and she was sitting on Violet's side but grinning ear to ear as she came up to Barret.

"Nice to see you again Mr. Lumberyard." She cooed at him.

"Oh Jesus, hi." Barret laughed before she pulled him into a hug.

"I see you took my advice." She beamed proudly.

"Yes I did. And you were right." Barret had to nod.

"Of course I was right! I'm a psychic. And you know, because it's your wedding day, your father told me to tell you that he is so proud of you for finding the right girl and settling down with her and leaving all that vengeance behind. But you are now the perfect setting for your emerald and today your emerald finds her forever setting and get ready to have a lot of mini emeralds." Cindy hinted.

"Like..how many mini emeralds?" Barret asked curiously.

"Now where is the fun in that if I tell you? You did good Mr. Lumberyard. I better be invited to the first baby shower though." She insisted as she wagged her finger before she turned and got a good seat while others came up to say hi before the wedding.

Meanwhile in the back room-

"I'm almost done, give me like six stitches." Jack insisted as he quickly stitched it in place before snipping the thread off and readjusting the train one more time, making sure it was perfectly symmetrical.

Violet was just grateful her hair grew back, the incisions on her head long since healed. The journey to walk again had been a much harder road than she thought it would be but Barret had been there with her for every step of the way and had given her the tough love she asked for or the comfort or support she needed and especially thanks to McKensie, the service dog that Barret and Violet got, who was currently sitting on a dog bed as she occasionally looked over at Violet to make sure she was ok. But also thanks to McKensie, Violet made wonderful progress all while Barret undertook building their dream house, just outside of Metroville, in the same housing development that Edna lived in and Edna was grateful that they would be neighbors because she despised everyone else in the neighborhood as Edna came to the wedding in one of her own new signature looks.

Even Phillip came with his family and his new wife- Phoebe who was officially four months pregnant herself. She had been Veronica's pick as her own replacement since Veronica was happy to just train handlers for SEB-SI stateside. Phoebe, who's Super persona had been Angel Wings because her super power was a set of pearl white wings that she used to fly and shield and when not in use, the wings simply shrunk down to a tattoo on her back and had just transferred from The Agency's branch in London, since she was from England herself. But she was Phillip's type, blonde, petite, strong, smart and as lethal as she was beautiful and now that Phillip was also recognized as a Super himself, his Super persona being Charisma, because he had no other choice if he wanted to keep his head, things had settled down for him as much as they could. Violet and himself had given each other the closure they needed to move on and Phillip, recognizing that his own behavior and actions had been out of line, he accepted the circumstances for what they were and had apologized for his past actions, especially once it proven that the 'suicide seed' had not been his doing, but rather Larissa's.

"There, done." Jack announced once he was done re-fluffing her train for the eighth time.

"Thank you." Violet thanked him before her wedding planner came in to check up on her.

"Oh aren't you just a vision!" Angie praised.

"How's it looking out there?" Violet asked.

"It's looking great, almost all of the guests are already here, we're just about ten minutes away from show time." Angie informed them before she left and gathered Barret and put him at the alter with the reverend and took all of his groomsman and took them back with her as all the guests got settled down to wait for the ceremony.

Natalia was surprised by how emotional she felt as she sat there and watched Barret simply stand there, looking remarkably handsome in his navy blue suit and rose gold silk tie, thanks to Black Orchid as she looked over to see Mr. Sudwar look especially proud of his work as he chose to sit on the groom's side.

But with Tali's littlest one in her arms, and her other children on either side of her and her husband just beyond that, she realized that she never did have the power to change him from what he was to who he was now. But she was happy he had changed for the better. And she was especially happy that Violet, her greatest protege yet, who had now had a short but impressive career, got to enjoy him now. She was relieved that Violet retired when she did and could now settle down and have a family of her own and from where Violet was about a year ago, Violet too had gone through a transformation.

From shy school girl, to blossoming ballerina, to professional femme fatal, to now, just a seemingly normal but still ever beautiful, remarkable, accomplished young woman. Violet had just about seen and done it all, including coming back from disaster and the point of no return. Two years prior Violet had just wanted to do this one last job and then disappear forever and never be found again. When in reality, she had never wanted to be used as a weapon again or found by the wrong people to be pulled into a world she didn't want to be in anymore. But to be found by the right person, to be found as human being and not as anything else, perfectly imperfect as she was and to simply be instead of always expected to do, and live in peace and appreciated and taken care of and looked after lovingly, with respect and dignity. That's what she needed all along.

"Are you girls ready? It's showtime." Bob reminded them as he came back and adjusted himself in his own blue suit.

"Yes." Violet insisted as she helped Vivian stand up and slip back into her shoes as the others did the same and straightened up since Vivian was Violet's matron of honor.

"Are my little security men ready?" Violet cooed to Dillon and Jr. Who were dressed up like little security guards there to walk Vivian's niece Charity, who was the flower girl down the aisle since each of them were carrying security cases with the rings in them. Dash Jr. carrying Violet's wedding band and Dillon carrying Barret's wedding band as they eagerly nodded before the procession went ahead and walked down the aisle before it was Dillon, Jr. and Charity's turn before it was finally Violet and her father's turn and Barret, could not help himself. He cried.

Because he couldn't believe that he was so lucky. That a woman, that amazing and strong and fearless and selfless would want him. Would willingly and happily choose him. Like a fine emerald finally finding its setting, not too tight, not loose, just right as Violet was now wearing a gorgeous emerald necklace, set in rose gold around her throat, one Barret and Violet had gotten just for this occasion. Barret had of course splurged and gotten her quite the necklace for this occasion. But otherwise it was a navy and rose gold themed wedding.

And Barret thankfully had a handkerchief handy to dab at his eyes because he didn't want to miss a second of this. Violet was all he ever wanted or needed for the rest of his life and even though they had a complicated past. Their future was clear and bright.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today…." Reverend Lewis began as Violet tried not to cry because Barret was crying. Grateful to be standing, remembering all the days and nights, he had her arm around his neck and shoulders and his arm around her waist to keep her up as he was her crutch and walking with her, just to get her to the bathroom and back or laying on the floor with her when her body would temporarily remember how to work and she'd be able to stand up and take two steps before it would remember it was broken again and she'd collapse on the floor. Or taking up massage lessons so he could help her identify nerve dermatomes that would cut in and out on her body where one section would be numb but functional or have feeling but no function or be too painful to move or be numb and have no function because for months after the crash she kept have issues with the spinal fluid pressure which in turn put strain on her nerves, particularly the ones in her lower body and how every moment of every day was different, some were good but most were bad in the beginning, but no matter how frustrated she got, no matter how angry or upset or even grumpy or grouchy or snappy. Barret would inevitably, patiently, calmly, be there no matter what and helped her overcome her obstacles and slowly but surely, more and more good days started happening, more and more progress was made. And while there were times that felt like for every step forward she made two or three steps back, they still made progress and slowly but surely, she got better, thanks to Barret's medicines and other procedures, she got better and got back to what Violet viewed was her new normal. And granted, she got to unlock even more new powers while her other powers became more fine tuned and even more sensitive. Violet was happy that she never had to use them again, not unless she wanted to use them. But thanks to the procedures, she now could use her powers without pain or other negative side effects.

"Now if you would repeat after me." Reverend Lewis invited after the boys got their rings out of their little cases as Violet and Barret both picked up the other's ring.

"With this ring, I Bartholomew Pine," Reverend began.

"With this ring, I Bartholomew Pine." Barret repeated as he slipped the ring onto Violet's hand and then held her hand tightly.

"Take you, Violet Parr to be my wedded wife." Reverend continued.

"Take you, Violet Parr to be my wedded wife." Barret barely got to repeat as he struggled to keep his emotion from completely choking out his voice.

"To live together after God's ordinance in the holy relationship of marriage." the Reverand specified.

"To live together after God's ordinance in the holy relationship of holy matriarchy I mean matrimony, matrimony." Barret nervously said which got a snort from Dash.

"Close enough." Reverend decided which earned a chuckle from the congregation of guests as even Violet giggled just a little and squeezed his hands reassuringly.

"I promise to love and comfort you, honor and keep you, forsaking all others." Reverend Lewis continued.

"I promise and swear to love you, comfort you, and honor you, and keep you, forsaking all others." Barret continued as Violet simply smiled adoringly at him.

"I will be yours alone, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live." Reverend Lewis prompted.

"I will be yours alone, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live." Barret finished, grateful he didn't mess up at least the last part.

"Now, repeat after me. With this ring, I Violet Parr." Reverend Lewis prompted.

"With this ring, I Violet Parr." Violet repeated as she slipped Barret's ring onto his own finger before holding onto his hands tightly with both of hers.

"Take you, Bartholomew Pine."

"Take you Bartholomew Pine." Violet repeated, giving Barret's hands a grounding squeeze.

"To be my wedded husband."

"To be my wedded husband." Violet echoed.

"To live together, after God's ordinance in the holy relationship of marriage."

"To live together, after God's ordinance in the holy relationship of marriage." Violet repeated, not taking her eyes off of Barrets as she could see that Barret was trying his best not to sob as she was trying everything in her power not to cry either.

"I promise to love and comfort you, honor and keep you, forsaking all others."

"I promise to love and comfort you, honor and keep you, forsaking all others." Violet insisted.

"I will be yours alone, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live."

"I will be yours alone, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live." Violet finished, breathing a breath of relief that they had gotten through that.

"You may now kiss the bride." Reverend Lewis invited before they did. It was, for the most part, a rather chaste kiss for the church but soon everyone was applauding before Barret and Violet walked arm in arm back down the aisle with their wedding party following them.

Phillip sat there, feeling a little bittersweet about it but mostly happy and grateful. Granted he had felt that he loved Violet, at least adored her a great deal. But had that been him getting married to her today, he would have missed out on Sophie. And while Violet seemed to fit his "dream girl" aspirations, that wasn't the true or real Violet and who Violet was now, was nothing like the woman he had once thought he knew. Sophie though, Sophie was perfect from the start and if Phillip had thought he had had chemistry before with Violet, it was nothing compared to the chemistry he had with Sophie. And while Violet had made an exquisite bride. In his opinion, he was grateful that she wasn't his.

At the reception, as Barret and Violet were dancing together, one of their last dances of the night, with Violet resting her head on his shoulder as he simply held her and swayed to the soft music as Violet watched her grandparents and parents dancing, hoping that that would one day be her and Barret, older, grayer, probably fatter, but happy. No matter how jaded she had become, she was happy, and grateful that at least now, she tempered it with hope, and trust, patience, love, kindness, respect, dignity and perseverance. With Barret she didn't have to worry about his fidelity or distrust his intentions. Quite the opposite. She trusted him wholly and completely. Without reserve. And loved him unconditionally because he loved her as such as well and he proved with his actions, who and what he was. Hers.