Rahne and Poure

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Marvel Properties! This is pure Fan Fiction, and is not intended as a violation of the appropriate Laws. I only lay claim to the OC's I have made.

Chapter 01: First Look

Rahne Sinclaire was sniffing around the grounds of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children, when her sensitive sense of smell picked up a scent she hadn't found around here in months! 'Deer!' Rahne thought to herself. She could not speak in her current form, as she was fully in her wolf-shape. The mutant wolf girl padded over to the wall that surrounds the Institute, and carefully took a shape half way betwixt girl and wolf, as she ran for the wall!

Leaping atop the wall, Rahne scrambled over to the over side, and the hunt was on! Racing through the forests of New England is a joy to the feral girl's heart! Fully wolf shaped, Rahne follows the scent across a few miles of woodland of both hardwoods (Oak, Ash, and Elm) as well as softwoods (mostly Pines). She had just caught up to the herd of deer, when she picked up a few new scents: Humans and gunpowder! The smell of gunpowder lingered faintly in the air, while the smell of a pair of Humans was much stronger. Creeping carefully, Rahne found an unfortunate sight. A human man, about thirty five, maybe forty years old trapped under a fallen log, while a boy her own age tried desperately to move the log off of his father!

The log was obviously part of a badly constructed hunting blind, which had collapsed upon the boy's father. The boy was definitely Rahne's age, maybe a bit older, so fourteen or fifteen years old. He has blond hair, and a well muscled build for a young teenage boy. Despite this, he is clearly not strong enough to move the log that has pinned his father. The father is pinned face-down, and unresponsive. Changing her shape to that of her usual girl-self, Rahne approached calling out. "Aye, are ye needin' help, lad?" The boy whirled around and saw Rahne, and said "Yes! Can you go get help? My Dad is trapped under the log. It's too big to move! Rahne asked "Have ye tried using a strong, small log ta lever it off?" The boy pointed to a stump of a few sticks he had tied together to make a good lever. They all are broken. The boy said "The log is heavier than it looks." Rahne gave the log a test of her own strength, and agreed, to a point. "Aye, it's too heavy for jus' one o' us! But if we both used levers…" The boy was excited, his Dad might be saved! "Great idea! Here are a few more branches…"

A few minutes later, the levers were placed with great care, and the two began to slowly shift the log off of the boy's father. The boy noticed something out of the corner of his eye. The pretty redheaded girl hed gotten FURRY! She had gotten decidedly wolfish features as she struggled with her lever. The more wolfish she got, the easier it became for her. Concentrating upon saving his Dad first, the boy put his full strength into the effort! With a *CRASH* the log rolled down the slightly sloped forest floor, and off of the adult man.

Rahne realized that she looked like a werewolf, and quickly changed back to her 'human' self. The boy looked at his father and was too busy to look at Rahne for a minute. Checking his father's vital signs, the boy grunted "He's still alive, but I think his ribs are broken! We need an Ambulance, now. I can't get a signal for my phone out here. I've tried for the last half hour." Rahne looked like her 'human' self when the boy had talked to her, and she thought that maybe he hadn't seen her change. Rahne shook her head "I canna make a call, either. However, I know of help nearby. Hold on, and I'll go for help. Alright, lad?" The boy nodded and said, as Rahne was leaving "My name is Erik Poure! My Dad is Daniel Poure. Hurry!" Rahne jogged into the woods, and looked back after two minutes of jogging in human form, before looking back to see that she could not be seen by Erik. Once she knew that, Rahne changed to her full wolf form and ran for the Institute as fast as she could!

Arriving at the Institute, Rahne wasted no time in becoming human shaped enough to shout for help! "Help! Ye need ta call nine one one!" Scott had just pulled in with Jean, Hank McCoy was coming from the side with Jamie Madrox on his shoulders. The group of them looked at her. Scott asked "What happened?" Rahne gave a simple explanation "Hunters in th' woods. The father is hurt, maybe broken ribs. I can lead th' way!" Hank McCoy said one moment, I'll get my First Responders Bag." Scott went to the side and called the emergency number. Jean looked like she was mentally 'talking' with someone. Rahne knew that the Professor and Storm were in DC for a meeting with Government types about mutant rights.

A minute later, Rahne, in wolf form, was leading Hank McCoy, AKA: Beast into the woods as fast as he could go! Just four minutes of very fast travel, had the mutant duo at the scene. Mr. Poure was still unconscious, and Erik was wide eyed at Beast. Rahne had NOT forgotten to change her shape, and was her redheaded girl self when she ran into the clearing. "Erik ! It's OK! I found th' X-Men! Doctor McCoy will help yer father." Erik stood aside for the mutant doctor. Staring at him, then looking at Rahne, Erik stood closer to Rahne. "Did anyone call nine one one?" He asked Rahne. Rahne replied "Aye. Cyclops o' th' X-Men made th' call. Have ye a flare, or better yet, a colored smoke marker, Erik?" Erik nodded and rummaged through the camping gear, and triumphantly produced it. "Got it! I should use it now!" Rahne agreed "Aye, Erik! Do it!" Erik activated the tube which creates pink smoke so rescue parties may easily find persons in distress. Erik he'd climbed up into the remains of the hunting blind, so as to have as much elevation as he could get. This kept the smoke away from his Dad, and made it easier to be seen at a distance.

Half an hour later, was on his way to the hospital, and Erik had gone with him. Rahne waved goodbye to Erik, and she was delighted, but embarrassed that Erik did more than wave. Erik *Blew* her a kiss! Rahne could feel her cheeks getting red hot! Beast noticed, but said nothing. That evening, the accident had made the news. Erik was interviewed by a reporter named Trish Tilby "So, you are saying that the mutant, known as Doctor Henry, Hank McCoy, also known as Beast, saved your father?" Erik looked into the camera and boldly stated "Yes, ma'am. He did. After this mystery girl had showed up, and helped me roll the log off of my Dad." Trish Tilby asked "So, this mystery girl, is she someone you'd recognize if you saw her again?" Erik did not hesitate in his answer "I'll never forget the prettiest girl that I've ever seen in my whole life!"