Rahne and Poure

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Chapter 09: Decisions

LAST TIME: Wolverine finally said something. Perhaps he should have let the Professor say it, or at least use a less Damning way to say it "Rahne IS pregnant. I can smell it."

All Hell broke loose for a few minutes as Mrs. Poure got upset all over again, and Erik jumped up to defend her, while the Professor was groaning about what he is going to say to Moira. Wolverine and Mr. Poure were actually more calm in discussing the details of how to proceed. Too bad, Erik and his Mother were shouting so loud. Rahne was trying so hard not to cry openly.


The shouting had finally given way to a more civil, if tired, discussion. The options were weighed and an agreement was hammered out. Despite Mrs. Poure's initial resistance, everyone now agreed to the Decision. Outlining it one last time, so that EVERYONE could fully understand it, the Professor calmly stated the following:

"As we have discussed, the Decisions are as follows;

Number One, Erik and Rahne shall stay in school and Graduate.

Number Two, Rahne will keep the baby, as her Faith forbids any other option.

Number Three, Erik and Rahne shall be married when both are sixteen.

Number Four, Erik shall be required to assist Rahne in the feeding, changing, and other care of the baby.

Number Five, Erik shall finish this scholastic semester living at home, with SUPERVISED visitation each week.

Number Six, At Winter Break, Erik shall move into the Institute.

Number Seven, When Erik moves in, Erik and Rahne shall NOT cohabit the same room until they are married.

Number Eight, After moving in, Erik shall join the X-Men as our first non-Mutant member.

Are there ANY questions at this time?"

As nobody had any, and both Mr. and Mrs. Poure agreed with the decisions, the Professor adjourned the meeting.

Erik and his parents went home. The young lovers were only allowed a quick hug and smooch before being parted by the adults. Logan took Rahne to Medbay for Hank to give her a full examination. They were joined by Jean, who had been Telepathically informed of everything.

Having a few minutes to get herself together, Rahne realized a few things…

'Ocht! I'm PREGNANT! Erik gave me his loving babies! We're going to get MARRIED! Oh, thank ye, merciful Lord! 'Tis my fondest wish come true! T' be betrothed t' a wonderful lad. T' have his sweet children. Thank ye, oh Lord! Thank ye!'

As Jean informed Hank on the important details, Rahne stepped behind the privacy screen and undressed for the examination. Putting on the flimsy hospital gown, Rahne realized that this is the very first medical exam as a mother-to-be! Sitting up on the medical bed, Rahne was so very glad that it was Hank McCoy who was her Doctor. Smiling as she had a quick daydream about holding her baby in her arms. After a few moments, Jean asked if she was ready.

Rahne called out "Aye! I am, if'n ye are!"

Hank rolled the privacy screen aside and Jean grinned at Rahne, who grinned right back.

Jean gave Rahne a quick hug, as Hank began with a few basic, but specific questions regarding her actions that may have made her pregnant. Less embarrassed than she would have thought, Rahne answered the questions without too much blushing. Jean was right there the whole time, holding her hand. As the examination moved to the physical exam portion, Rahne had to actually restrain her joy as she imagined how wonderful it will be to carry Erik's sweet baby to term.


After the exam, which flew by for Rahne, Jean took her back to the Ground Floor.

EVERYONE was waiting for them.

Jean said "Doctor McCoy is just going over the results now. It will be a few hours…"

Rahne grinned like the wolf she is, as she cut in.

"Aye, bu' I am convinced tha' I AM wi' child!"

Pandemonium erupted instantly!

The girls all swarmed Rahne for a group hug, while the guys...They looked torn between being happy for Rahne, and wanting to hunt Erik down, especially a surprisingly protective looking Jamie…

Storm and Jean shared a look at the antics of the younger X-Men. Kitty was already insisting on being called 'Aunt Kitty', and calling first dibs on holding the baby! Amara was right behind her. Boom Boom was the least interested.

When Storm looked at her, Boom Boom shrugged and said "When she has the baby, it's gonna get loud in here at night. I am NOT looking forward to that. I like my beauty sleep. Besides. I'll hold the baby, when I hold the baby. Big deal."

Surprised by Tabitha's nonchalant attitude, Storm asked "Anything you'd like to share, Tabitha?"

Boom Boom shrugged and just said with a practical air "I've already done my fair share of babysitting before I ever came here. It isn't BAD money, but it isn't EASY money, either."

Storm filed that away for later reference, and looked back at the festivities. The boys had gently scooped up Rahne, as several Jamies made up the couch for maximum comfort. Carefully placing her in the warm and comfortable embrace of the couch, the boys treated Rahne as if she were due any time now…It was kinda funny.

Roberto held Rahne's favorite glass, filled with milk for her. Sam handed Rahne her favorite sandwich. After a moment of this...overdone pampering, Storm politely called out to the younger X-Men.

"Alright, children. That's enough. IF she is pregnant, Rahne is not due for NINE months. She is not made of fine china, and she is quite capable of getting her own food and drink. Let's not go overboard, children…"

Sheepishly, the teens allowed Rahne to simply be. Even Scott had gotten caught up in the moment, and was blushing like a little kid, as Jean looked at him.

Scott mumbled something that sounded like "I just wanted to help..."

This honest admission is probably what saved Scott from any arguments with Jean that night.

Rahne was still on the comfy couch with a glass of milk and a roast beef sandwich, looking very contented. Her cute little toes were peeking out from under the comforter, while she relaxed. As she lay there, she thought of Erik taking care of her just like this…


Erik was in MAJOR trouble!

He had been caught having SEX at his age, and worse: he got the younger girl PREGNANT!

The phrase "Dead Man Walking" echoes in his head, as his mother *GLARES* at him. Erik was glad that his father was more understanding, but, still, Erik knew he had just committed acts that COULD have landed him in LEGAL trouble!

He wasn't afraid to commit himself to serious responsibilities, but he was beginning to realize that he had committed RAHNE to those responsibilities. Vowing to apologize to Rahne, as soon as he could, Erik began to feel rather low. He had stopped trying to meet his mother's angry stare, and began to worry, instead.

His mother believed her 'angry mom' treatment was working, Mrs. Poure felt better about the situation, and eventually relented. Erik, however, had never even noticed. Worry over putting poor Rahne in the position of becoming a teenage mom, was beginning to really eat at Erik.

"Mom? I gotta go talk to Dad. It...It's guy stuff...You know?"

Seeing as Erik seemed honestly contrite, Mrs. Poure nodded, and went on with her original plan for the day: Gardening.

Erik found his dad in the usual place: the Den.

Erik knocked politely on the door frame, to let his dad know that he wanted to talk.

Mr. Poure nodded to the chair beside the desk, and Erik sat there, feeling (no doubt looking) miserable. Erik had always thought of this chair as 'The Lecture Chair', because whenever he was in real trouble, this is the seat that he'd be sitting on, while being lectured. Erik NEVER said this out loud, as it seemed disrespectful. Still, he couldn't help but think about that right now, as he sat on it…

"So, Sport, what did you want to talk about?" His father asked.

Erik sat down deeper into the embrace of the chair. "Dad...I...I've been thinking about it, and...I...I just had the full weight of what I'd done to Rahne hit me like a ton of bricks! My God! What have I done to her, Dad? How can I make this right? I…"

Erik stopped talking, to avoid making an even bigger fool of himself, and just wait his father's judgment.

Daniel Poure looked at his son, and gently shook his head, with a faint smile upon his face.

"Well. I guess it's about time, Erik. I mean, we had only been discussing it all day…*sigh*"

Erik knew this, and it just made it worse. Still, his father WAS smiling. Faintly, to be sure, but still smiling.

Mr. Poure continued "Erik, as your father, I am both glad and disappointed. On one hand, you took all day to fully realize the serious troubles you gave to your pretty girlfriend. On the other hand, you DO understand, all on your own, the serious troubles that you gave your pretty girlfriend."

Erik felt a spark of hope. He saw his father was NOT angry. He looked...bemused.

Mr. Poure adjusted himself in his seat, to better face his son.

Continuing on, Mr. Poure said "Son, I'm proud that you have you have...'become a man', as they say. More than that, you've gained the love of a wonderful girl. I don't know any father who would not be proud of his son falling in love for the first time. On the the other hand, Erik...Rahne is pregnant. That Mr. Logan guy was so sure of it. I believe him, too. This is VERY serious business, indeed."

Erik's Dad takes a deep breath, then continues "Erik, son, you have likely made your dad a grandfather! I'm only thirty our years old! You were born when I was only nineteen and a half. Your mother was almost nineteen when she had you. We were both legally adults, but it was hard. Listen, you have a different path in life than most, now. You are going to be a teenage Daddy."

Erik looked at his father, as Mr. Poure went on to say "You have sentenced yourself to this path, which does NOT include things like: Carefree summers anymore, dating many different girls to see what it's like, no chance to go and travel the world because you'll be changing diapers while your friends go to Cancun on Spring Break….Erik...I am so sorry that I did not have this talk with you before. It's my own fault! I always thought that there would be more time."

Erik spoke up and said "At least I get to join the X-Men, Dad! I'll be the first Non-X-Gene member! I'll travel the world in the X-Jet, and Rahne is the ONLY girl I want to date! I get it, Dad, but I AM happy for myself...I'm only concerned for Rahne. I know that being pregnant as a teenager isn't going to be easy. I have seen the show '16 and Pregnant'. I just need to be better than those jerk boyfriends!"

Mr. Poure agreed "Now we have some planning to do…"