Chapter 1: Introduction

Hey there my name is Gabriella Montez. I am the most popular girl in East High because of a few reasons: 1. I'm the Wildcat Kitten. I'm the Wildcat Kitten because I was born in East High; I was born on the school's 50 anniversary, during the homecoming game and on the basketball court. I know weird, being born on a basketball court. Which leads me to reason

2: I am the co-captain of the BOY'S Basketball team. Yeah I know, it's weird a girl is on a boy's team but in my defense there wasn't a girl's team. And the finally reason is I'm one of the most gentle, loving, kind, generous, honest, fun, loyal, respectful, athletic, smart person in the school. Not that I'm bragging. But I don't have to the most glamorous life. And not that I don't love being popular but, here are some examples. Gabriella has just gotten out of the shower in the girl's locker room in the gym with a towel wrapped around her body. But just then she noticed almost all the boy's in the basketball team was in the room and screamed. "OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN THE GIRL'S LOCKER ROOM?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" She screamed then the boys started to run out of the locker room.

I was at my locker getting out my books for the next class. But just then as I closed my locker a guy appeared by my locker leaning his hand on the locker next to mine and that guy was Ryan Evans. Ryan Evan is kind of a creep. He has a obvious and major crush on me. He always wears hats. He is so determined for me to be his, but I just always let he him down gently when he asks me to go out with me. He and his sister Sharpay are always in all of the school musicals and they always get the leads.

"Hey Gabriella." He said flirty like. Gabriella just put a fake smile on her face and said, "Hey Ryan what's up?" "You know just walking down the halls and saw you and I just wanted to say hi, so hi! Well I better head off to class and I'll see you around. Chao!" He said while he waving his finger. "Chao" I said waving my hand. I was walking down the halls humming a song called Battlefield by Jordan Sparks. As I walked by the janitor's closet the door open and a hand grabbed me and pulled me in the closet. Then a person pinned my against the wall and what I'm guessing is a guy started to kiss me. Then I managed to push him away and then I ran out without a word.

So do you see what I have to deal with here? Well Sorry I should stop talking I'm in the shower in the girl's locker room. I stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my body. But I couldn't find my clothes so I looked everywhere but I still couldn't find them. Just then I got mad I know exactly where my clothes are. I grabbed my bath robe, put my curly brown still wet hair in a side ponytail and, and went in the gym where all the basketball players are. Then a black haired guy with long hair noticed me and groaned and said, "Oh no. not again." "WHO TOOK MY CLOTHES THIS TIME?!" I shouted then everyone stopped on what they were doing and turned to me. And they all pointed to a guy with blonde hair and hazel eyes.

That guy is Brett Simpson he is one of the guys who always hits on me at school. He's cute but absolutely positively down-right not my type. I got furious and walked to him "GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!" I yelled once again. "Give her clothes back Simpson." I heard three guys say together sternly I knew who it was right away. I grinned and turned slowly to see three guys. The one on the right is Zeke Baylor. He is kind of tall and he has dark skin. He is also in the basketball team and he can cook incredible food. His dream is to make the prefect Crème Brule.

The one on the far left is Chad Danforth and he is also one of my best friends. He has really brushy afro and he always carries a basketball in his arms. And finally the one on the middle is Troy Bolton. He is my absolute best friend. He has sandy brown hair and amazingly piercing blue eye. He is the captain of the basketball team. We all have been best friends since preschool. All of them are always protective of me. But I still love them for that.

"You still can't make me, and plus you're not my mother." Brett challenged with a smirk "Don't make me say this twice. Give her back her clothes." Chad said sternly "Or what?" That real steamed up the boys.

So they walked to Brett and Chad pinned him against the wall with Troy, Zeke, and me behind him. "Give me my clothes back or I'll just text a picture of a certain person making out with Jenny Harold even though the certain person is or was dating Emily Crawford to the whole entire school. And you know how awesome my connections to people are." I said smirking.

Just then Brett's eyes widen, "Okay you win, just don't send people that. Please I'm begging you. Just take your clothes it's on the bleacher." Then I ran fast to bleachers to find my clothes then I found them and ran to the locker room.

And a few minutes later I came out of locker room and everyone left except my best friends. Then I walked to them. "Thank you guys do much with the clothing problem again." I said smiling at them "No problem, anything for you, Ella." Zeke said using his nickname for me.