Hello readers,

My first one shot! So…in tribute to the new Divergent movie, I'm doing a little one shot of my own. It's not going to be as good as my other Fanfictions and Crossovers, so I apologize. I'm seeing the movie today (March 21.) I've read the trilogy and in my opinion, the third book was horrible.

I stand in the crowd of mixed faction colors. My friend, Hannah, already jumped like 20 minutes ago. Why was I hesitating? I remember watching her, wearing an Abnegation grey dress, disappear into the darkness of the hole. I'm also wearing grey and we both transferred to Dauntless from Abnegation…only if we can jump off of the 30-foot roof. There was a murmur among the crowd of sixteen year olds.

"Do you think she made it?" Another Abnegation girl questioned to a sixteen-year-old girl, wearing an Erudite blue dress, who just scoffed, in annoyance.

"You next Stiff." A tall sixteen year-old boy, wearing blue, sneered and pushed me forward.

I gulped as I stood, looking down into the hole. I glanced back at the crowd of teens and I saw the Erudite boy, whispering something to another Erudite girl. I watched them laugh and I looked back at the hole. Just go…go, Clarity. Come on…its just a 30 foot drop. My mind screamed. Why'd I even choose Dauntless? I had Abnegation, where I could have just stayed home, and Erudite. I should have just stayed home. Something inside me was screaming for me to jump and another part was telling me to turn back and go back home. But I couldn't just leave Hannah! We've been through so much together. We grew up together and played together. I sighed.

"Well?" The Erudite boy sneered again. "Anytime now Stiff. Are you going to jump? Or will I have to push you off?"

I ignore him and glance down. My heart is thumping against my chest and my breathing is fast paced. My mind is spinning and I close my eyes. A large ball seems to be stopping me from breathing. I take a deep breath before edging towards the edge of the building. I jump off the building.

My stomach seems to flip as I have that sudden free falling feeling. I feel the back of my body connect with something and I lie there. Finally, I convince myself to open my eyes and I am lying on a net, that's being held by many other sixteen year-olds. One of them steps towards me and holds out his hand. I look into his dark green eyes and take his hand. He helps me off of the net and his eyes seem to twinkle as the sun's light from the home, shines down into the hole. "Welcome to Dauntless-" He says, pausing for me to fill in my name.

"Izariah." I answered, making a new identity for myself.