A/N: Short piece of fluff inspired by memories of my past.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Just borrowing them from the wonderful AWM and ABC.

3 am in the Castle Family Home in the Hamptons

The bed was comfortable, sinfully comfortable. The mattress was the perfect balance of firm support and cushy pillow-top. The sheets felt soft and smooth against her skin. She could hear the soft, even breathing of her husband just inches away from her. His leg touched her foot. She didn't want to open her eyes. She didn't want to wake up. Why was she even half awake? She could tell that Rick was sleeping on his stomach, because the strong, slow beat of his heart thrummed thru the mattress. She knew his face was smooshed up against his pillow. She could see him in her mind. The sound of the waves breaking on the shore was a soothing background to Rick's breathing. The sun hadn't risen, but she knew there was a full moon whose beauty they had enjoyed earlier. So, why was she waking up?

The click of the bedroom door closing made Kate's eyes snap open. She knew that she had probably awakened to the sound of the door opening. She listened intently for another sound.

Then she heard it, the cutest voice on the planet, "Shh, don't make noise. We gonna surprise Mommy and Daddy." He must have brought his stuffed rabbit with him. Bunny went everywhere with Ian these days.

Kate closed her eyes and did her best to pretend to be asleep. Rick didn't even stir. Shouldn't he have heard that? Kate could hear the little feet of her son crossing the room. The bed jiggled a little as Ian climbed up from the bench at the foot of the bed. Ian paused as he got to the top edge of the comforter. He whispered to his toy, "Bunny, you go next to Daddy, and I go next to Mommy." Kate felt the comforter move, then heard the slide of fabric against fabric as Ian climbed in with Bunny.

A small, cool hand touched her shoulder and slid down to rest on her arm. She could feel Ian's warm breath on her bicep as he rested his forehead against her shoulder. She turned her face toward her 3-year-old son and cracked one eye open. Blue eyes and a brilliant smile gazed back at her as Ian lifted his head in response to her movement.

"Mommy, we wanted to sleep wif you. 'K?" Ian whispered his request. "Bunny was cold."

Kate reached out to cuddle her son close to her. Ian tugged Bunny into his side and rested his head on Kate's shoulder where her arm met it. Kate placed a kiss on his head and breathed in the scent of baby shampoo mixed with cute little boy, her little boy.

"Shh, don't wake Daddy. He was up late writing. Let's go back to sleep. It's too early for Bunny to be up," Kate whispered in an attempt to get the wiggling child to calm.

"'K, Mommy. Bunny and me just got cold," Ian whispered very softly.

Ian settled down with his back against Kate's side and Bunny clutched to his stomach. Within minutes mother and son were sleeping, Ian warm and safely covered by Kate's arm.

Rick waited until his wife and son were breathing softly and evenly. He propped up on his elbow and gazed with wonder at the maternal tableau. His beautiful wife and precious little boy bathed by moonlight in his bed. How did he get so lucky?