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Summary: It had been over a year since Agent Gabriel Vaughn had disabled the chip's tracking device and gone off grid with his partner Agent Riley Neal. No-one had seen or heard from them since they'd been forced into hiding after the incident.

At his house in Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy looked through the mail he'd received.
Junk mail.
More junk mail.
Another bill.
That's when he saw it. The plain white envelope with no return address. Curiosity getting the best of him, he set the rest of the envelopes on the counter and quickly inspected it. After deciding it was safe, he opened the envelope and pulled out a photo. A baby photo.

"What've we got here, Albert?" the sleeping cat payed him no attention.

The smiling infant in the picture had dirty blonde hair and was dressed in a pink onesie that said "Mommy's got a gun".

Confused as to who this baby was, Cassidy flipped the photo over to see:

Congratulations! It's a Girl!
Abrigayle "Abby" I. Vaughn
Born April 27th 2015
8 lb 5 oz, 17 inches

"Well I'll be damned.."

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