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POV: Henri

Lies. I felt guilty every time I told the story. I had always told Four that my wife had died when Lorien did, but that wasn't true. In fact, my wife left Lorien with me. Katarina. She was the Cêpan for another one of the Garde, number Six.

Before the ship took off, I whispered in her ear,

"What will your earth name be?" I said. She answered with a beautiful name. One I would never forget. Katarina.

I had hoped that one day, both of our Garde would fall in love, just as we had.

"Well, Katarina. Find me on Earth, if you can. But if not, when the glory of Lorien is restored," I said to her.

"I will, my love. And I will think of you every day when we are apart. "

Every day since then, on the run from the Mogadorians, I had hoped for a sign. Something to let me know she was okay. To one day see them again.

I train with Four, and hope for his Legacies to come in. He wouldn't stand much of a chance without them. Years and years pass, with still no word of my lovely Katarina.

I remember the day it happened. When Four got the first scar. Number One had been killed by the Mogadorians. We had to pack up and move again. I knew that somewhere out there, Katarina and Six were doing the same. As with the second death, and then finally the third. As we drive to our new destination, Paradise, Ohio, we both have the same thought echoing in our heads. We are next.

So far, it had felt safe. Four's new name he chose was to be John Smith. His school days were uneventful, other than frequent word of a class bully. I worry about him. I hope we can stay here for a while.

He began to have feelings for a girl, Sarah, and I knew we were in trouble. John was like me, he would fall in love and never forget that one person. But it could not be Sarah. I was glad for him, of course, but he couldn't fall in love with a human. That would be disastrous.

Even then, I thought of Katarina. What I would do when I found her? But I never did.

When Six found us, alone, I knew things were bad. Before all the fighting started, and we were all in the truck, I asked her,

"And your Cêpan?" I barley say.

"Died three years ago."

My heart sank. I had a feeling for a while that this was coming. I was plunged into a world of darkness. Katarina. I couldn't believe it. I would never see her beautiful face again. She was gone.