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That was the only emotion Harriet Potter could feel right now. It has been days after October 31st and all she could feel was hurt. Normally, the jeers and sneers wouldn't affect her much.

It was Ron and Hermione who wouldn't believe that she didn't enter the stupid Tri-Wizard Tournament on her own that hurt her. They had been friends since first year. They were her best friends. They knew her better than anyone else. She trusted them.

But they didn't trust her.

And that hurt. To trust someone so completely only to find that they didn't trust her as much as she trusted them hurt so much. People say she was over reacting. That she should be grateful for the chance to compete in such an esteemed tournament. But all she wanted to do was curl up in bed or cuddle with Sirius and cry.

She didn't want to be in this stupid competition. She didn't want fame. She didn't want the money. She didn't want anything to do with the stupid tournament.

Ron and Hermione should know that. They should know how much she hated it. And yet, they believed she had entered a tournament that could threaten her life.

And it hurt. So, so very much.

She couldn't handle the sneers and glares and disappointment and congratulations from the rest of the school. The Slytherin and Hufflepuffs with their 'Potter Stinks' badges and hurtful words. The Ravenclaw and their judging eyes and harsh words. Her own Gryffindors with their refusal to believe anything she said.

She was so very tired.

So here she was in the only place she knew no one would be able to get to: the Chamber of Secrets. She had cried and cried and cried. For herself. For Sirius. For her parents. For her broken trust. For her future.

Was she going to face death in the face again this year. First and Second year with Voldemort. Third year with Dementors. This year was the tournament with a death record. She didn't want to face death again this year. Or the year after, if she survived this one. She just wanted to get through school normally.

Harriet sniffled as she lifted her eyes to the dead Basilisk. It's been two years and yet, it still hasn't decayed. She wondered what was normalcy, anyway. Was normal being muggle or witch? What was the difference? One could do magic and the other couldn't?

She thought of her life if she didn't have magic. Would her parents still be alive? Would Sirius be free? Would Voldemort ever target her? Would Aunt Petunia accept her?

There were so many questions but she only knew the answer to one. Aunt Petunia had made it clear on the day she found out she was a witch.

"I would never accept you! Not unless you got rid of your freakishness!"

Harriet then thought about magic. What was so special about it? It was both dangerous and useful. But so was technology. Magic had the Floo and Apparation while muggles had cars and airplanes. Magic had the killing curse and muggles had tons of weapons designed to kill.

In the end, what was normal?

Harriet could feel more tears fall from her eyes. Right now, all she wanted to do was curl up with Sirius and cry on him. Sirius was the only one who showed that he truly cared and loved her. If she didn't have magic, would Sirius still accept her? He would, wouldn't he?

He would always be with her. He promised she wouldn't be alone anymore. She knew he would follow her if she wanted to live in the muggle world. He escaped Azkaban for her, after all. Plus, Sirius never had a trial. Maybe if they moved to another country, he could ask for one.

At that moment, Harriet paused and backtracked.

If she quit the tournament, she would lose her magic. She would be a muggle. She could go to muggle school and move to another country to get away. Maybe Sirius and her could move to Germany. Sirius could ask for a trial in Germany. She knew from hearing Hermione talk that they would give trials to whoever they saw fit. Sirius never had a trial and as a Lord, he could ask for one there and he could be free if he gave a Pensieve memory of what happened back in October 1981.

Then, other countries would accept that Sirius was innocent. Because Germany had a court that was known for finding out the truth and judge fairly rather than to prosecute aimlessly like Britain seemed to be fond of doing.

They could build a new life. Sirius would be free. Maybe Remus could come along with them. And Harry would have the family she wanted.

A smile began forming on her lips as a plan began to form in her head. She could do this. She needed to mail Sirius.

Finally finding a light of hope, Harry stood quickly and practically ran out of the chambers to her dormitory for supplies. Hedwig was going to be busy soon.

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Dear Padfoot,

"It's okay Hedwig. We'll be out of here soon and you can fly where ever you want."

"We've been lied to, Dobby."

Be strong for me, pup.

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